June 15, 2020

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting

Monday, June 15, 2020

Unofficial Minutes

 (submitted by Amelia Voss)

Attending: Sean Rogers, Bernie Wyton, Jerry Gassner, Angelie, Howard Joe, Sally Mole, Heather Peterson, Ashley Armstrong, Louis Druehl, Steve Clark, Oliver Evans, Ron, Frank and Jeanne, Renia Charytonowitcz, Chief Robert Dennis, Marnie McAughtrie, Mark Stokes, Max Salamon, Rae Hopkins, Jared Higgins, Christine Gruman, Lisa Bye, Amelia Voss, Patrick Schmidt, Dane Dentoom, Amy McConnell, Stefan Ochman, Julie Bradley, JP Hastey, Jane Morrison, Alison Byrd, Bonnie McKay, Laura Bradley, Haly Surrell, Mary Quinn, Alison?, 1=778?, Bob Beckett, Sheryl Mass, Keith Wyton, Mandy Ross, Brad Beith, iphone?

  • Welcome; Acknowledge traditional territory of First Nations
    • Welcome from Co-chair, Bernie Wyton; recognition of Traditional Territory
  • Approve Agenda
    • Bernie Shares Agenda via Zoom
    • Agenda approved via 1st second and unanimous
  • Adopt Minutes from Last Meeting – May 19, 2020
    • Motion to adopt minutes from last meeting
    • Keith 1st and Ron 2nd- unanimous
  • Correspondence
    • Letter from Mike Sorrell (Francis Barkley) in regard to carrying passengers to Bamfield starting July 1st.
      •  Wants to work as a team with community and willing to compromise to find a way forward that’s acceptable to residents.
      • Will follow regulations around masks and physical distancing
    • Renia C in regard to opening access to Pachena Beach for day use recreation by Bamfield community members
      • Requesting BCAS directors and regional director negotiate this reopening with the Huu-ay-aht First Nations and Parks Canada.
    • Discussion to follow in COVID updates.

COVID UPDATES for Bamfield:

HFN /Nuu-chah-nulth Position: Robert Dennis

    • Recognize that FN communities are vulnerable population and took carful consideration in keeping community risk low
    • Ongoing weekly meeting with Council to discuss best way forward for the HFN
    • Very pleased with how the Pandemic has been handled in BC- HFN wrote letter to Adrian Dixon and Dr. Bonnie Henry
    • As part of NTC the HFN feel that responsibility of BC and Canada to provide testing and screening and monitoring people who are coming into our territory.
    • Will be using caution moving forward (concern around boaters headed to Alaska are veering into BC coastal areas
    • Not designed to punish or limit local people as much as monitor outside people coming into territory and community
    • Tracing important to ensure we can track how the virus moved- if we are to see
    • HFN provided support to Parks Canada to open West Coast Trail
    • Review of opening of Pachena Bay Campground with occur with HFN Council
    • For now, access to campground and Anacla is for Anacla residents only
    • Parks Canada will likely be reopening Pachena Beach access through Trail head area
    • Renia Q and comment: We are one community and would like to have HFN recognize locals and reconsider opening the beach for them.
      • RD Response: HFN is showing support for community to access beach through providing support and approval to Park Canada for reopening access on their end

Bamfield Health Clinic: Nurse Heather

  • Testing has been completed and all has come back negative
  • Must check in with 811 number for symptoms before requesting tests
  • No new cases on VI but worldwide we are still seeing high contagion
  • If numbers increase we will have to pull back restrictions
  • Profound affect of pandemic restrictions on mental health & regular health
  • Health emergency of Opioid crisis worse in history
  • Advertised for 2nd Nurse at Bamfield Health Clinic
  • Question from Robert Dennis regarding masks- still strongly recommending to wear a mask in circumstances where you cannot remain 2m physical distance. Bern mentioned that the day after our last meeting (when the message was wearing masks was a matter of comfort) Dr. Tam announced that masks are another layer of protection and serve to protect others from our own droplets. Donna suggested updating Bamfielders on this – update added to top of May’s BCAS minutes
  • Max question: can I get screened testing does a-symptomatic exist? Or is for symptoms only? - A you must have symptoms to receive testing- a symptomatic hasn’t been shown to be a great product of contagion but is possible.
  • Jerry Question: can the roads be shut down to outside visitors?- Robert answer-conditions must be met to reopen HFN community and businesses, but other Bamfield businesses are open to hold visitors and tourists- OK to go for this year.
  • Angeline- works in infection protection and control. They don’t test a-symptomatic people because the testing doesn’t work and can provide false/negatives false/ positives. Completing 200 tests a day in VI and all have been coming back negative for past 3 weeks
  • Angeline- On masks. Non medical masks are not great for protecting you if you are not using them properly, they do not work well. First line is physical distancing and washing hands. Masks second.
  • Q for Chief Dennis from Sally BSCA- how can the kids get into the school and fill program- RD to get HFN rep to contact her regarding school programs

Chamber of Commerce- Marnie McAughtrie

  • Many emails and question about Bamfield being open
  •  Recommendation to change messaging at this time to say: Bamfield has started a slow reopening however not all businesses are open and not all services are available. Bamfield and its businesses are following all BC guidelines for COVID-19 safety
  • She has been sending information and maps to campers highlighting where it is ok and not ok to camp based on open areas and non open area
  • Other questions include: Gas, food, moorage and recreation
    • Q from Bob Beckett to Robert Dennis: Any information from the Premier on reopening the Westcoast Region to business and tourist Phase 3?

A from RD- NTC did meet with Scott Fraser and will be briefed by NTC. RD to update Bob Beckett

  • Protocol is being followed by both locals and visitors
  • Lady Rose carrying passengers is a concern- personal Marnie doesn’t think a large amount of people interested- suggestion of communication to passengers that if they wish to use the boardwalk they must wear a mask and try and remain physical distancing- how does everyone feel about having visitors walking up and down the boardwalk?
    • Brad Beith-observed lots of new people and visitors in Bamfield and on the boardwalk has been finding people acting appropriately and using the boardwalk is a safe and respectful and conscious way
    • Marnie- Big concern of the area right in-front of the store- they should be using a mask
    • Kieth- reasonable that we should request Francis Barkley to provide information and messaging to passengers coming onto westside.
    • Marnie- maybe a message to all accommodation providers that guests to Bamfield have to wear masks when walking boardwalk as we cannot maintain 2m physical distance
    • Bernie- Bamfielders should be providing signage that masks on the boardwalk  mandatory in certain areas (i.e from netloft, past post office/store to road)
    • Christine G- should carry a mask to be worn when physical distancing can’t be maintained.
    • Bernie request the Chamber of Commerce to get signage to provide communication to boardwalk; accommodation providers should be communicating to guests before they arrive
    • Angelie- reminder to wear masks safely to ensure that they are protecting you- people should not be arriving if they are showing symptoms whatsoever- maybe some signage and communication around that- what is our plan as a community if a visitor does get sick while in Bamfield
    • Bernie- will people be screened before they get on the Francis Barkley and what will screening be? - A from Mike is they will follow all guidelines
    • Marnie – final roundup- will make signs for mask communication, will wait for direction on Bob to change communication regarding Bamfield reopening
    • Bernie- Q to Nurse. What is contingency plan for someone who is sick in Bamfield- A: we would see them and consult and provide next steps for treatment
    • Louis- should apply to Bamfielders as well. To wear a mask is a courtesy to our guests


Bamfield Parks Association - Sheryl Mass

             Centennial park is reopening to overnight camping on June 1st and are following all BC             recommendations including increased cleaning and sanitization

BMSC – Sean Rogers

  • Still closed to public
  • No offering and university courses on site only online
  • Do not expect any students on campus until April 2021
  • Worksafe BC restrictions made it too difficult and safety of staff paramount
  • Offering Live Labs via zoom and youtube
  • Promoting Bamfield and the beautiful region through digital avenues
  • Sean and family will not be coming to Bamfield this summer.

ACRD – Bob Beckett

  • Patiently awaiting information regarding Phase 3 and will move forward from there

            Comment from Max: disappointment in community shutting down and limiting access to Bamfield public during COVID-19

  • Bernie comment- that the community affairs is a forum to provide discussion and feedback within community
  • Robert Dennis- reminder that Parks Canada Jurisdiction over beach access not HFN

            Question from Brad Bieth: regarding status of Bamfield businesses – are we open or closed

  • Marnie response that we will wait until we are all on same page for communication and planning around access and reopening. Coordinated change to ensure we provide strong messaging on a united front
  • Sally suggests a region voice with observation from Ucluelet and Tofino ( ie USA plates)
  • Question from Jerry is there a difference between HFN and HFN Group of Businesses
    • A: Robert Dennis- difference is clear and operated by different organizational and leadership
    • Essential services (food/gas) been open, other businesses such as campground will take lead from HFN Gov on how to proceed to continue protecting community of Anacla

Treasurer’s Report

  • Sheryl Mass – same as last month minus service charges
  • Refer to report for $ #
  • Motion to receive report - unanimous

·        HFN update on Sewer Project

  • Hired outside engineering firm to help move things along
  • Moving forward on Env assessment
  • Going out to tender very quickly
  • HFN working hard with BMSC to help guide progress
  • Toilet flush date will be June 2021
    • Question from Max- sewage outfall? ½ km offshore into deep water?
    • Sean ( BMSC) to confirm- current is 168 meters and recently floated to surface
    • New one will be 500 m into inlet

Bamfield Road Update

  • HFN Side: reminder that the Premier visited Anacla and Bamfield
  • Premier suggested we form the Bamfield Road Reconciliation Group
  • Took a while for critical issues established
  • Road can be chip sealed
  • $: + 30 Million Dollars
  • It will go to treasury this fall
  • HFN showing excitement as this is closest, we have ever got to road upgrade
  • Thank you to Bob and Bernie from HFN
  • Bob Beckett road update: Spoke with Mister Fraser this afternoon to discuss the status of the road- addressing the letter that Community affairs send to the office March 6th, 2020.- requesting some participation from community affairs board- Response- reiterate what Robert Dennis has said above
    • Committed to participate in a Bamfield community affairs in September if he can travel in person if not via virtual
  • BMSC got a letter back from Minister Fraser regarding road safety and support for HFN in their proposal
  • Bernie expressing frustration that she didn’t receive a response from the minister’s office after sending many letters and emails and calls

Regional Director’s Report

  • MV Barkley Sound sent a request to transport Canada seeking update on status
  • Questions about Westside Recycling Center- ACRD waiting on some budget kinks and looking for more collaboration from community on westside locations
  • Telus towers coming – haven’t heard much. equipment installed hydro hooked up
  • ACRD housing study- ACRD applied for housing study grant moving forward with it- seeking input from BMSC, HFN and Chamber of Commerce

Old Business/ New Business

  • Louis D- July Canada Day Boat Parade- meet at East dock at 11 Am prizes will be given out for best decorated boat

Committee Reports

  • BCSA - Sally Mole
  • working on New horizons grant, focused on seniors and needs in our community- seeking feedback from community
  • Hoping to be back in school office tomorrow to get her “Bamfield” feet on the ground
  • Looking forward to connecting with community’

Community Forest Society – Stefan Ochman

  • Stefan- moving ahead with the grant
  • Will be posting jobs for flagging trails- hoping to hire for early July and flag kms of trail
  • Road to Kiixi?n identified some trees they would like to harvest- as part of one cutting permit they will be applying to AAC of these trees
  • Meridian Forest Service came up with plan to develop road- society reassessing for a less damaging plan

Bamfield Wildsafe BC – Mandy Ross

  • ACRD supported for Bear Hazard assessment
  • Continuing to keep Bamfield as a bear smart community
  • Educational information available via Mandy
  • Hazard assessment will allow us to apply for funding
  • Facebook page for bear smart
  • Electric fence loaner project still available to Bamfield citizens with acute bear issues

Eileen Scott Memorial Park – Sheryl Mass

  • Grant for park employee
  • Hire Rebecca Waines working hard for gardening and upkeep
  • Approach at Grappler dock/ centennial park was replaced with new decking and posts etc- looks GREAT!
  • Received grant from BC hydro and bought 100 new trees
  • Gill donated his time with excavator time for tree install
  • Doug Greer installed new signage at Centennial and West park – Thank-you!

BVFD – Amelia Voss

  • Nothing new to report
  • Maintaining BC recommendations
  • Ready to respond to emergencies
  • Maintaining BC wildfire regulation


The BCAS will hold meetings in July and August to remain updated on COVID-19

Motion to adjourn- everyone

Next Meeting Monday, July 20