May 19 2020

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting

Tuesday, May 19, 2020



  1. MASK PROTOCOL CHANGED – the day after this meeting, on May 20th, Dr. Tam, national chief public health officer, changed the mask protocol by suggesting that everyone should wear a surgical or non-surgical mask when near anyone and unable to sure of social distancing.


  1. COVID SURVEY - ACRD EOC director, Heather Zenner, has brought our attention to the following BCCDC survey which is open until May 31st. It takes between 10 – 15 minutes to complete. Our Medical Health Officer, Dr. Hasselback, has indicated that rural and remote communities are currently under represented in the survey.

BC COVID-19 SPEAK: Your story, our future is a population health survey to elicit citizen experience, knowledge and actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. This survey is the first of several activities that will strengthen our pandemic response and our understanding of the impacts of COVID-19 to date (social, economic, mental wellness and community wellness).  

MEETING ATTENDANCE: (34) Sean Rogers, Bob Beckett, Bernie Wyton, Keith Wyton, Sheryl Mass, John Mass, Amelia Voss, Max Salamon, Mary Quinn, Mark Stokes, Rae Hopkins, Louis Druehl, Wayne Markel, Paul Byrd, Alison Byrd, Lee Weber, Jerry Gassner, Marnie McAughtrie, Patrick Schmidt, Donna Dunn, Stefan Ochman, James Willock, Amy McConnell, Liz Isaac, Bonnie McKay, Phil Lavoie, Jarred Higgins, Scott Demone, B Bodaly, Dane Dentoom, Seaton, Lisa Bye, Jane Morrision, unidentified iphone,


Bernie chairing the meeting. Sean Rogers hosting zoom

Acknowledged most participants meeting on the Traditional Territory of the HFN.

Others encouraged to discover and recognize the traditional territory of the first peoples where they live.


Everyone, including new zoomers, welcomed.

Zoom overview by Sean Rogers

BCAS directors met last week:

  • approved ongoing COVID 19 forum (so far 1/mo) to share information, updates, to support and learn from each other and, hopefully, to help chart a course forward for individuals, businesses, and the community at large
  • May would have been our AGM meeting where directors step down and a new slate is elected. Due to COVID, the AGM is postponed until September.

We have 10 directors. All but one whom we haven’t heard from have agreed to stay on. Liz Isaac has stepped down as secretary. Thank you Liz for filling that role for the past year.

  • Amelia volunteered to take the minutes for this meeting.

Bernie shared agenda on screen.

m/s      Keith Wyton/Sheryl Mass


Treasurer’s Report missing – will include

Motion to Adopt Minutes as amended

m/s      Max/Mark Stokes


ACRD (Jerry Gassner BCEP/Bob Beckett)

  • Jerry: Following guidelines of ACRD and PA. Decided not to open EOC due to capacity. Following weekly conference calls and updates with PREOC/VI EOC
  • Bob: Thank you to Jerry for all he has been doing to act as Emergency Operation Coordinator. Following VIHA and Dr. Henry. Any questions can be answered at ACRD website- great resource- everything refers back to Province as well.

HFN (Patrick Schmidt HGB/Amelia Voss)

  • Patrick: sitting back to wait until green light from nation is provided. Following guidelines of Province.
  • Amelia: update- following guidelines of province and Executive council providing leadership in recovery.

BMSC ( Sean Rogers)

Closed to schools and business- online components established for field school.

Decision made for BMSC directors to stay away from Bamfield until BC health authority restrictions change.

Bamfield Chamber of Commerce (Marnie McAughtrie)

  • Changes happening slowly- local business requesting guidance on how to take next steps. Advice: follow Province guidelines and Worksafe BC steps to reopen your business.
  • Many inquiries from customers, plan is to reopen slowly. Masks may be required by staff and customers. Steps in place to establish safe store environment when reopened.
  • Communication efforts to deter visitors from coming to Bamfield being found very effective – good job everyone.
  • Report of gathering outside the store to CDC. Established that it is creating an unsafe environment for people who are trying access essential services (Grocery & Post Office); deter people from loitering and gathering by the store front.
  • Some discussion around loitering at store and how to get that message across.
  • Donna Dunn- contacted Health Officer- no guidance on public walk ways has been provided. Passing (on boardwalk) is considered low intensity exposure- we continue to encourage 2m distance where possible. Idea- village ambassador – encouraging people to move to West Pier to visit rather than in front of the store.- Paul suggests some signs to remind people of the 2m spacing- he had good example from Surrey of Eagle with 6 m wing span
  • Sheryl: when will Lady Rose be bringing passengers to Bamfield?

Marnie: not legally allowed to bring visitors on the boat until end of August- when they do, 20 people at a time, and we will be able to provide our thoughts on how that effects us.

  • Amy- Harbour Authority can go in on signage with Bamfield if there is interest
  • Q for Patrick: not promoting any tourists to come to dock. Not sure if there is any signage up- Amy says there is and it says closed.
  • Louie- RHIOT School Q: Sean to answer that CCG provided notice (attached) and precautions that protocols are met to establish pre-quarantine for those coming into Bamfield.

Bamfield Vol Fire Dept (Phil Lavois)

Suspended in person practices since middle of march. Firefighters are doing online courses and writing exams toward certification. Possible changes coming in a month. BVFD will cancel all summer fundraising events

Bamfield Health Ctr (Donna Dunn)

  • Phase 3 is coming June 3rd. will depend if the spike are big or small- spike are expected.
    Questions about Masks: if have no symptoms you don’t need to be wearing masks. If you have symptoms, masks protect others. (note: SEE MASK PROTOCOL CHANGE, ABOVE)
  • Broadened the testing availability- here or PA easy
  • New symptom criteria (loss of smell, loss of appetite, joint ache,)
  • 8-11 Number will help guide you to see if you need testing
  • The regional phone number (regional screening/registration clinic) to call if anyone wants to find out their eligibility for testing is: 1-844-901-8442.
  • Testing in Bamfield will take place in the parking lot with full PPE- 4 days to get a result
  • Mental Health- phone numbers for mental health counselling available if someone feels they need it- threat of domestic violence number etc
  • BC CDC website has all this information
  • There was only one case of COVID-19 requiring someone to be in hospital (not ICU) at the time of the meeting.
  • Small spikes are expected over the next while but not big ones. Big spikes may see us all back to phase one again.  
  • Q/A: Can we get tested before we go visit a vulnerable person? Only if you have a symptom.
  1. TREASURER’S REPORT (Sherl Mass)

$17,536.69 in Chequing

2,419.37 in Savings


Motion to receive        m/s       Rae/Keith


Bob Beckett - Chief Dennis and Bob sharing our frustration and disappointment from lack of response from Premier’s office, and Ministers Fraser and Travena. Chief Dennis shared some correspondence from Minister Fraser- COVID-19 is taking precedence. However, the government is expected to respond to other concerns, like this one which is a matter of safety.

Q about survey work being completed on the Bamfield Road? No direct answers

Bernie – no response to BCAS letter to Premier, M Fraser, M Travena.


Have a look at ACRD/City of Port Alberni document; COVID 19, A Path to Recovery, attached.

Q- Sheryl Mass- TELUS repeaters? A: no official update or response- no confirmation on if the repeaters have been installed or when they will be energized- possible locations: near Market, one near Lisa’s bedroom window, Anacla,


BVFD (Phil)

Members are working through certification through VIERA- exterior Operations 

Submitted plan to ACRD for new dock and boat house, bid opportunities welcome until May 27.

Responded to Fire close to airport in early April. Didn’t sound alarm but will in the future to notify public of risks and dry conditions

Phil reinstated for 3 year term as ACRD BVFD Fire Chief

Q about ditches and rock build up- concern about trucks making narrow corners. Phil will consult Mainroads.

Amelia BVFR- Working toward EMRU policy and procedures, calls continue with precautions during COVID-19

Bamfield Parks Commission (Sheryl Mass)

Thank-you to volunteers who helped move the GORTOW to Centennial Park- just the start of the projects- more steps to come…

New employee for summer began this weekOffice is closed and window office only

Community School Association (Christine)

Sally- new coordinator arrived in Bamfield and has started to establish herself at BCSA.

HFN (Christine)

Thanks for support for signage and communications project leading up the long weekend. Adds in newspaper and on radio; signage throughout the logging road and entrance to Treaty Lands.

Community Forest (Stefan)

Rural Dividend Fund Grant to flag trail and map one loop of the trail- looking for some expertise. Call for proposals to come. Waiting for Green Letter from HFN for selective logging within the community forest projected 3000 cubic meters. - touch base with Jim Lee regarding funding for trail building. Jim Lee also most knowledgeable about Mill Projects.

  1. Discussion – Problem of Abandoned Cars on the West Side

Concern around vehicles being brought to the west side, then abandoned on the roadside. Started a dialogue - what can we do to avoid this happening in the future?

  1. Deposit for bringing a vehicle over to the west side and you get it back when you remove it safely.
  2. Possibly get barges to only allow vehicles to come to west side if they pay deposit
  3. Licensing and insuring- can only bring a vehicle over if it is licenced and insured
  4. Discussion of enforcement.

Zoom polls taken:

Should there be a deposit system?  Majority said yes

Should vehicles be licensed and insured on west Bamfield?  Majority said yes.

Which side of Bamfield do you live on?  Majority said from the West side.

Please contact Sheryl with any further related ideas or information

  1. Other Business
  • Amelia just submitted a Grants in Aid proposal to aquire live-music audio equipment.
  • Donna Dunn mentioned idea for shopping angel for those who can’t shop for themselves. Seniors BSCA funding. Christine said the idea had been submitted to the BCSA


  1. Meeting Adjourned 20:19 m/Phil


Next Meeting  Monday, June 15