April 27 2020

Bamfield Community Affairs Society Zoom Meeting

April 27th 2020 6:30pm

ATTENDANCE: John & Sheryl Mass, Bernie & Keith Wyton, Sean Rogers, Liz Isaac, Wayne Markel, Steve & Nancy Clarke, Charlie Clappis, Zelta Clappis, Stefan Ochman, Bob Beckett, Max Salamon, Regina Charytonowicz, Douglas Holmes, Russell Markel, Sally Mole, Mark Stokes, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins, Bob Boda, Marnie Chauk McAughtrie, Suzanne Romprè,  Christine Gruman , Jared Higgins, Lisa Bye, John Beckham.

CHAIR: Bernie Wyton 

Acknowledge the traditional territory of First Nations – for those in Bamfield, the Huu-ay-aht First Nation, and for those connecting online from other areas, the First Nation(s) whose traditional territory it is in that area.

Welcome to our first ZOOM BCAS meeting hosted by Sean Rogers.

Accepting agenda. M/John Mass, S/Mark Stokes.

Accept minutes from February meeting. M/Steve Clarke, S/Max Solomon. 


ACRD CAO Doug Holmes.

  • 3rd street recycling closed, 
  • Regional meetings through ZOOM,
  • Mitigating Emergency Response, Preparedness, service continuity, essential services and learning for future Emergency Preparedness. 
  • Updates ongoing. Jerry Gassner, Bamfield PEP representative. 
  • ACRD, HFN partnering with signage to ‘not visit now.’  Recovery; COVID to continue for some months, draft of recovery plan, objectives to promote physical and mental well-being, recovery of businesses, services and parks, foster business continuity.
  • Evaluate Response to plan for future Emergency. 

Bob Beckett added; Ongoing meetings with Chief Robert Dennis to discuss the advantage of working together.

BMSC Sean Rogers.

  • All programs cancelled until April 2021, facilities are adhering to BC Health authority guidelines to keep staff safe,
  • Researchers ‘on campus’ with strict oversight
  • Waste water project still continues with HFN.
  • Any concerns feel free to contact the BMSC office by phone or email Sean.

HFN Charlie Clappis.

  • With various conversations happening at different levels the best advice for clarity on up to date current community procedures and access is to check the HFN website at huuayaht.org.
  • HFN has its EOC setup and is currently operating remotely through its Emergency Coordinator
  • The HFN checkpoint representative is respectful and is currently tasked with filling out a survey asking several questions.
  • There are several HFN departments involved with various COVID scenarios. We can assist in finding the appropriate people to provide feedback for any inquiries.

Chamber of Commerce, Marnie Chalk McAughtrie.

  • The Chamber has no confirmed plan in place for the coming months.
  • Visitors are being discouraged from visiting. Non local boaters have been refused service at the Mercantile to help spread the message. Questions coming in as to ‘will bookings be honored,’
  • The Chamber would like to see a unified front of all businesses. Looking for best way to get the message out, like to see signage at the Port and the Cowichan road access.

Bamfield Health Clinic, Heather Peterson.

  • The staff are honoring the BC Health authority guidelines, the daily reports from Dr. Henry and the Min. of Health.
  • BC COVID 19 website is the best place to go if you think you have symptoms.
  • Planning for critical care for the long haul, focus on rural and indigenous communities.
  • Testing is available, contact your GP first or call 1-844-901-8442.
  • West Coast General has an Assessment and Treatment center set up in the parking lot from 9-5.
  • The clinic doors are locked with limited hours, staff are wearing uniforms, masks while dealing with clients and keeping 2m distancing from anyone at the door, only taking booked appointments, lab work can still be done.
  • Like to promote Tele-health, this is working well and is being done efficiently.
  • Increased cleaning between clients and by cleaning staff.
  • Met with first responders, BMSC to discuss COVID protection during transport.
  • If anyone tests positive Island Health will contact family/contact persons with a respect to privacy. 

        Act as if you are COVID positive!
        HAPPY TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS, call the health clinic.

2020-2024 Financial Plan. A slide presentation was given on how and where the funds are allocated. All services are financially independent and must balance over the 5 year plan. 

See the ACRD Website-governance-finance-page 23 for Bamfield expenditures for 2019 and budget for 2020. Some possible mistakes where noticed and Doug will respond once he has the correct answer. Forward any budget questions to Bernie; she will compile and send them on to Doug for answers. 


  • Telus improvements  Telus has confirmed that 4 small Telus Cell units have been installed in Bamfield and will soon be operational. These units are a fraction of the cost of a mobile tower while still providing good effective service to where they are needed. They typically provide mobile coverage to an area of 400 or more meters in a circular pattern from the cell site itself. Telus technicians determined last year where there was adequate service and where the cells were to be installed to further strengthen and expand the signal. Telus is now awaiting BC Hydro to provide the power at the cell site locations.

  • Housing Needs Report The ACRD successfully applied and has received word that they were successful in securing a grant in order to complete a Housing Needs Assessment and subsequent report for Bamfield which is a prerequisite for accessing additional grants for affordable housing projects. BMSC and HFN share similar needs when it comes to affordable housing for our communities and are committed to working together to see what opportunities can be leveraged from the Province, ACRD and other funding sources in order to build appropriate housing.

  • COVID-19 update

    • Signage has been posted in Port Alberni at the Bamfield - China Creek  sign location advising tourists that this is not the time to go exploring in Bamfield. I will be asking for a second sign to go at the location advising folks that there is no gas for XX kilometres.

    • And it is true that you can’t say thanks enough, so again hats off to everyone who is keeping our community safe and on the front lines serving the various needs of our residents.

  • Bamfield Rd. Correspondence Update I have not heard anything back from the Province regarding our recent letters asking for a report/update on the status of the Bamfield Rd. I will follow up with Minister Fraser again this week


Parks, Cheryl Mass

  • Charlene Carpenter has been hired to work at Eileen Scott Centennial Park. 
  • Gordy Lamb is retiring the ‘GordTow' and the Parks board is planning to position it at one end of the park. Anyone wishing to help with this project contact one of the park board members.

BCSA, Christine Gruman. 

  • Introducing Sally Mole as our new BCS coordinator. Welcome Sally. She started work in March from Ucluelet and is looking forward to becoming a part of the Bamfield Community in the near future. Looking for suggestion for the 20k grant for ‘Horizon for Seniors.’

Bamfield and Huu-ay-aht  Community Forest, Stefan Ochman.

  • Received an email from Ministry of Lands and Development stating that we had been awarded a 32k Grant for a loop trail through the Community Forrest. Very exciting news, the grant will come through after the COVID situation is over.

Main Roads  John Mass mentioned he has been getting calls regarding west side road work. All calls need to go through Mainroads at 1-877-215-6006.  


NEXT MEETING TUESDAY MAY 19TH 2020 (the Tuesday after the long weekend).

Meeting adjourned 8.19 pm.
Prepared by Liz Isaac.