June 18, 2012

Bamfield Community Affairs


June 18th 2012


Attendance: Marc Phillips, Lynne Sweeney, Max Salamon, Rick Sweeney, Betty Beyko, Suzanne Jennings, Katharine Jennings, Lee Weber, Jean Richardson, Roger Demontigny, Denise Roberge, Stefan Ochman, Catherine Thompson, Jack Purdy, Rona Gayda.


Meeting called to order at 7:36pm


Minutes of May 28, 2012. M/S to receive M. Salamon/ M.Phillips. Received.


Discussion: Access to BCAS minutes online. Individuals do not like having to sign in for access to the minutes on the Portal. A suggestion to make the minutes public so individuals do not have to sign in. A suggestion to start an email list that CA minutes will be sent to each month.


Treasurer’s Report- Deferred until July meeting.


Regional Representative’s Report- Deferred until July meeting.


Grants In Aid: BVFD- Max Salamon- Fireworks have been happening for over 20 years. The Fire Hall has received financial support from the Chamber and Hall Society. Need further funding to purchase insurance, fireworks, etc. Vote in July.


Committee Reports:


Bamfield Community School Association- Catherine Thompson:

  • “Farewell” Community Lunch- this Wednesday, June 20th

  • June 27th from 1:30-3pm- End of the Year BBQ. Burgers, hot dogs, vegetarian options, and fun games. See the kids before they leave for summer and say “good bye” to Marnie and Colin wno will be leaving the School next year.

  • July 10th and 12th- MBTS Kids concerts will be taking place at the School from 3:30pm-4:30pm.

  • There is a position available at BCSA to help with general office duties and the kids summer camps. If the position has not been filled by June 25th the town will lose the job.

  • The School Meals caterer position will also be available starting next year, hiring in August.

  • Summer camp registration has begun. The BCSA has planned activities with BMSC, HFN and in August we have a dance instructor coming to lead a 3 day dance camp. Registration is required and space is limited. Please let me know if you would like a copy of the schedule.

  • The BCSA is holding a photo competition. The theme is “My Community” and individuals have until July 18th to submit photos into the competition. $2/photo and all proceeds will go towards the summer camps. 1st prize is a digital camera valued at $289 donated by The Source in Port Alberni.


BVFD- Max Salamon:

Training is happening until June 30th, starting again in September. In November the Firehall will send members to a training course so that the community has the ability to provide in-house training. Training is compulsory.


Bamfield Community Hall Society- Suzanne Jennings:

  • Canada Day July 1st at the Park- hot dogs.

  • New phone cards have arrived- the Hall will be canvasing for members in the coming weeks.

  • August 25th- Fall Fair at the Firehall.

  • Waiting for the province to okay 2 acres of park land to the ACRD for building of the community hall.


Stefan: 21st- National Aboriginal Day BBQ and potluck. 10am start nature walk. Noon BBQ at Pachena Bay.


Hawkeye Marine Group- Rona Gayda: Roofers are gone, new roofers coming soon.


New Business:

BCSA asked for a letter of support for the New Horizons for Senior’s grant to provide a series of senior led workshops and gatherings promoting the knowledge and skills of seniors and Elders. Letter approved.

Meeting adjourned: 8:20pm

Submitted by Catherine Thompson

Next meeting: Monday, July 16th 2012.

7:30pm @ the Bamfield Community School.


All welcome!