February 18 2020

 Bamfield Community Affairs Society

Unofficial Minutes

February 18th 2020


Attendance: Lisa Herbig, Liz Isaac, Bernadette Wyton, Mark Stokes, Dane Dentoon, Julie Bradley, Bob Baden, Bob Beckett, Zelta Clappis, Christine Gruman, Ken Bodaly, Stefan Ochman, Chris McInerney

Call to order 6.30

Chair Mark Stokes

Acknowledge we are meeting on the Traditional Territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nation.


Adoption of minutes as revised

M/ Stefan S/ Lisa

Treasurer’s Report Liz Isaac

Cheq. Account 17,612.08

Change from last month is a payment to Mandy Ross for the balance of her Bear Aware GIA.

Savings account 2418.34

M/ Bob Baden S/Lisa Herbig

Regional Directors Report

Telus assures that they will be making an announcement soon regarding our cell coverage.

MOTI and Mainroads were in Bamfield to discuss price for parking project.

Mainroads and HFN authorized John Mass to begin West Side road work.

Bamfield Road Update;

No mention of funds in today’s budget speech.

We would like to invite Minister Fraser and MOTI to meet with our community in March.

A meeting will be set up for March 9th 6.30 at BCS, Chief Dennis will also be invited.

West Side Government Dock

The ACRD has concerns about being implicated in a divestiture award, should the proposed plan for care and maintenance fail.

ACRD has applied for a grant to conduct an affordable housing study.

Committee Reports


Two new students Harley and Hailey join us from Nitnat.

Field trip to Port on Monday to visit schools and Gymnastics.


Community Lunch Thursday 26th.

New Horizons for seniors.


1st responders have a 5 core medical team, 2 with class 4 driver’s license.

Looking for more people with class 4 license.

Need a team of four for call outs.

Health Clinic

Welcomes Heather Peterson as our new nurse, 6 weeks on and 6 off.

Community Forest.

The road to Kiixin has 86 easy access trees.

Meeting Thursday 20th.

New Business

Fish bearing creeks along the Bamfield road have 4x4 post in place and the final design for signs have been approved and will go up this month

Meeting Adjourned 8.28pm

M/Bob Baden

Prepared by Liz Isaac.