November 18 2019

Bamfield Community Affairs Society

Unofficial Minutes

November 18th 2019

Attendance: Diana Bartsch, Cheryl Mass, Bob Beckett, Max Solomon, Roger Demonte, Stefan Ochman, Jerry Gassner, Donna Dunn, Mark Stokes, Jane Morrison, John Mass, Zelta Clappis, Liz Isaac.

Call to Order: 6:40

Meeting took place at the BVF hall as no one had a key to the school, thank you BVFD.

Cheryl Mas acknowledged we are on the Traditional Territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations.

Motion to Receive Minutes of October 21 2019.

Jane Morrison.

Directors met after the last BCA meeting and discussed Tabled motion, Directors agreed to cap Grants in Aid to $5000.00.

Tabled motion read.

Motion/ Max Solomon:

Amounts over $5000.00 for Grants in Aid to be decided by a community vote at BCA meeting.

S/Jerry Gassner:

Passed by majority vote.

Treasurers report: Sheryl Mass.

$18,629.04 Chequing

$2,416.51 Savings

M/Max Solomon S/Mark Stokes.

Regional Directors Report: Bob Beckett.

ACRD Director Douglas Holmes recognized Linda and Larry Myres with a letter read at the Regional meeting and personally delivered a card and gift to their home.

The meeting on Nov 14th regarding upgrades to the Bamfield road, where community leaders from the Huu-ay-aht First Nation, the City of Port Alberni and the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District met with Premier John Horgan and MLA Scott Fraser, all of the stakeholders are committed to moving forward with road improvements in a timely fashion. The Premier announced the creation of an “Action Group” comprising of all stakeholders in order to find a creative solution to improving the Bamfield Road.

Director Bob Beckett also shared his thoughts on the time taken during the journey to Anacla.

 “During a very moving moment and ceremony at the bus accident site early Thursday morning, many of us stopped to pay our respect through personal reflection and by laying flowers on the shoulder of the road. Following Thursday’s meeting I can emphatically state that I am also confident the the deaths of students John Geerdes and Emma Machado will not be in vain.”

Telus Update: The Province contacted Bob regarding new Grants now available to assist us with respect to cell sites along the Bamfield road.

ACRD Zoning Bylaw Review: A Draft is being updated and is available for download along with Official Community Plan (OCP) from Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District Planning and Development. 250-720-2700

Community members are encouraged to participate in the Zoning Bylaw Review process, there is still time for more changes before agency and First Nation referrals and bylaw readings.

Parking Project: Discussions with Teri Fong and Douglas Holmes resulted in Teri looking to use Provincial Gas Tax money and applying to UBCM for the funds on our behalf to assist with the balance of the project.

Community Forest Report: Stefan Ochman. A meridian trail of 1k and a skid trail are in the planning stage for early next year, this will allow for access to fall a few trees to help with the cost of creating a network of trails within the community forest as mapped out by SFS students.

Health Clinic: Donna Dunn. A computerized heart monitor called MUSE has been acquired and results can be seen by your Doctor (an upgrade from faxing results).

All but two children have had their flue shots. Flue shots are available at the clinic.

A Health Care Aid has been hired by VIHA to serve local residence.

BVFD: Max Solomon. On going training.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:37

Next Meeting January 20th 2020.