September 16, 2019

Bamfield Community Affairs Society Meeting

Unofficial Minutes

16 September 2019  6:30pm @ Bamfield Community School

Attendance:  Roger Demontigny, Kristin Russell, Stefan Ochman, Louis Druehl, Bernadette Wyton, Bob Baden, Jerry Gassner, Jan Teversham, John & Sheryl Mass, Zelta Clappis, Max Salamon, Rena Charytonowicz, Justin Demoskoff, Mark Stokes, Amy Hollings, Jane Morrison, Donna Dunn, Lee Weber, Jamie Gilkison, Julie Bradley, Sean Rogers, Rae Hopkins

Called to Order:6:35PM

Acknowledgement of Huu au aht territory.

One minute of remembrance in solidarity & reflection of the recent accident.

Agenda received with Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Director’s report moved to top.

Minutes of 17 June 2019 received.

Explanation of need of leadership for Community Affairs chairing which will be rotated  between Directors. The Directors being: Bernadette Wyton, Sheryl Mass, Liz Issac, Justin Demoskoff, Dane Dentoom, Zelta Clappis, Jane Morrison, J.P. Hastey, Mark Stokes & Rae Hopkins. Charlie Clappis is Huu ay aht representative.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Director- Sean Rogers: The Station is moving forward with heavy hearts after the recent accident. Sean has received many messages of support and condolence from schools across the country. He will be visiting the University of Victoria imminently.                                                                                                                                          -Concerning ACRD, BMS is doing a trial run of a composting system that may eventually be coming to Bamfield.

Treasurer’s Report- Sheryl Mass: Chequing account $18,673.73. Savings account $2,415.29. $5.21 interest. m/s J.Mass/M.Stokes. Received.

Regional Representative’s Report- Bob Beckett: Tragic Bus Accident-hoping to formalize a strategy with ACRD and the mayor of Port Alberni to improve road conditions.

  • Composting: Announced that BMS is composting as a result of ACRD action
  • Telus Update-Anticipating a meeting in October to hear plans to enhance coverage within Bamfield.
  • Sunken Trawler Boat Status- Matter has been transferred to Transport Canada & Bob hopes for an update soon. 
  • Parking Project Status - Will look to Community Affairs with respect to ACRD funding needs/request to complete project if community wants to move forward. The recent partial completion of the parking project built a good relationship with the Dept of Transportation because the project was well done. 
  • Affordable Housing Needs - Councillor Charlie Clappis has met with Bob regarding an opportunity to meet with Minister Robinson at the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) meetings in Vancouver to determine if any funding is available. Bob will also present housing needs of BMSC when they meet with Minister of Housing. 
  • Ambulance to Bamfield – Bob requested the community write to ACRD to endorse the transport of emergency patients to the clinic. Motion: The Community endorses the transport of emergency patients to the clinic within our jurisdiction (Bamfield/Anacla Health Centre). m/s M.Salamon/L. Druehl. Unanimously passed. This is for transport within Bamfield/Anacla only, not to Port Alberni.

Committee Reports

Bamfield Community School,- Kristin Russell -

  • 8 students left, 2 new students There are now 19 students in school. Emilie Comtois grades K-4, Kristin Russell grades 5-8.
  • Terry Fox Run Thursday 26th Sept. Time & route to be announced.
  • Orange Shirt Day Monday the 30th of September. There will be a ceremony in the school that day.

Bamfield Community School Association- Bob Baden:

  • The association looking to recruit a new co-ordinator.
  • There will be no Oysters, Authors and Ale event this year.

Bamfield Health Centre – Donna Dunn:

  • Donna received a memo about a particularly large type of wasp was found in Nanaimo that may have come in on a ship might thrive in our climate. If you suspect this type of invasive insect call Donna.
  • Dr. Ferguson is no longer with Island Health.
  • All of the students are getting caught up with their immunizations.
  • Amy Hollings is a new nurse at the clinic.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee- Stefan Ochman:  The Annual General Meeting is Saturday the 21st of Sept. at 11:00AM in the school library.

Bamfield Huu ay aht Community ForestStefan Ochman -

  • A Rural Dividend Fund grant application for trail work has been submitted for 1 km. of trail to the Old Cedar Tree. Should receive an answer by November or December.
  • The BHCF is looking to apply for one cutting permit that is good for 5 years.

Eileen Scott Centennial Park – Sheryl Mass:

  • Slow start to summer visitors
  • Security camera installed at Info Centre , one will also be installed at the boat ramp.
  • The Info Centre had a new cap built on the roof. 
  • Extensive work to be done to the approach to the dock in the future.
  • No “Free” launching for community residents. Discussion followed asking if taxpayers do not need to pay for launching. A vote was taken: 5 in favour, 8 against, 7 abstainers. The Park Commission will be sent a letter of inquiry.

Old Business                                                                                                                                                       

  • Signage for Brady’s Beach –Sheryl Mass- The committee is stalled. If anyone has a suggestion for signage to inform visitors of use on Brady’s Beach please contact Sheryl Mass.

New Business

  • The New Bamfielder – Louis Druehl: The New Bamfielder website collapsed so the number of online viewers reading the paper has dropped. The hard copy was still distributed around the community.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15PM.  Submitted by Rae Hopkins