February 19, 2019

Bamfield Community Affairs 6:30pm @ BCS

Unofficial Minutes February 19th, 2019

Attendance: Kristin Russell, Teri Fong, Bob Beckett, Louis Druel, Janessa Dornstauder, Rae Hopkins, Jenny Brunn, John Mass, Sheryl Mass , Roger Demontigny,  Bob Baden, Mike Stokes, Renia Salamon,  Dane Dentoom, Stefan Ochman, Zelta Clappis, Lisa Herbig, Les Jmaeff

Community Affairs Meeting called to order at   6:32pm: Louis Druel

Adoption of January 2019 minutes   m/Rae Hopkins  s/Janessa Dornstauder

ACRD Budget Presentation-Teri Fong and Jenny Brunn

  • Purpose of Regional District
  • Bamfield Services (Regional, Sub-regional, Local)
  • Board of Directors Membership/ACRD Staff/Bamfield Volunteers
  • Financial Plan
  • Service Financial Rules
  • Development of Financial Plan

2018 Highlights-Jenny Brunn

  • Bamfield Water System (DAF Plant construction completed, water quality significantly improved, reservoirs individually taken offline and cleaned, Water Operator Certification achieved, High turbidity events in fall-no effect on quality, treatment plant debt-43 owners prepaid)

Upcoming for 2019-Jenny Brunn

  • Water Operations contract RFP and award
  • Asset Management Planning
  • Color and water temperature monitoring
  • Continue to explore options for DAF waste stream connection to sanitary sewer
  • Rate review to occur later in year
  • Water treatment plant debt parcel tax estimated at $177 per parcel
  • Bamfield Water Treatment Plan Grand Opening March 1, 2019 3-5pm

Bamfield Transfer Station-Jenny Brunn

  • Physical changes in 2018-reduced transport costs and capacity for bulky items
  • In 2019 continue to work with HFN on site operations partnership potential
  • Regional Organics Project
  • Strategic Priorities Fund Gas Tax Grant received 6 million to implement project (to include Bamfield, Alberni, West Coast)

Bamfield First Responder Service- Teri Fong

  • Potential agreement with BC Emergency Health Services
  • Draft agreement for pilot project being developed

Asset Management- Teri Fong

  • 2 year implementation project fully funded by Strategic Priorities grant
  • Proactive vs reactive approach to sustainable service delivery (risk management, monitoring, maintenance costs trends)

Short Term Vacation Rentals-2019 Action Plan- Teri Fong

  • Public Info campaign (bulk mail out)
  • Policy and process on website
  • In process of reviewing options for municipal ticketing

Financial Planning Process- Teri Fong

  • Various committees are in process of reviewing budgets for individual= services
  • Public Financial Budget Meeting March 13, 6-9pm ACRD Office Port Alberni

Questions or Comments: ACRD office 250 720-2700

CA Treasurer’s Report: Sheryl Mass

Chequing:$11,611.07 Savings: $5.21 Business High Interest Savings: $22, 379.30

Regional District Representative: Bob Beckett

Introduce and thank ACRD staff: Teri Fong & Jenny Brunn

  1. Motion going forward to The Association of Vancouver Island & Coastal Communities:

Wireless Connectivity in Rural Areas-Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District

  • “WHEREAS intermittent or complete lack of cellular services in remote communities and along over 5,000km of BC’s rural highways creates a significant barrier for access to emergency services, negatively affects emergency response time, and increases public safety risk; and WHEREAS there is a market failure to provide cellular services where revenue cannot support costs to deploy and maintain the service: THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Province set targets to close gaps in cellular service in remote communities and along rural highway sections, and oblige service providers in partnership with all levels of government to close those gaps”
  1. Status of Ambulance
  • First draft of scheduled contract which outlines the delivery of the ambulance, equipment, and training of the EMR has been completed and will be sent to BCEHS this week.
  1. Fire services agreement with Huu-ay-aht
  • Draft and revisions for the Fire Services Protections Agreement are complete and will be sent to all parties this week for final legal review
  1. Our community emergency plan
  • Working copy of 2019 Bamfield Community Plan is complete. Thanks to Linda Myres and her team, Kelly Gilday from ACRD for great document
  1. Emergency planning training this weekend
  • Community Training Program February 23 & 24. Community members encouraged to get out and take care of yourself and neighbors when an emergency impacts our community. Thanks to Linda Myres and HFN neighbors for donating catering.
  1. Creating public parking on road right away
  • Bob Baden putting together road proposal and in anticipation going forward the ACRD staff has been asked to follow up on:

-possible funding sources, including MoT

-Renewing MoT permits and approved design

-Contacted Kathy Wadell (Associate Executive Director with HFN) regarding partnership opportunities

  1. The Bamfield Road
  • Meeting with District Operations Manager (Jessica Learn) with the Mot in early March to discuss road conditions to create the relationship(s) that will determine best means of appropriate and most effective pressure on those who have ability/authority to make decisions on improving the road
  1. Water Advisory lifted
  • Special thanks to our Water Board Volunteers, Les Butler, Former director Keith Wyton, and ACRD Staff

Committee Reports:

Bamfield Community School-Kristin Russell

  • Friend’s Group-Happening every Wed, 3-4pm @ BCS hosted by HFN-counselor Rena Johnson
  • 2 Snow Days last week
  • Feb 14th Jump Rope for Heart success-students met goal of raising $600
  • Great musicians last month-The High Quadra Ramblers Thanks to The New Bamfielder & Amelia Vos
  • Intermediate Student Leadership will take on Community Lunch Feb 27th
  • Pink Shirt Day Feb 28
  • Spring Break Mon March 11-Fri March 22

BMSC-Les Jmaeff

  • Continued work with HFN working on water treatment going well
  • Waste water treatment sewer plant expected to be ready for summer 2020

BCSA-Bob Baden

  • Still looking for BCSA coordinator

Bamfield Community Hall Society-Lisa Herbig

  • Celtic Night March 2nd (Irish Stew) Music (fiddle) by Owen @ BVFH




Bamfield Parks Commission-Sheryl Mass

  • Applied for community Re-greening Program-BC Hydro Grant $1700 for trees/hedging
  • Seeking 2 more Park Commissioners

Community Forest-Stefan Ochman

  • Not much happening. Contacted 2 consultants

Road Commission-Stefan Ochman

  • Followed up with Main Road regrading Nuthatch Rd stop sign & Tsunami sign placement. Was told they would not install stop sign.

Historical Society-Rae Hopkins

  • January AGM-one director stepped down
  • New sign coming in spring

Harbor Authority-Rae Hopkins

  • Stacy filling in as dock manager. Might see Amy back from New Zealand in March.

Community Affairs-Louis Druel

  • Board Director Janessa Dornstauder resigning

GIA Application-Rae Hopkins (on behalf of Bamfield Community Hall Society)

  • $500 GIA application for West Side Composting Toilets insurance

Motion to adjourn 7:55pm m/Bob Baden s/Louis Druel


Next Meeting Monday, March 18, 2019

Meeting Minutes: Kristin Russell