January 21, 2019

Bamfield Community Affairs SocietyUnofficial Minutes January 21, 2019Bamfield Community School - 6:30PM Attendance:, Kristin Russell, John & Sheryl Mass, Peter & Lisa Herbig, Bob Beckett, Louis Druel, Rae Hopkins, Keith & Bernadette Wyton, Dona Dunn, JP Hastey, Michelle Ferraby, Christine Gruman, Tao Eastham, Larry & Linda Myres, Jan Tavershan, Rose Janelle, Jan Morrison, Max Salamon, Bob Baden, Stefan Ochman, Ken Bodaly, Phil Lavoie, Cailean Meredith, Phil RobergeCommunity Affairs Meeting called to order at 6: 30pm: Louis DruelAdoption of November 2018 minutes m/Rae Hopkins s/Rose JanelleTreasurer’s Report- Sheryl Mass

  • Total Assets: $33,989.43
  • $500 Outstanding Cheque from Music by the Sea

m/Keith Wyton s/Lisa HerbigRegional Director’s Report- Bob BeckettBamfield Ambulance

  • Keely Gilday reports: meeting with BCEHS went well with good understanding of what the needs for both organizations. Discussion of this being a pilot project from both parties. New schedule being drafted which will include delivery of the decommissioned ambulance, equipment needed and skills maintenance training. Hope to see unit delivered once draft completed and accepted. Will continue to keep public informed.

Pay phones and cell coverage

  • ACRD identified cell coverage within the entire ACRD as one of 2019 strategic priorities.
  • Ministry of Citizen Services responded to inquiry from Mayor of Tofino regarding a CRTC new Broadband Fund to be launched in spring 2019. Along with other related ACRD staff investigations into enhancing cell coverage. Will ask to investigate and report back on Broadband funding.
  • ACRD has a scheduled presentation from Telus at upcoming board meeting.

ACRD Letter of support for Community Hall Society

  • ACRD staff provided a letter of support to the Community Hall Society for a small portion of the park for the purposes of building and operating a community hall.

Kwiispaa LNG Project

  • Jennifer Olson from InterGroup Consultants contracted by Steelhead LNG are in town conducting interviews regarding proposed project arranging several interviews with a cross section of the community.

Short Term Vacation Rentals

  • ACRD is sending out an information pamphlet regarding short term rental-Temporary Use Permit

Letter of Support for Huu-ay-aht First Nations Government

  • Letter of support for Huu-ay-aht First Nation for their application to the Provincial and Federal Governments to make improvements to the road linking Port Alberni and the community of Bamfield

Motion made/Keith Wyton for CA to write letter of support s/Sheryl Mass-passedQuestions/Comments:

  • Phil Roberge noted lack of cell service/911 during tsunami warning. Case file already started. Urges people to contact Telus directly using reference number #9103467. Dial 611 on cell. 1888 811-2828 or tech support 250 310-3100 and follow prompts

Bamfield Water Committee- Bob Beckett

  • General appeal to public for 2 new water committee members for 1- and 3-year terms. Contact Bob Beckett

Committee Reports:Bamfield Community Hall Progress Presentation- JP Hastey

  • Applied for grant to build new community hall
  • Construction Budget 1.4 million. 75% covered by grant, Community Hall contributing $360,000, maintaining a cash revenue of $180,000 to cover extra costs and operating expenses
  • Hall proposed to be located beside the BVFD on a leased section of Centennial Park land
  • Word to grant expected in fall 2019

Other Community Hall Business- Rose Janelle

  • No 2019 Robbie Burns dinner
  • Italian Dinner TBA for February

Bamfield Community School-Kristin Russell

  • December Christmas Concert success despite power outage
  • Silent Auction/Loonie Raffle raised $1277.00 Thank you community!
  • Buddy Reading every Wed in January 12:45-1:30pm
  • National Family Literacy Day Jan 27th “Bamily” Trivia Night Wed Jan 23rd 6-8pm Dinner sponsored by BCSA
  • Community Lunch Day-Wed Jan 30th Music 1pm by High Quadra Ramblers

Bamfield Road Safety - Stefan Ochman

  • Bamfield main in poor condition. Graders ineffective with rain conditions
  • Partial to full road maintenance closure (new culvert repair around 35km mark) dates and times TBA (waiting for improved weather conditions)
  • Tsunami evacuation sign still needs to be relocated
  • Questions/concerns raised about local road maintenance (Binnacle, South Bamfield etc)

Bamfield Community Forrest Society - Stefan Ochman

  • Thank you to questionnaire participants
  • Congrats to Max Salamon who won a ½ cord of wood

Bamfield Community Emergency Program -Linda Myres

  • Jan 26th Commemorates 1700 Cascadia Mega Quake
  • Top 5 Disasters to be prepared for (earthquakes, tsunamis, power outages, drought-fire, marine disasters)
  • Emergency/Neighborhood Preparedness Training Programs (contact Linda if interested so she can determine numbers and training location) Feb 23/24 & March 8-10
  • April pro day School Emergency plans in the works with sd70

Historical Society – Christine Gruman

  • AGM, Saturday, Jan 26th 11am @ BCS

BCSA - Cailean Meredith

  • Nov AGM-new board member Lisa Herbig
  • Dec-BCSA held Library Social, took Santa Photos & Christmas Concert Video
  • Jan-Hosted Games Night
  • Upcoming: Jan 30th Community Lunch

Bamfield Community Parks -Sheryl Mass

  • Peter Herbig stepped down as commissioner/ Dane Dentom joined
  • If interested in available Bamfield Community Parks Commissioner seats-contact Bob Beckett
  • Maintenance to be done: dock repair, new signage, erosion issues/ditching needed in park.
  • Video cameras to be installed (please contact Sheryl if you are knowledgeable in this area)

Barkley Sound Alliance-Bernadette & Keith Wyton

  • Jan 16th deadline for public feedback on Kwiispaa LNG now closed

Vancouver Island Health- Donna Dunn

  • Dr. Depape unable to fly in on Jan 11th. Drove out seeing 27 patients.
  • Locals encouraged to use Tele-Health technology (set up apts. With specialists)
  • Bamfield Road condition a big barrier for local aging population

Recognizing Keith Wyton- Community Affairs Board

  • Presented Keith Wyton with local carving, card & ate cake to honor his hard work and dedication to Bamfield as Reginal Director

Meeting adjourned  8:10pm m/John MassNext Meeting Tuesday 19 February 2019 6:30PM at Bamfield Community SchoolMinutes Submitted by Kristin Russell