October 15, 2018

Bamfield Community Affairs Society

Unofficial Minutes October 15, 2018 - Bamfield Community School - 6:30PM

Attendance: Kristin Russell, Bob Baden, Keith Wyton, Bernadette Wyton, Stefan Ochman, Janessa Dornstrauder, Rose Janelle, Jerry & Diane Gassner, Mark Stokes, Zelta Clappis, JP Hastey, Amelia Vos, Les Jmaeff, Max Salamon, Cailean Meredith

Community Affairs Meeting called to order at 6:32 pm: Bernadette Wyton

Adoption of September 2018 minutes

Motion/Rose Janelle Received/Bernadette Wyton

Regional District Representative- Keith Wyton (last report as RD)

Southern Resident Killer Whale (SRKW) Meetings:

  • October 3rd in Port Alberni -attended by Keith Wyton & Jerry Gasner
  • October 11th in Vancouver - attended by Jerry Gassner
  • SRKW population is endangered; lawsuits filed, and government is pressured to act
  • Fast decision about fishing closures to be made. Open to comments until November 3rd

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Bamfield Water System

  • New filtration system operational
  • VIHA seeking clean samples for several weeks before lifting advisory

911 Service/Loss of Payphones

  • BCEP in discussion with Telus, seeking Wifi Spots and/or Cellphone Areas for emergency calls

West Island Cable

  • Regional District wrote letter of support for underwater cable to West Bamfield

Bamfield Road Meeting

  • Wed. Oct 17th  in Victoria (Reg Dist, Scott, HFN etc)
  • Policy now in place. Check policy voluntarily

Election Date: Oct 20th

  • No election for Bamfield RD; Bob Beckett new Regional Director early November
  • Encouraged to vote for SD70 school trustees / rural representative

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Promo Science Expedition

  • Wed, Oct 17th CCGS Vector @ Coast Guard dock Open to public 1-4pm

Bamfield Community School Association Janessa Dornstrauder

  • Janessa resigned as BCSA coordinator. Welcome intern Cailean Meredith to BCSA office
  • Posting for BCSA coordinator position has been extended
  • Oysters, Authors, & Ale Oct 13th was a success!
  • Total amount fundraised for literacy not yet determined

Bamfield Community School- Kristin Russell

  • Fire Safety Prevention Week Oct 7-13. Huge thanks to BVFD volunteer fire fighters Dan, Michelle & Olivia for educational, informative & fun BCS student tour!
  • Oct 17th Students participating in CCGS Vector Tour
  • Thurs, Oct 18th 10:18am BCS students will participate in BC Shake Out. Community involvement encouraged! Be prepared: Drop, Cover, Hold On-Go to high ground!

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department- Rose Janelle

  • BVFD AGM Wed, Oct 17th 6:30pm at Fire Hall. Appetizers and everyone welcome
  • Community Hall Christmas Social Dec. 8th 7-10pm @ the Rix

First Responders- Amelie Vos

  • A couple close calls this summer had First Responders on their toes
  • Bamfield ambulance discussion still ongoing
  • Monday meetings continue to take place
  • Will report on rewarded Grant in Aid at next month’s CA meeting

Bamfield Community Emergency Preparedness (BCEP)- Jerry Gassner

  • BC Shakeout Thurs. Oct 18th 10:18am
  • HF equipment has been ordered

Road Safety Committee - Stephan Ochman

  • Sept 29th AGM well attended
  • Traffic count/usage up at least 15%
  • Road signage (no alcohol/driving while intoxicated) to come

Comments/Questions (C & Q)

  • Community is grateful for “Cat’s Eye” road markers on paved road between Bamfield and Anacla. We would like more!

Q-  Any info on upcoming road closure near Franklin?

Answer: Not yet. Road will be closed for 24 hours without detour. Will spread word ASAP. Road repair needs to be done before winter

Bamfield Community Forest-Stephan Ochman

  • Public Board Meeting Tues, Oct 16th 5pm @ HFN Government Office

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre-Les Jmaeff

  • BMSC just updated CCAC Certification: Animal Care
  • Waste Water Treatment:

     Tests being done MOE; flow meter readings; training staff: EOCP

     Working close with HFN; plant designs

  • Ocean’s Network Canada; On site, gathering info on Folger
  • Field Trips Program Busy; currently 34 students on site
  • Fisher Security Breach; IT currently working to resolve BMSC computer Fisher attacks and RCMP investigating ransom notes left on BMSC property

Amelia Vos: Halloween Dance at BVFD Saturday, October 27th

Meeting adjourned  7:14pm m/Bob Baden

Next Meeting Monday 19 November  2018 6:30PM at Bamfield Community School

Minutes Submitted by Kristin Russell