June 18, 2018

Minutes for Bamfield Community Affairs June 18 2018Present – Rae Hopkins, Louis Druel, Rick and Lynne Sweeting, Robert Dennis, Stephan Ochman, Keith and Bernie Wyton, Christine Gruman, John and Sheryl Mass, Mark StokesMinutes from last meeting accepted by Christine, second  Rae – all in favour to acceptCommunity Reports Regional Director Keith:

  • Went to Housing Meeting – re shortage of affordable housing
  • Report on higher # of vehicles on Westside running without licences and insurance – RCMP may be looking to have a meeting regarding this
  • Parking on East Bamfield still being working on – We have a permit in place for 47 spots

Huuayaht Robert Dennis 

  • Sub Division at Upper Anacla is moving forward
  • Forestry moving forward
  • Working with other first nations regarding LNG
  • Aboriginal Day on Thursday June 21

Community Forest  Stephan

  • Had productive meeting last week with 2 foresters present and will begin to start planning for the next 50 years

Park  Sheryl

  • The big green bus is gone – well sort of as it is at the bottom of Firebreak Hill on the Bamfield Road
  • Park is busy
  • Canada Day – lunch and possibly dinner – look for some info on a big celebration for that day

BCSA Christine

  • Summer student Sandra has started
  • June 28 school sports day and community lunch
  • July 10  summer camps will start

There was some talk about the Community and Huuayaht buying Flemming Island – Maybe through something like The Islands TrustJune 25 or 26 there is be a presentation by Steelhead ( LNG 101 ) at BMSC