May 22, 2018

Bamfield Community Affairs SocietyUnofficial Minutes May 22, 2018Bamfield Community School - 6:30PMAttendance: Kristin Russell, Peter Herbig, Sheryl Mass, John Mass, Lisa Herbig, Bob Baden, Louis Druel, Rae Hopkins, Keith Wyton, Bernadette Wyton, Rose Janelle, Amelia Vos, Andrea Butler, Stefan Ochman, Janessa Dornstrauder, Linda Myres, Mark Stokes, Katherine Jennings, Kyle Hancock, Max Salamon, Roger Demontigny, Jan Teversham, Christine Gruman, Jamie Gilchrist, Michael Chunyk, Cheylyne Wassenaar, Mandy Ross, Sarah Logan, Robert Dennis, JP HasteyCommunity Affairs Meeting called to order at 6:34 pmMotion to receive April 16, 2018 minutesm/s Rose Janelle/John Mass receivedTreasurer’s Report- Sheryl Mass

  • Chequing Account $ 13,953.86 High Interest Savings $22,311.96
  • Member Equity shares $5.21 Total Assets $36,271.04

m/s Rose Janelle/ John Mass receivedRegional District Representative- Keith WytonWater Upgrade

  • Going well, on budget, and on time. Plan to be completed this summer (July)

Waste Management

  • Bear issue at transfer station. Electric fence has been put up. Conservation removed one bear.
  • New Environmental Services Manager
  • Not many applicants for solid waste/recycling posting. Will split between East/West Bamfield.

Road Safety/Parking Development

  • Pachena Road Trail (aka “muddy Trail”) designated pedestrian only
  • Ministry of Highways (5 staff) came to Bamfield and had a good West Bamfield tour looking at roads
  • Community commented on poor road conditions of South Bamfield Rd and Pachena Rd
  • Brushing of both East and West Bamfield Road will take place this year

East Side Parking

  • East Side Road Parking ongoing issue and safety concern
  • Regional District and Bamfield do not have jurisdiction or money for parking development or to create pay parking
  • HFN is developing 70 pay parking spots as well as parking at Ostrom’s
  • Louis Druehl suggested subcommittee to focus on parking & road safety

Motion for this committee made by Robert Dennis seconded/John MassParks Commission-Sheryl Mass

  • New Centennial Park Summer Park Manager: Olivia Walker Part-time Summer Student: Poppy Butler
  • Always looking for gardeners/volunteers to get ready for summer!

Bamfield Community School- Kristin Russell

  • Thanks to Anna Lewis April 27/28 Gardening Workshop
  • Congrats to May 8th Grade 5 DARE Graduates
  • Thanks to Larry Johnson: Class Guest Speaker on First Nations Conservation History, Amelia Vos, Stephen Smith, Cory Howard & BMSC & Nitnat Hatchery: Sugsaw Hatchery Tour & Sarita River Smolt Release
  • Upcoming Events: May 29/30 Maquinna Elementary Guests & Kiixin Tour, Fri, June 8th District Track Meet, June 13/14 Year End Field Trip

On Behalf of HGB Group of Businesses- Michael Chunyk

  • Blasting & drilling taking place at the “old airport”/Binnacle Rd starting May 22nd for 21 days, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Questions call Mike or Sarah 250 728-3080/250 728-3231

First Responders-Amelia Vos

  • Introduced Sarah Logan, Peter Herbig & Lisa Herbig who completed EMR course in January
  • First responder practices every Tuesday
  • Reminded community to call 911 (not Coast Guard) in an emergency

BVFD-Amelia Vos

  • July 14th Intertidal Golf
  • August 4th Salmon Derby

Bamfield Community Emergency Program-Linda Myres

  • Participated last month in International Communications Exercises
  • Next Month open House (EPP, First Responders & BVFD)

Bear Aware-Mandy Ross

  • Be Bear Aware! West Bamfield has bear and 2 cubs (mom has grey snout)

Community Hall- Rose Janelle

  • June 17th Father’s Day Chili Cook Off

Bamfield Community School Association Janessa Dornstrauder

  • Successful Events: Financial Planning Workshop, Vegan Cooking Class, Food Safe, SOAR
  • No Floor Hockey (at House of Huu ay aht) until Fall
  • Yoga Wednesdays 5pm at Whistle Buoy/West Bamfield 
  • Summer Interim Position starting June 4
  • Seniors Coordinator Position still open
  • May 19th Dodgers Cove Picnic Success! Big thanks to John & Sheryl Mass & everyone who helped!

Bamfield Community Forest-Stephan Ochman

  • Thursday, April 19th AGM New members Alex & Janessa!
  • Next steps to find freelance forester to help with future plans

Arts Council-Andrea Butler

  • Cougars Pass “Mushrooms” are out!
  • West Side “Kitty Cat Park” complete. Returning unspent funds to Grant in Aid

HFN Update-Robert Dennis

  • Upcoming Event: HFN would like to showcase and update Bamfield and Anacla Communities of fisheries update and all the hard work being done. Further info TBA

Grant In Aid Proposal Presentation-Kyle Hancock

  • Presented Grant in Aid Application on behalf of BCEP for $5000.00 towards High Frequency Radio station (HF Radios)

Grant In Aid Proposal Presentation-Mandy Ross

  • Outlined 7 steps in becoming a Bear Smart Community
  • Presented Grant in Aid Application for $5000.00 towards Bear Smart Products (local subsidy for garbage cans, bins, electric fences, composters)

Community Affairs AGM

  • 2017-2018 Community Affairs Board of Directors Resigned
  • 11 of 12 board members held seats. Peter Herbig stepped down. Mark Stokes joined board.
  • 2018-2019 Board of Directors by acclamation are: Louis Druehl, Sheryl Mass, Kristin Russell, Jerry Gassner, Justin Demoskoff, Rose Janelle, Jane Morrison, Bernadette Wyton, Rae Hopkins, JP Hastey, Janessa Dornstauder and Mark Stokes

Motion to accept new board   m/s Sheryl Mass/Stefan OchmanNext Meeting Monday 18 June 2018 6:30PM at Bamfield Community SchoolMeeting adjourned  8:25pm m/Rose JanelleAfter meeting:Directors discussed, and both BCEP and Bear Smart Grant in Aid Requests were approved.                        Submitted by Kristin Russell