April 16, 2018

Bamfield Community Affairs Society

Unofficial Minutes April 16, 2018

Bamfield Community School - 6:30PM


Attendance: Kristin Russell, Peter Herbig, Justin Demoskoff, Jerry Gassner, Diana Bartsch, Sheryl Mass, John Mass, Lisa Bye, Bob Baden, Louis Druel, Rae Hopkins, Keith Wyton, Rose Janelle, Amelia Vos, Andrea Butler, Stefan Ochman, Janessa Dornstrauder, Linda Myres, Mark Stokes, Katherine Jennings, Suzanne Jennings, Kyle Hancock, Janice Pierce, Shane Pierce

Community Affairs called to order at 6:35 pm

Motion to receive March 19, 2017 minutes

m/s Rose Janelle/Keith Wyton received

Treasurer’s Report- Sheryl Mass

  • Have yet to receive March statement.
  • Chequing Account $ 7953.72 High Interest Savings $22,298.01
  • Member Equity shares $5.21 Total Assets $30,257.84

m/s Lisa Bye/ Bartsch

Bamfield Community School- Kristin Russell

  • Friday, April 13th Musicians Sarah Osborne & Moon Fruits from Ontario performed an amazing FREE community concert at BCS for students and community members. Thank you to The New Bamfield’s generous donations for making this happen!
  • April 19-22 Ucluelet School group staying at BCS gymnasium
  • Friday, April 20th Pachena Beach Clean Up 9-12pm starting at WCT end of beach in honor of Earth Day (Apr 22) Everyone welcome!
  • Thursday, April 26th Student Picture Day
  • Friday, April 27th Gardening Workshop by Anna Lewis for students at BCS
  • Saturday, April 28th FREE Community Gardening Workshop by Anna Lewis 10-1pm Centennial Park. Spread the word!
  • Tuesday, May 8th Grade 5 DARE Graduation @ BCS 11-12pm

Bamfield Historical Society Rae Hopkins

  • Society working on historical signs to put around community. The first two should be up to welcome people at HFN/Gov docks soon

Bamfield Harbour Authority Rae Hopkins

  • Dock manger Amy McConnell acknowledged for good job running docks and inspecting boats!

Bamfield Community Emergency Program-Linda Myres

  • International exercise happening May 3rd. May hear planes/armed forces!

Arts Council-Andrea Butler

  • Supplies are ready for Peace Pole art project for west Bamfield. Project TBA Contact Andrea for more details

First Responders-Amelia Vos

  • First responder practices every Tuesday.
  • Brainstorming ways to maintain 20 patient contact per year
  • Awaiting reply from ACRD

Community Hall- Rae Hopkins

  • Easter Egg Hunt at Centennial Park March 31st was a success! Approx. 30 kids/well attended

Parks Commission-Sheryl Mass

  • Thanks to the 20 who attended Centennial Park Work Bee April 15 with lunch catered by The Pub
  • Celebrated Eileen Scott’s upcoming (Apr 18th) 96th birthday with cake!
  • Have interviewed 3 people for Park Manager. Position should be filled soon
  • Seeking helpers/builders “Friends of the Park” for volunteer work
  • Thanks to Lee Webber for promptly helping yesterday!

Bamfield Community School Association Janessa Dornstrauder

  • Summer Interim Position May-Aug position still open
  • Seniors Coordinator Position still open
  • April 23rd 6pm @ BCS Financial Planning Workshop with Aaron Vissia
  • April 26th 5pm @ BVFD Vegan Cooking Class
  • May 5th Food Safe $115/$45 to renew Contact Janessa to register

Bamfield Road Safety Association-Stephan Ochman

  • Having difficulty with road signage/appropriate avenue to get things done
  • (Don’t Drink & Drive)

Bamfield Community Forest-Stephan Ochman

  • Thursday, April 19th AGM @BCS Library 5pm
  • Stephan will inquire about tsunami zone sign location & Bamfield road erosion

Regional District Representative- Keith Wyton

Conference: Local Government Coastal Communities Conference in Victoria

  • New government made significant commitment to housing (10 billion over 10 years)
  • May lead to gov. support locally-housing issues in Bamfield
  • Contact Keith to form discussion group
  • Possible collaboration with HFN


Waste Management Focus:

  1. 1 How garbage is being hauled
  2. How we handle waste in our community
  • Region District successfully received 100% of grant for organics diversion
  • Need local composting-which money is specified for

Parking Development:

  • Parking development permit expired but has been renewed until November. HFN interested in working together to develop east side street parking

Local Roads:

  • Road maintenance contractor coming to Bamfield before the end of April. Contact Keith with road issues

West Side Fiber Optics:

  • Ministry of Highways have informed Keith that west Bamfield road diverge from right of way so fiber optic line CAN NOT be buried and will be hung on poles

Grant In Aid Proposal Presentation-Andrea Butler

  • Presented Grant in Aid proposal of $3858.63 for developing road access to West Side Community Park

New Business:

Bamfield Community Emergency Program-Linda Myres

  • Linda welcomed Kyle Hancock to BCEP team
  • Kyle gave brief explanation of Grant in Aid proposal $5000 for High Frequency Amateur Radio Station (see attached document)
  • Full presentation/question & answer period to take place at next months’ meeting

Dodgers Pass Picnic-John Mass

  • Discussed the rich history of Dodger’s Pass and fond memories of village tours with Marie Newfield and from many others who grew up there, and now rest there
  • Suggested a community picnic Saturday, May 19th (hopefully to be an annual event)
  • Contact John with ideas/suggestions/ways to help

Grant in Aid Request John Mass- $499 May 19th Picnic to move forward (transportation/food etc)

Motion to support m/s Stephan Ochman/Keith Wyton      

Everyone in favor/motion passed


Next Meeting and AGM TUESDAY 22 May 2018 6:30PM at Bamfield Community School

Meeting adjourned  7:30pm m/Rose Janelle


After meeting:

Directors discussed, and unanimously voted yes to Andrea Butler’s Grant in Aid Request proposal.                       



Submitted by Kristin Russell