March 19, 2018

Bamfield Community Affairs SocietyUnofficial Minutes March 19, 2018Bamfield Community School - 6:30PM Attendance: Kristin Russell, Robert Dennis Sr, Justin Demoskoff, Jerry Gassner, Diana Bartsch, Roger Demontigny, Sheryl Mass, John Mass, Michael Chunyk, Lisa Bye, Shirley Pakula, Bob Baden, Sarah Logan, Dane Dentoom, Max Salamon, Louis Druel, Rae Hopkins, Teri Fong, Kirk Fong, Chris Donison, Laura Carney, Keith Wyton, Bernadette Wyton, Rose Janelle, Esther Jackway, Fernando Descoteaux, Amelia Vos, Andrea Butler, Stefan Ochman, Ben Clappis, Clara Clappis (baby Emily), Max SalamonCommunity Affairs called to order at 6:31 PMACRD Financial Plan - Teri Fong, ACRDConverted Assessment ValueRegional District increased from 2017 by total of 15%. City of Port Alberni increased by 15.21%, Tofino 15.85%, Ucluelet by 17.79% and Bamfield by 10.49%Purpose of Regional District’s

  • Local services for electoral areas (Bam water system, community parks, BVFD)
  • Shared services across regional district’s (VIR library, 911)
  • Organization to lobby for regional interests (highway connector, health services)
  • Shared services across the region (long beach airport, AV landfill)

2017 Highlights Bamfield

  • Water Treatment facility receives $1,409,174 grant from Federal Clean Water and Wastewater Fund
  • Hired Douglas Holmes (new Chief Admin Officer)
  • BFDV new fire boat and purchased a second hand fire truck for West Bamfield
  • Development of short term vacation rentals policy
  • Disposal bans implemented at AV Landfill for gyproc, clean wood & construction waste

Strategic Priorities for 2018

  • Development of plan to divert organics from AV Landfill
  • Asset Management Plan development and implementation
  • Review and update Occupational Health and Safety procedures
  • Local Government elections

Water Treatment Plant Update

  • Anticipated completion for end of May or early June
  • Prior to connection treatment plan and reservoirs will be cleaned
  • No interruption of services
  • Revised budget for project $2.39 million
  • Water rates increased to $144 per quarter due to operating costs
  • Water treatment plant debt payment to start in 2019 and estimated at $177 per parcel

Opportunity to Repay Water Treatment Plant Dept

  • Repayment opportunity from May 1-June 29, 2018
  • Currently 245 parcels in BWS service area
  • Repayment amount $2,448.98 (cash or cheque only)
  • Estimated savings over 20 yrs borrowing term $1,088.12
  • Letter will be mailed to property owners May 1st with details

Short Term Vacation Rentals

  • After public consultation in Fall 2017 the Board adopted a STR policy that will utilize Temporary Use Permits (TUP) to regulate STR’s.
  • The term must be less than 3 years, on Official Community Plan, primary use residential
  • See or email

Balancing Priorities and Resources2018 will see creation of 4 new positions (Increasing FTE staff from 23 to 27)

  • Protective Services Manager
  • Information Technology Services Manager
  • Manager of Solid Waste and Utilities Operations
  • Executive Assistant

2018 Expenditures by Service2 main targets (Landfills and Water Systems)2018 Sources of Revenue 33% taxation, 23% sales & services, 26% surplus, 10% other revenue, 8% grants2018 Region Wide Apportionment- Bamfield pays 3% of wholePreliminary Tax Estimates-Bamfield Local Services

  • Total Increase from 2017 of $12,265 (Emergency Plan, Community Park, Grants in Aid, Fire Dept)
  • Service-Bamfield Water Parcel Tax: $288.00 per parcel
  • Possible increase for Fire Department if/when ambulance is purchased

Hospital District Budget

  • Regional District paying 40% of West Coast General Hospital construction. (dept paid off in 2022)
  • Major Capital projects-WCGH Emergency Room and Helipad Redevelopment at Tofino Hospital (40% share of these projects equal $2.19 million)

Bamfield Area tax impact based on a representative residential assessment of $400,000

  • 2018 (estimate) $820.40 from 2017 $874.80

Information & Next Steps

  • Meeting March 21st, 2018 6pm (3008 5th Ave, Port Alberni)

Q/ANoted contractors in Bamfield are doing a great job!When asked about money allocated to Grant in Aid but receiving a portion of allocated cost, response was that remaining monies goes to other services.Acceptance of February 19, 2018 Community Affair Minutesm/s Rae Hopkins/Lisa ByeMusic By The Sea-Christopher Donison

  • After 13 yrs Music by The Sea focusing on rebranding to more of a school than a festival. Seeking funding/long term focus to sustain program.
  • New book released Mentoring a New Generation of Artists focusing on present and past musicians
  • Seeking a letter of support from Communities of Bamfield and Anacla for Gaming Grant (focus on access to the arts) *approved
  • Will continue working with community, HFN working with Pacific Seaplanes
  • Music By The Sea Festival dates July 21-29th

Motion to contribute $500 from Community Affairs to Music by the Seam/s Sheryl Mass/Lisa ByeTreasurer’s Report- Sheryl MassAs of February, 2018Chequing Account $ 7953.72 High Interest Savings $22,298.01 Member Equity shares $5.21 Total Assets $30,257.84 Total Revenue: $7.88.01 Expenses: $7,763.00 Net Income $-674.99m/s Rose Janelle/Diane BartschRegional District Representative- Keith Wyton

  • Paul Burn would like to develop dry storage for kayaks/vehicle access at end of Nuthatch Rd. Parks Commission discussed but cannot take this on at this time. Wanted to bring to community’s attention. Possibility for Community Hall to help though area is not approved for dock?
  • Bamfield Parking still an issue. Potential for parking space south side Frigate/Grappler Rd. Have lease but no money put aside yet. Suggesting that Community Affairs board discuss money contribution and/or Parks Commission
  • Grant in Aid-Last year $3000 of $10,000 was set aside for Emergency radios/Emergency Preparedness. Plan is to return $10,000 to Community Affairs/Grant in Aid. Linda Myres currently working on budget/community preparedness needs and will present at upcoming CA meeting.

Huu ay aht Update-Robert Dennis Sr.Trevor Coates not in attendance for Kiixin Tourism Plan presentationRobert Dennis, Michael Chunyk and Esther Jackway noted businesses doing very well. Plan to increase HFN/Market/Pub staff from 17 to 34 this season.

  • Kiixin Tours will be package deals operating out of Float House (packages include discounts at Market/Pub/traditional meals provided at King Fisher and Oostroms’)
  • HFN currently planning for 4 major events to attract tourists to Bamfield/Anacla for cultural events
  • Robert Dennis introduced baby Emily who is being fostered by Ben and Clara Clappis, and noted the importance of keeping children connected to their culture. Currently 36 of 47 HFN children in care are not in HFN homes. Communities congratulate and commend Ben and Clara!

Bamfield Community School-Kristin Russell

  • Students and staff currently enjoying Spring Break
  • More inquiry/visitors from other schools contacting and inquiring about connecting with BCS students and staying at BCS
  • Visitors in March from Maquinna Elementary in Port Alberni, Ucluelet visitors arriving April

First Responder Update-Amelia Vos

  • Six community members took recent EMR training in Bamfield (all passed and currently in licensing process)
  • East and West Bamfield and Anacla fully set up with equipment
  • In process/discussion with ACRD to acquire decommissioned ambulance for transporting patients locally (not to or from Port Alberni)
  • Grand in Aid received has not fully been spent yet/update to come

Community Hall-Rose Janelle

  • Easter Egg Hunt at Centennial Park, Sat, March 31st 11am sharp. Volunteers welcome to help at 10am

Historical Society-Rae Hopkins

  • Society working on historical signs to put around community. The first two should be up to welcome people at HFN/Gov docks within a month

Parks Commission-Sheryl Mass

  • Job opening for Parks Manager. Is two contracts, one for summer position May 15-Sept15, and one for winter, could be taken on by one person.
  • April 15th Centennial Park Work Bee 10am Lunch provided for volunteers. Bring your tools!
  • Green Bus at Centennial Park to be removed May 1st

Arts Council-Andrea Butler

  • Looking at possible art work-“Peace Pole” for West side Zen Garden
  • Mandy has $1000 for sustainability/environmentally friendly community idea. Contact Mandy or Andrea with ideas.
  • Bamfield Beautification-Seeking material donations (5, 2x6’s) for west side picnic table and volunteer(s) to build 2 planter boxes.

Bamfield Community Forest-Stephan Ochman

  • Board meeting needed, no one showed up to last one. Rescheduled for Thurs, March 22nd. Hope to select AGM date for end of April, stay tuned.
  • Open to hear community suggestions and ideas. What would community like to see?

Bamfield Community School Association- Andrea Butler

  • Received New Horizons Seniors Grant (position posted and looking for seniors)
  • BCSA office closed for Spring Break. Three activities scheduled for students.
  • Joanna Streetly Writing Workshop was a success
  • Seeking West side Yoga site for the summer (ideas? Contact BCSA)

Grant In Aid-Andrea Butler

  • Gave brief presentation requesting $3858.63 Grant in Aid for a driveway/approach to West Side Park. This will provide safe access to West Park users, maintenance and possible future developments and will promote park use.
  • Detailed presentation/questions and answers at next month’s CA meeting

New Business:

  • Sheryl Mass inquired about Community Hall returning $6000 Grant in Aid which was received March 24, 2011 but not spent.
  • Fernando Descoteaux noted that abandoned boat up Number 9 is being monitored and will be towed/removed as soon as possible.

Meeting adjourned 8:13pm m/s Keith Wyton/Rae HopkinsSubmitted by Kristin Russell Next Meeting 16 April 2018 6:30PM at Bamfield Community School