Feb 19, 2018

Bamfield Community Affairs Society

Official Minutes February 19, 2018

Bamfield Community School - 6:30PM

Attendance: Kristin Russell, Robert Dennis Sr, Robert Dennis Jr, Nancy Hendry, Justin Demoskoff, Jerry Gassner, Diana Bartsch, Christine Sirois, Kim MacDonald, Janessa Dornstauder, JP Hastey, Roger Demontigny, Sheryl Mass, John Mass, Rick Stanly, Michael Chunyk, Bob Balking, Bryce Bancroft, Eric & Grace Geall, Carol Greeves, Zelta Clappis, Lisa Bye, Peter Herbig, Bob Baden, Sarah Logan, Dane Dentoom, Anne Vu, Tiffany Murray, Christine Gruman, Tao Eastham, Linda Myres, Max Salamon, Louis Druel, Rae Hopkins

Community Affairs called to order at 6:33 PM

Kwispaa LNG Presentation- Robert Dennis Sr.

  • Reviewed LNG proposal/process since 2014. HFN citizens voted 70% in favor. Presented HFN government structure.
  • Robert Dennis Jr (Wish Key) spoke to HFN’s Ancient Spirit, Modern Mind and the three sacred principles. Hišuk ma c̕awak  (everything is one) ʔiisaak (greater respect) ʔuuʔałuk (taking care of..)
  • Tiffany Murray-Steelhead LNG
    • Overview of Steelhead company. Focus is to create project in partnership with HFN. At initial phase/starting point and open /looking for feedback.
  • Bob Balking-Fisheries Biologist
    • Watershed restoration renewal project has been revitalized. Recently employed and brought back HFN citizens to learn from the land.
  • HFN/Steelhead Agreement
    • Earliest life-cycle agreements for LNG (site certainty (Sarita), achieved citizen consent, meaningful reconciliation)
    • Real Development and Co-management (project oversight board, relationship & procedures established, Huu ay aht board seat)
  • Kwispaa LNG Project Facts-Tiffany Murray
    • Explained what liguified natural gas is and what facility would entail. Capacity (12 mtpa expandable to 24 mtpa), Technology (jetty moored electric-drive liquification facilities, with power station, offices, storage etc on land), Capital Cost-10 billion $. Pipeline Solution-8 billion $
    • Shipping-Phase 1, 1 ship every 3-5 days the n 1 ship every 1-2 days.
    • Project Timeline: Project description submission 2018, Commence FEED. Final investment decision 2019-2020. LNG Facility built late 2024, early 2025.
    • Environmental Measures: Studies ongoing/continuing to happen. Watershed restoration. Will continue to work closely with HFN. Best practices locally & globally.
  • Robert Dennis Sr. reviewed benefits for local citizens, communities, and BC.

Community Questions & Answers:

Q-Daily Emissions?

A-(Tiffany) Must comply with target initiatives (ie/ The LNG emission limit requires LNG operations to achieve a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity benchmark of 0.16 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per tonne of LNG produced.) Would have to get back to community with exact numbers/details.

Q-LNG Project and/Transshipment Hub? (PATH)

A- (Robert Dennis Sr) Huu ay aht First Nations will review potential opportunities as they arise

Q-Typical life span of LNG Plant?

A-(Tiffany) Typically 25 years but dependent on long term contracts/customers

Q-Why would this facility succeed when others haven’t?

A-(Both Tiffany & Robert Dennis Sr.)

1.The approach with Indigenous People/consultations   2.Cost    3. Market (economic certainty)

Q-Is this technology (facility moored to shore) in current use?

A-(Tiffany) No. This would be first.

Q-Could facility be moved at all/easily if earthquake/tsunami?

A-(Tiffany) No, facilities are not self-moving. Would be built and designed to withstand.

Q-When will Bamfield road be paved?

A-(Robert Dennis Sr.) Maybe one day if community has economic certainty

Acceptance of January 15, 2018 Minutes

m/s Sheryl Mass/Janessa Dornstauder

Treasurer’s Report- Sheryl Mass

As of end of January. Chequing $7953.66 Savings $2292.92

m/s Lisa Bye/Rae Hopkins

Regional District Representative- Bob Baden (on behalf of Keith Wyton)

  • ACRD2018-2022 Financial Plan Presentation to take place at March Community Affairs Meeting
  • Water Treatment Plant Goal-to be completed this summer
  • Logging on Deer Group Islands from Flemming west have been deemed not viable for logging providing potential opportunity for protection.
  • Short Term Rental Update. (posted on acrd.bc.ca)
  • Bamfield Road-Letter sent to Operations Manager of Transportation and Infrastructure in regard to road conditions requesting a local sub-contractor position, under EMCON, for the delivery of west side road oversight and maintenance.
  • Derelict Boats. MP Gord Johns has been contacted regarding old and new (south Bamfield) derelict boats.

Bamfield Community School-Kristin Russell

  • Family Literacy Trivia Night was a success in January as was February Jump Rope for Heart. BCS students set goal to raise $600.00 for Heart & Stroke Foundation and raised $1032.00. School gym unavailable Feb 27-Mar 1st due to student sleepover in gym. Pink Shirt Day/Community Lunch. Wed. Feb 28th to take a stand against bullying.

Bamfield Community School Association- Janessa Dornstauder

  • Monthly Friday Night Chill for Intermediate students successful. Thanks to Kyle Hancock for Cooking Classes. Writing Workshop with Joanna Streetly scheduled for 5pm Thursday, Feb. 22. Please RSVP. Community Lunch Wed. Feb 28th. Christine Gruman thanked and congratulated Janessa for 1 year in Bamfield.

Memorial Tree-Nancy Hendry

  • Inquiry made regarding local donations made to Memorial Tree/Centennial Park and how decisions are made/money is spent. Response (by Louis) was now that Parks Commissioners have been elected and appointed, discussions will now take place. New commissioners were not present to respond.

Bamfield Community Emergency Program-Linda Myres

  • Reviewed January 23rd, 2018 Tsunami evacuation in east and west Bamfield. Thanked community and volunteers for calmly being prepared, knowing neighbors, and evacuating to high ground. Noted that west Bamfield in particular needs more medical supplies and volunteers. Reminded everyone to be prepared with a “Go Bag”. Know your neighbors. Be prepared. Be resilient. Nancy Hendry thanked Linda & emergency volunteers on behalf of Bamfield community.

Historical Society-Rae Hopkins

  • Recent AGM. Chair: Heather Cooper Co-Chair: Marc Phillips  Secretary: Rae Hopkins Treasurer: Shirley Pakula
  • Current project: Historical signage of and for Bamfield to be put around town
  • Meeting Adjourned 8:03PM. m/Bob Baden

Submitted by Kristin Russell


Next Meeting 19 March 2018 6:30PM at Bamfield Community School