October 16, 2017

October 16, 2017

Bamfield Community Affairs Society Unofficial Minutes 16 October 2017 Bamfield Community School - 7:30PM

Attendance: Bernadette & Keith Wyton, Sheryl & John Mass, Zelta Clappis, Stefan Ochman, Kristin Russell, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins, Robert Dennis, Donna Dunn, Myriem Preker, Max Salamon, Ian Wallis, Joe Cooper, Diane & Jerry Gassner, Steve & Nancy Hendry, Bob Baden, Eric Geall, Peter Herbig, JP Hastey, Mark Stokes, Mark & Judith Phillips, Majid Hajibeigy.

Community Affairs called to order at 7:31 PM

Motion to receive September CA Minutes

Corrections and Amendments (Bernadette Wyton) 1. Correct Community Affairs “Members” to “Directors” 2. Include Rae Hopkins as a director 3. Rephrase Robert Dennis’s statement should have read, “Robert noted the HFN does not currently approve of PATH, but has approved of the consultation process.”

Minutes of 18th of September 2017 m/s Stephan Ochman/Diane Gassner Received.

Correspondence-Kristin Russell

Read email that Louis Druehl sent to Mike Surrell on behalf of Community Affairs. Thanked Mike for his letter, and again invited him to attend future community meetings.

Questions/Comments: Robert Dennis noted that HFN has only had one preliminary discussion in regards to new passenger ferry thus far.

Treasurer’s Report- Sheryl Mass

Chequing: $7,953.38 Savings $5.21, Business High Interest Savings: $22,266.65 m/s Rae Hopkins/Judith Phillips Received.

Regional Representative- Keith Wyton

Water System Treatment Facility- Bids for the new Bamfield Water System came in 40% over budget. The board agreed more money is needed. Decision was made to proceed and motion passed for additional $400,000 of gas tax fund. Facility should be ready to go for next summer.

Short Term Rentals Open House (last week)- had 15-20 people in attendance. Discussion focused on community needs and long term impacts. Diversity in communities wants and needs (Sproat lake, Bamfield, Long Beach). Information/feedback will be reported to the board after the next Open House (Long Beach Oct 26th). Community comments welcome and encouraged at www.acrd.bc.ca

Bamfield Centennial Park-Explained that there are 5 Commissioners (Regional Director, 2 appointed by Director, 2 selected from Community Affairs) Three have stepped down/retired (Roger Demontigny, Eileen Scott & Heather Cooper).

Open floor for nominations and/or volunteers. Andrea Butler (not in attendance) agreed to continue as commissioner. Jane Morrison (not in attendance) put her name forward. Eric Geall volunteered to step up as new commissioner. Peter Herbig wondered if there would be a conflict of interest with him in this role and Lisa Herbig’s position with Centennial Park. Keith called for nominations/volunteers for a 2nd time. Judith Phillips nominated Louis Druehl. Louis accepted only if no “new blood” was stepping forward. Eric Geall retracted. Keith called 3rd and final time-Bernadette nominated Peter Herbig who accepted. Welcome Jane Morrison & Peter Herbig! Regional Director will appoint final Commissioner and report on next meeting.

West Island Cable- Eric Geall

Presented West Island Cable plans for bringing fibre optic cable internet to Bamfield & West Bamfield. Installation work contracted to Light Access Technology out of Langley. Installation will be underground cables installed in approximately 6-8 weeks at a depth of 18-24 inches. Individual homeowners can contact Eric Geall/West Island Cable in order to individually hardwire from road to home (approx.. $250 per homeowner). Discussion focused on best access to highest speed internet. Questions and concerns arose in regards to west side digging/road/rock/waterline concerns. Question was asked “why not hang fibre optics from telephone lines like other Canadian cities?” Eric’s response was “going underground is the cleanest and most cost efficient option for Bamfield”. West Island Cable is looking at possibly housing the fibre optic “station” in a Sea can at the BVFD. West Island Cable hopes to get permit in a month, 6-8 weeks for installation work, and 6-8 weeks until working, high speed internet.

Emergency Preparedness Program- Eric Geall & Donna Dunn (on behalf of Linda Myers)

Shake Out BC is happening Thursday, Oct 19th @ 10:19am. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this province wide Earthquake drill. Linda & the Bamfield Emergency Preparedness Program team have broken Bamfield & West Bamfield into neighborhood groups. Each group is encouraged to get together, “know your neighbors” and make a plan for when disaster strikes. Short radio waves have been installed and tested thanks to Linda Myers!

Song West –Nancy Hendry

Event Update-Song West in September was a massive success! Participants in this event were wanting to sign up for next year and eager to return to Bamfield. Keith Wyton thanked Nancy for her “tenacity and hard work’, stating “we need to help the people who need help bringing their community ideas forth”. A suggestion was made to bring Song West Kids next year.

Bamfield Community School – Kristin Russell

September’s Terry Fox Run was a big success thanks to our new path connecting Bamfield & Anacla. Thank you to HFN for providing food & water for the event. Orange Shirt Day (Sept 30th) was acknowledged on Fri, Sept 29th at BCS to recognize the injustice & ongoing effect of Residential Schools. A big thank you to Jeff Cook & Ben Clappis for sharing their experiences. Fire Safety Prevention week was Oct 8-14th. Thank you to BVFD for bringing the fire truck & members to the school to work with our kids. Students & staff will participate in BC ShakeOut on Oct 19 at 10:19am. Thanks to Linda Myres for Shake Out shirts! Community Lunch Wed Oct 25th (RSVP the BCSA). School Gym is unavailable (no basketball) from Nov 7-9th. Remembrance Day Student Assembly will be held Friday, Nov 10th (time TBA).

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department-Kristin Russell read email sent from Rose Janelle

BVFD AGM will be Wed, Oct 18th at Fire Department. Come out-you might just see the new fire boat!

Bamfield Community Hall Society –JP Hastey

Stayed tuned for the date and time of the upcoming Christmas Social. Bamfield Community Hall Society, once again, will be making Halloween treat bags for Bamfield kids.

Huu ay aht Representative- Chief Robert Dennis

Thanked community for being included in CA meetings. Noted he feels more connected and “part of the community”. Would like community planning to be more organized and to get involved ahead of time so that everyone (Bamfield & Anacla) can take part in community events. Robert would like to present HFN’s full cultural plan at an upcoming Community Affairs Meeting in February or March.

Bamfield Health Clinic-Donna Dunn

The Archie’s family estate sale donated $700 to the Health Clinic. Contact Donna with ideas how donation money could be spent! Clinic received new ECG machine recently; flu shots have arrived; this Friday Oct 20th Dr. Depape is coming. If unable to fly in, appointments will be conducted through Tele-Health.

Bamfield/Huu-ay-aht Community Forest- Stefan Ochman

Bamfield Road Safety Association AGM was held in September. Bamfield & Huu ay aht Community Forest received permit for cut block 003. Call for bids went out to six contractors; bids end Oct 20th; board meeting will be held next Monday. Deadline for bid is to have logging done by end of November. 1.2 hectare cut block/780 cubic meters.

New Business:

Grant in Aid/Time Capsule Update -Louis Druehl

The time capsule will be “sealed” into the new fire pit at Centennial Park in approximately two weeks. If you would like to include something in the capsule (which will be opened in 50 years), contact Louis.

Upcoming Event- Bernadette Wyton

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend; An Army of Problem Solvers; Shaun Loney Thursday, Nov 30th 7:00pm Echo Centre in Port Alberni. Individuals and groups interested in health, First Nations, education, social justice, and economic development issues. Bernadette suggested looking at Shaun Loney’s ideas, linking them to Bamfield, and how best to move forward together.

Bernadette Wyton brought forth a motion to change Community Affairs monthly meeting time from 7:30pm to 6:30pm on every third Monday of the month.

m/ Steve Clark/Robert Dennis received.

Meeting Adjourned 9:15pm. m/ Steve Clark/John Mass received

Submitted by Kristin Russell

Next Meeting 20 November 2017 6:30pm at Bamfield Community School