September 18 2017

September 18, 2017

Bamfield Community Affairs Society Unofficial Minutes 18 September 2017 Bamfield Community School - 7:30PM

Attendance: Bernadette & Keith Wyton, Sheryl & John Mass, Christine Gruman, Tao Eastham, Zelta Clappis, Stefan Ochman, Janessa Dornstauder, Justin Desmokoff, Kristin Russell, Rose Janelle, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins, Ben Clappis, Robert Dennis, Donna Dunn, Laura Bradley, Leanne Baird, Christine Sirois, Nick Guidobono, Paul & Alison Bird, Roger Demontigny, Myriem Preker, Jamie Gilkinson, Max Salamon

Community Affairs called to order at 7:32 PM

Role of Community Affairs Board-Louis Druehl.

Provided brief explanation of the Role of Community Affairs Society, who we are, and what we do (i.e. Grants in Aid, provide letters of support) New Directors and members. Co chair; Louis Druehl, Co chair; Bernadette Wyton, Secretary; Kristin Russell, Treasurer; Sheryl Mass, Huu ay aht Representative; Ben Clappis, Regional Representative; Keith Wyton, Alternate; Bob Baden, members; Jp Hastey, Jane Morrison, Rose Janelle, Jerry Gassner, Justin Demoskoff, Janessa Dornstauder, and Peter Herbig.

Minutes of 19th of June 2017 m/s John Mass/Rose Janelle Received.

Correspondence-Kristin Russell

Read letter from Mike Surrell, owner of Lady Rose Marine Services regarding the recent purchase of the MV Alberni Legacy passenger and vehicle ferry. See attached letter.

Comments/Suggestions: Send a thank you letter to Mike Surrell for his response as well as providing an alternative to road travel. Extend an open invitation for him to attend future Community Affairs Meetings.

Treasurer’s Report- Sheryl Mass

Chequing: $8,416.31 (includes $7000 from Regional District) Savings $5.21, Business High Interest Savings: $22,260.25 m/s Rose Janelle/Paul Bird Received.

Regional Representative- Keith Wyton

Bamfield Centennial Park-Explained that there are 5 Commissioners (Regional Director, 2 appointed by Director, 2 selected from Community Affairs) Three have stepped down/retired (Roger Demontigny, Eileen Scott & Heather Cooper). Big thank you for their hard work/volunteerism over the years. The park is a community asset! Nominations are open for commissioners. Please volunteer or nominate people for October Community Affairs Meeting.

October 12th Meeting (time & location TBA) Regional District staff coming from Port Alberni to discuss vacation rentals, Air B&B’s etc in Bamfield. (Discussion focused on zoning and impact on community).

Bamfield Parking-Ministry of Highway approved parking spaces on Grappler Rd (south side). Road allowance for 30-40 parking spaces. Permit to construct granted to Regional District; no budget yet. Parking will be a key component of new ferry service that will need addressing.

Water System Treatment Facility- Water advisory still in effect. Treatment plan is still a go, but will require timeline extension. Bids for the new facility all came in over allocated budget. Bids need to be reviewed and options need to be looked at. Water Advisory Meeting to be held on Monday, Oct. 2nd (time & location TBA) to discuss financial plans, and extension of project deadline (original date was Jan 18th 2018).

Barkley Sound Planning Strategy (BSPS)-Bernadette Wyton

Explanation of BSPS importance and review of last February 11, 2017 public meeting and discussion. Important long term planning includes 1. Resources Sustainability 2. Environmental Significance 3. Development Suitability 4. Community Involvement 5.Land & Sea Claims 6.Inter Agency Cooperation

11 main questions were generated from community meeting to continue working on. Main focus is to continue dialogue with local First Nations. Contact Bernie and/or Keith Wyton with ideas/questions/discussion

Recommended Read: Shaun Loney’s book “An Army of Problem Solvers”. Author will be speaking in Port Alberni on November 30th, 2017. Attendance is highly recommended.

Copies of BSPS will be added to Bamfield Community School’s public library for viewing.

Bamfield Community Hall Society –Rose Janelle

Harvest Auction-A huge thank you to all participants, volunteers, and donations at the Harvest Auction. Was one of the best events in recent years-powerful sense of community was felt!

Canada Day 150 Event-very successful and well attended. Events like these make all volunteerism worthwhile!

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department-Rose Janelle (for Phil Lavoie)

Thank you to everyone for adhering to this summer’s Fire Ban! Also thank you to the communities constant ongoing support in making events like Intertidal Golf/Salmon Derby & BBQ a success.

Bamfield Community School – Kristin Russell:

21 students this year (3 left community, 2 new kindergartens) School grades increased to grade 8. Two full-time teachers Ms. Russell (14 students in grade 4-8), Ms. Ratz (7 students in grades K-3). Busy start to the school year. Huge thanks to Nic Weiwel for temporary bus driving (HFN still seeking full-time driver). First week students had fun with guest musicians Sarah Osborne & John Pippus (thanks to the New Bamfielder/donations for honorariums). Second week students & families enjoyed an Open House/Welcome Back BBQ, followed by Mycologist visits & mushroom hunt with Andy MacKinnon, Kem Luther & Anna. Thursday, Sept 21st is the Annual Terry Fox Run starting at 1pm at Bamfield School. Everyone is welcome to run, jog or walk the new path to Anacla. Water and snacks provided by HFN at the end of the run for participants. Wed, Sept 27th Buddy Reading at 11:15am before Community Lunch.

Huu ay aht Representative- Chief Robert Dennis

Thank you to the community for a great year of success (ie. The Pub, Music by the Sea etc). Suggests continuing discussion and collaboration in regards to tourism in our community. HFN is very proud of the new Trail which is “an extension of the lifesaving trail”. Lives have been lost, people need to slow down and focus on safety. Paving village roads currently happening in Anacla. New Subdivision –is happening and is in the detailed design stage. Sewage- will be connected next year (2018). Hotel Renos-hope to renovate the Motel with cedar giving it a “First Nations touch”. Proud and excited about Ben & Stephan’s Sarita Restoration Work. Work being done to bring the salmon back. Renewing water shed also a current and large focus for HFN. Hydro Plans-still in the works but nothing happening in the foreseeable future. LNG-if the LNG project moves forward, HFN plans to log less. When consulting HFN citizens about LNG project, people wanted things like watershed issues, housing, sewer hookup, trail etc. which is the current focus. Robert noted the HFN had approved the consultation process evaluating the transportation hub. John Mass thanked the HFN for the Anacla-Bamfield trail.

Ben Clappis-Lands & Resources

Has been in meeting with government officials, biologists and scientists focusing on protection of killer whales (ie. how shipping would affect marine life), and the importance of fish reporting.

Bamfield Community School Association – Janessa Dornstauder

Busy but successful summer camp program with community youth. Bamfield Fungus Festival was a success and will be changed to October next year, rather than September. Adult Education programs offered through the BCSA & Sd70. Contact Janessa @ BCSA for more information. Community Lunch will take place the last Wednesday of each month. Oysters, Authors, and Ale set for Sept 30th. Tickets can be purchased locally at the Market, Mercantile & Marine, Bamfield Builders Supply and the BCSA. Seeking donations for silent auction.

Bamfield Health Clinic-Donna Dunn

Procedure for medivac in community has been successful thus far. BVFD suburban has been used to transport patients to airport. First responders are called but not always available so BVFD members often assist.

Road is still a barrier/concern for health care in the community. Some doctors are not willing to drive. TeleHealth is available at the clinic to teleconference with doctors who are unable to fly here. Better signage will be put up on the dock to direct people to the clinic. No news on a helipad.

Suggestion/Comment: Donna asked if there should be signage put up about the west side rope swing/risks? Two people have recently been medevacked.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee: Stefan Ochman

12 people attended Sept 9th AGM. Road Association plans to spend up to $2000 on road signage (ie safety/drinking and driving). Contact Stephan for road statistics of how many people drive the Bamfield road!

Bamfield/Huu-ay-aht Community Forest- Stefan Ochman

Meridian Forest Services went out to re-flag cut block 003. It took two months to get a cutting permit, and six years for a Management Plan! Call for bids has been made to B. Bozak (no answer yet). Will send out/advertise soon. (1.2 hectares, approx. 800 cubic meters of wood). Next meeting to take place after bids.

Robert Dennis noted he would like to connect with Community Forests about possibly connecting trail with Kiixen tours and trail.


New Business:

Song West-Christine Gruman

This upcoming weekend is the Song West Music Event with a public concert help at the Rix on Sunday (time TBA). Everyone is encouraged to attend and bring an appetizer.

Kayak/Canoe Storage-Paul Bird

Seeking advice and opinions in regards to an ongoing discussion of a community dock being built and/or canoe & kayak storage on both east and west Bamfield. Wondering how to go about this? Can the community/public use road allowance on Nuthatch Rd? Parking concerns?

Suggestions: To join an existing group such as Centennial Park/Commissioners. Follow up conversation suggested with Keith Wyton.

Meeting Adjourned 9:20pm. m/John Mass

Submitted by Kristin Russell

Next Meeting 16 October 2017 7:30PM at Bamfield Community School


Correspondence from Lady Rose Marine Services:

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