June 19, 2017

Bamfield Community Affairs Society Unofficial Minutes 19 June 2017 Bamfield Community School - 7:30PM

Attendance: Jane Morrison, Amelia Vos, Bernadette & Keith Wyton, Sheryl & John Mass ,Lisa & Peter Herbig, Bob Baden, Jan Teversham, Christine Gruman, Zelta Clappis, Lynne & Rick Sweeting, Sarah Logan , Stefan Ochman, Janessa Dornstauder, Justin Desmokoff, J.P. Hastey, Kristin Russell, Jerry Gassner, Nancy Hendry, Rose Janelle, Les Butler, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

The Community Affairs meeting was preceded by Alberni Clayoquot Regional District presentation by Kathy MacArthur and Andrew McGifford addressing Waste Partnership including Bamfield, Huu-ay-aht First Nation, Bamfield Marine Science Centre and ACRD.

Concerning solid waste: -It costs $20,000 per year to have a garbage bin on the westside -It will be necessary to separate organics from garbage soon -Bamfield needs to align garbage disposal with the Alberni Valley -NO Gyprock in the bins -Need better supervision to keep contaminated waste out -Goals: More efficient & reduced costs related to combined services -Improved service -Possible job creation -Moving toward region-wide Zero Waste System -It cost 38.6cents per $1000 assessed value of property for 2017 property taxes

Discussion followed about composting and possible manned operating hours at the solid waste/recycling transfer station. Watch for more information coming from ACRD.

Community Affairs called to order at 7:40PM

Minutes of 15th of May 2017 m/s S. Ochman/ L. Herbig. Received.

Treasurer’s Report- As of 31st of May -Chequing: $3016.26, Savings $5.21, Business High Interest Savings: $22,240.62 m/s s. Mass/ R. Janelle. Received.

Co-Chair Louis Druehl thanked Stefan and Rae for their extensive participation as Treasurer & Secretary.

Guest- Chris Donison Music By the Sea: The concert series begins the 22nd of July & runs through the 30th of July. –Eastside accommodations are sought. Westside invitations are welcome. Page 2. -1st of July the boat horn “O! Canada” salute and fireworks will take place in Port Alberni. This may be repeated in Bamfield during the concert series.

Regional Representative- Keith Wyton: Bamfield Road Improvement meeting was held with Keith Wyton, Robert Dennis, Stefan Ochman and Bob Baden. Items discussed included: -Chip Seal on road possibility -Improvement of road maintenance -Support local people getting maintenance contracts -Pursue provincial designation Perhaps a subcommittee of Community Affairs Scott Fraser will champion community’s needs (MLA)

Considering the status of ferry carrying autos to Bamfield it will be important to not lobby against the road. Why has the community not heard anything from Lady Rose Marine about the possibility of this service? We must keep asking.

Motion by Bernadette Wyton that Mike Sorrel (Lady Rose Marine Services)be invited by letter to come to Bamfield to give more information about a new ferry service. Seconded by Nancy Hendry. Carried.

Bamfield Community Hall Society –J.P. Hastey: The Father’s Day 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off was great fun & well attended. Brian McKay took home the First Place Ladle. –July 1st Canada Day will celebrate 150 years and the 50th Anniversary of Centennial Park. The afternoon will end with a pig roast provided by Seabeam Lodge. -26th of August- Harvest dinner & Auction at the Fire Hall.

Bamfield Community School – Kristin Russell: 13 students participated in the annual SD#70 track meet. –Students studied local plants with Fiona Chambers (BMSC instructor) and her BMSC students. –The students camped for 3 days at Pachena Beach. It poured rain but with visits by Cory Howard Sr. and Ed Johnson everyone had a great time. -29th June last day of classes. There will be a BBQ at noon with Sports Day to follow. –Ms. Ratz will be returning next year. Yea!Bravo! A 3rd teacher is also being sought.

Bamfield Community School Association – Janessa Dornstauder: July 10th- August 18th Summer Camp – the first camp being Culture Camp. On Wednesdays from 12-8 is swimming in Port Alberni. -29th June – Thursday- Community Lunch -BCSA is working on the Time Capsule for the Centennial Park celebration 1st of July. This capsule will be opened in 50 years. –23rd June - Bike Rodeo 12-2:00PM.

Bamfield Centennial Park – Lisa Herbig: “Thank you to everyone that came to the recent work-bee”. –Lisa will be away July and August. Eric Streichsbier will be running the park in Lisa’s absence. –“Thank you to the BCS students for pulling weeds”. –The 24th & 25th of June 1-5PM a work-bee that will be treated to lemonade, ice tea & cookies. –The new website for the park is:www.bamfieldparks.com Thanks to Heather Alexander for creating this site. –Celebrate Canada Day in the park. The Historical Society will officially open the display in the Info Centre. –Thanks goes to Lee Weber for providing plates & cutlery for the Canada Day Pig Roast. –Bill Collette Port Alberni Chamber of Commerce is looking for volunteers for July 2nd Tri-Conic Challenge. Email bill@albernichamberofcommerce

Bamfield Emergency Preparedness – Jerry Gassner: James Christie is a new Emergency Preparedness member.- Neighbourhood gatherings are a good way to know your neighbor so everyone will know what to do in an emergency.

Bamfield/Huu-ay-aht Community Forest- Stefan Ochman: The society approached Meridian to start the paper-work for cutting permit and was told it would cost $3000 to activate this contract! It will probably be fire season by the time the permit is issued. Likey nothing will happen until Fall.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee: Stefan Ochman: Brushing continues along the Bamfield Road.

Memorial Tree Strawberry Tea/Bake Sale: Nancy Hendry: The Tea was well attended. “Thank you, to all of the volunteers” -An idea for the Memorial Tree when all of the leaf space is filled have a stream carved into the cedar with salmon – instead of leaves maybe scales for the memorial. Looking to find a carver. –More time needs to be dedicated to the Memorial Tree biographies- maybe make a book. –Looking for volunteers.

First Responders – Amelia Vos: The legality of transport has been challenged. BVFD has been helping to transport Responders & has been providing suggestions to improve the situation. –The Responders have acquired radios.

Bamfield Marine Science Centre-Sean Rogers: Sean was unable to attend due to an extremely busy schedule but relayed to Louis that University officials from Alberta were currently visiting. -

Three university courses in session right now- Marine Fishes, Coastal Community Ecology and Ethnobotany. –Much construction/renovationsare on-going. –Funding from NSERC and strategic infrastructure funding from the Federal Government made the restoration of freshwater wells possible. –Electrical system & internet will be upgraded. –Seawater pumps & animal care holding facilities are being refurbished. –New back-up generators (with seismic considerations) will provide better safety for everyone in the event of power outage. –“Thank you Chief Dennis and the Huu-ay-aht First Nation for their strong support in our application. These renovations will also be timely for our upcoming waste water initiatives and collaborations with the Huu-ay-aht.” - BMSC is also committed to helping the Bamfield Road Committee and the Huu-ay-aht with initiatives to improve the road.

Bamfield Centennial Park- Louis Druehl: A new fire pit in the park will have a plaque stating “With this Fire-Pit we celebrate 150 years of Canada, 50 years of Centennial Park volunteerism, and Huu-ay-aht First Nations and Bamfield moving together,as Tsawalk,into the future. 1 July 2017 (Time capsule to be opened 1 July 2067)” -July 1st will be a full day of celebration.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:42PM.

8:44PM Community Affairs Directors met to select officers. The new officers are- Co-Chairs: Bernadette Wyton & Louis Druehl, Secretary: Kristin Russell, Treasurer: Sheryl Mass. Adjourned: 8:55PM.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins -Adieu. It has been a slice!

Next Meeting 18 September 2017 7:30PM at Bamfield Community School