May 15 2017

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting Unofficial Minutes 15th May 2017 7:30 PM Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Kristin Russell, J.P Hastey, Janessa Dornstauder, Christine Gruman, Diana Bartsch, Jerry Gassner, Lars Mogensen, Stefan Ochman, Rose Janelle, Bob Baden, Roger Demontigny, Zelta Clappis, Peter Herbig, Katharine & Suzanne Jennings, Max Salamon, Justin Demoskoff, Robert Dennis, Bernadette & Keith Wyton, Sheryl & John Mass, Ben Clappis, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order: 7:37PM

Minutes of 17th April 2017. M/S S. Ochman/R. Janelle. Received.

Treasurer’s Report-Stefan Ochman:

  • $16.25 in chequing. $25,232.70 in the savings account. $9.92 accrued interest. M/S R. Janelle/D. Bartsch. Received. Stefan announced that this was his last Treasurer’s Report. Thank you, Stefan, for your dedication and active participation for years in Community Affairs!!

Regional Director’s Report- Keith Wyton:

  • Ministry of Highways is looking at the parking situation for cars in the community. They are considering parking along the road from the 4-way stop to Centennial Park on the right side of the road. Highways is committed to clearing parking from the 4-way stop sign area.
  • Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Forestry should ,also, get letters. –Robert Dennis felt that there has not been enough local action in the past to get the road repaired. He also, pointed out that Crown has corridors for the road through First Nation land. –Motion was made to form a small subcommittee consisting of Secretary of Community Affairs,
  • HFN (Ben Clappis), Bob Baden, Keith Wyton, doctors and ambulance service. Rose Janelle seconded by Robert Dennis. Unanimously carried.
  • At the solid Waste Transfer/Recycling Station when the bins are continuously full call ACRD at 250 720 2700 ask for the Transfer Station and complain.
  • There are changes coming to Bamfield’s Solid waste System.
    • System costs are rising. ACRD will be coming to the next Community Affairs meeting in June to discuss & give options. Currently in Port Alberni division of organics, building material and dry-wall is happening at the landfill.
    • The Bamfield station is not designed for commercial waste just residential
    • Over the past 4 years there has been a 35% increase in cost and 30% increase in volume at the transfer station.
    • It costs $305 for bin removal and return on the west side. In 2016 it totaled $20,000. Possibly the open hours of the transfer station could be restricted so there could always be an attendant on duty to manage the disposal of garbage.

Committee Reports

Bamfield Community SchoolKristin Russell :

  • Earth Day clean-up on Pachena Beach was very successful.
  • Schools from SD #70 came to Bamfield Community School and slept in the school gym. –When the visiting students arrived on the Francis Barkley the BCS students welcomed them at the dock with singing and drumming, -Science World visited BCS and the students had a fantastic time!
  • Thursday the 18th of May the First Nation Spring Festival will take place in Port Alberni. The Bamfield students are on the agenda and will perform.
  • Friday the 2nd of June there is a track meet at Bob Daily Stadium.

Bamfield Community School Association- Janessa Dornstauder:

  • Starting in June the BCSA office will be open Summer Hours 8:00AM until 7:00PM Monday- Friday and Saturdays 9:00AM – 5:00PM.
  • There will be a community lunch at the school Wednesday the 31st of May 12:00.$8.00.
  • The 9th of June will be the unveiling of the memorial plaque for the tragedy of the wreck of the SS Valencia. This event will take place at the RIX Centre at BMS 12:00 Noon with a reception following the ceremony.

Bamfield Community Emergency Programs- Jerry Gassner:

  • There was an Emergency Preparedness exercise that tested the efficiency of the upgraded equipment. Messages were sent out on ham radios to Ucluelet, Parksville and Port Alberni demonstrating very good communication service.

Bamfield Community Hall Society- J.P. Hastey:

  • The Hall Society AGM will be held Monday the 28th of May 5:30PM at The Pub. Come on down.
  • 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off will be on Fathers’ Day the 18th of June 12:00 noon. Contact Tao Eastham 604 868 1465 or Louis Druehl 728 3297 by 14th of June to enter the cook-off or for more information.

Huu-ay-aht First Nation- Ben Clappis:

  • The Spring Festival will be attended by the Bamfield Community School students. “The performances are awesome.”
  • Robert Dennis: The LNG vote approved that the Huu-ay-aht land be used but it is up to Steelhead to move forward with development.
  • A Social Services project is actively trying to get 34 children that are currently in social care back to their communities.
  • HFN is looking at affordable housing for community members.
  • In External Affairs the road issue is high on the agenda and a federal issue the HFN is facing is getting fisheries renewal, trying to get fishing going again.
  • The Motel is getting a “face-lift”.
  • The Anacla-Bamfield Trail is moving forward.
  • The sewer project is progressing.

Bamfield-Huu-ay-aht Community Forest- Stefan Ochman:

  • A Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest meeting is scheduled for 16th of May, 5:30PM at the Huu-ay-aht Board Office.

Bamfield Historical Society Christine Gruman:

  • 20th of May will be the 2nd annual open house and membership drive at the school. Doors open at 7:00PM and guest speaker Clay Evans will give a presentation on the Coast Guard.

Centennial Park- Louis Druehl:

  • 30 people turned out for the park clean-up work bee in April. The Pub provided a delicious hamburger lunch, 3 different kinds of salad and a huge fruit platter. Eileen Scott was presented with a surprise birthday cake.
  • John Mass: Centennial Park Board wants to rejuvenate the Board of Directors and needs to review the South Bamfield Park land, West side park and Centennial Park. Join the Park Board.

Grants in Aid- Louis Druehl for Centennial Park:

  • This year is the celebration of the 50th year of Centennial Park. Louis is asking for $1600 to pay half the cost of the fire-pit/time capsule. The money will be spent locally.
  • Robert Dennis indicated that the Huu-ay-aht might be interested in participating in this project.
  • Directors adjourned to library to vote on Grant in Aid request. Request for $1600 was passed.

Meeting Adjourned 8:55 PM. Submitted by Rae Hopkins

Next Meeting 19th June 2017 7:30PM Bamfield Community School Everyone Welcome!

Don’t forget the sunscreen!