February 20, 2017

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting Unofficial Minutes 20 February 2017 7:30 PM Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Anne Stewart, Jan Teversham, Roger Demontigny, Kevin McAughtrie, Bernadette & Keith Wyton, Mandy Ross, Diana Bartsch, Jerry Gassner, Christine Gruman, Lisa & Peter Herbig, Rose Janell, Jane Morrison, Zelta Clappis, Barry Otterson, J.P. Hastey, Kristin Russell, Charlie Clappis, Stefan Ochman, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Guests: Andrew Mc Gifford ,ACRD Manager of Environmental Services and Teri Fong ACRD Manager of Finance and Frank Ritcy, WildSafe BC Coordinator and Mike Badry, Provincial Wildlife Conflict Prevention Coordinator

ACRD Andrew McGifford and Teri Fong presented the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District 2017-2021 Budget. -The ACRD was created 51 years ago. -The services it provides to Bamfield are Water, Community Parks, Fire Department and Grant in Aid. –All 4 Maa-Nulth Nations are members of ACRD. –An allocation of $600,000 more has been dedicated to the gas tax for Bamfield water system to complete the water treatment plant. –Late summer or early fall the water treatment facility will be started. –Bamfield Fire Hall has been paid off. -3% of the budget is spent on Bamfield. –To read the 2017-2021 ACRD Budget, Google ACRD Port Alberni go to Governance. Click on Finance. Click on 2017-2021 Financial Plan, 2017-2021 First Reading Financial Draft.

Mandy Ross introduced Frank Ritcy and Mike Badry and they presented Wildlife Safety with emphasis on black bears. –“Bear Smart” started 15 years ago. –There have been more calls to Provincial Wildlife Conflict concerning conflicts with black bear than grizzly bear or cougar Predator attacks are minimal. –Becoming a “Bear Smart Community” is voluntary. The purpose of the designation is to reduce human-bear conflict thus reducing the number of bears that have to be destroyed. Improved public safety and reducing property damage are also benefits of a “Bear Smart Community”. –Eight communities have achieved this status: Port Alberni, Lions Bay, Coquitlam, Whistler, Kamloops, Squamish, New Denver and Naramata. -Motion by Bernadette, seconded by Stefan: that Bamfield pursues the designation of becoming a “Bear Smart Community”. Unanimously passed. –To conclude the Bear Smart presentation it was announced that there is an electric fence available in Bamfield to loan to someone to resolve a wildlife conflict. Contact Mandy Ross for information.

Minutes of 16th January 2017 Corrected to read in Stefan’s Bamfield Huu ay aht Community Forest report “The Community Forest has been granted 860 Cubic metres of forest to be cut every year for the next 4 years(2016-2020)”. M/S C. Gruman/S. Ochman. Received.

Treasurer’s Report – Stefan Ochman: CCCU chequing account has $10,563.00 ($10,000 of cheques written but not cashed yet). $30,400.00 in savings. M/S.. B.Otterson/R.Demontigny Received.

Regional Director’s Report- Keith Wyton: A meeting to discuss land use in the area is planned for Tuesday, March 14th 6:30PM at the Fire Hall. The Port Authority of Port Alberni will be present to discuss future plans.

Committee Reports -Bamfield Community School Association- Kristin Russell: Family Literacy Day was celebrated January 27th. –Thanks to classroom presenters/volunteers -Steve Demontigny (shed hunting),Chad Tamis (scuba diving/photography), Linda Myres/Amelia Vos (Bamfield Community Emergency Program)Emergency Preparedness/Earthquake/Tsunami, Robert Dennis (Huu-ay-aht storytelling-oral history to commemorate 1700 Cascadia Megaquake. –Literacy night-BCSA-Sarah Osborne, Ms. Ratz, Mrs. Herbig, Clara Clappis for volunteering & community members/businesses who donated door-prizes. –Huu-ay-aht Culture- Thanks to Ed Johnson, Wish-key, Cory & Tami Howard -February-Kindness Month -Feb 5-11 Annual Burn Awareness Week-learned about fire safety/participated in Poster Contest. –Valentine’s Day-Students were busy making thank you cards to community groups/members(Coast Guard, BVFD ,etc.)and baked cookies to give out. - Upcoming Events/Activities -Wed Feb 22nd Pink Shirt Day/Anti-Anti Bullying Day-Reminding all to be kindand respectful to each other and ourselves. Speak up against bullying -Wed Feb 22nd Community Lunch RSVP to BCSA-wear pink -Fri 24th Feb Jump Rope/Hops for Heart 10:45-11:45. This event encourageskids to get active by skipping rope while they collect pledges for heart disease. Pledges can be done online: www.support.heartandstroke.ca donate to a school – BCS or donate to a student -Mon. 27th Feb Mr. Brown 4:00PM open meeting -Tues. Feb 28th 100th Day of School Year/PJ Day! March- Nutrition Month -Spring Break Mar 13th-24th- -Buddy Reading!!! Every Wednesday 11:15 -

Bamfield Community School Assoc, – Christine Gruman: Janessa Dornstauder is the new Co-ordinator. Wecome, Janessa! -The after school program is underway. Thank you Andrea Butler. -Community Lunch – 22nd Feb. RSVP. –Sarah Osborne is the CAP Youth Intern. –New Horizons for Seniors under Stefan’s direction will be hosting 2 speakers from SFU in late March who will speak about Memory, Drug & Alcohol Abuse. This will be on a Friday to be announced.

Bamfield Historical Society –Christine Gruman: AGM was Feb. 1st. Clifford Charles stepped down after 8 years as a director. Thank you Clifford! Ian Wallace has joined the board. –We are in the planning stage of our annual exhibit, which will be a retrospective of past exhibits at Centennial Park and historical signage around town. –Watch for a membership drive in May. We are planning to have a speaker. –The Historical Society is organizing a meeting between Parks Canada, national Historic Sites & Monuments & various community stakeholders to plan a dedication of a plaque to commerate the sinking of the SS Valencia in 1906. Placement of the plaque will part of the discussions. Please contact Heather Cooper if you would like to be part of that committee.

Bamfield Centennial Park- Lisa Herbig: Heather Alexander is designing a website for the park. – April 23rd Work Bee in the park with lunch for volunteers. –Thank you Jane Morrison for donation of a Bear Bin to the park! –New Bear Bins in the park will be used as food lockers. –Centennial Park turns 50 this year! There will be BIG celebrations!

Bamfield Community Hall- J.P. Hastey: Katie Turner has been hired as coordinator of hall planning. –Rose Janelle: Robbie Burns Dinner was a success. Thank you Bamfielders!

Huu-ay-aht Report- Charlie Clappis: ICET (Island Coastal Economic Trust) has funded $600,000 matching funds toward the Bamfield/Anacla Trail! Hoping to break ground in March. There will be informational signs along the trail.

Bamfield/Huu-ay-aht Community Forest- Stefan Ochman: Board meeting Tues. 21st Feb. –Hoping to do one cut block this year.

Bamfield Road Safety Association-Stefan Ochman: Grading gets washed out with heavy rains. –This summer there will be bicycles racing along the Bamfield Road trying to beat the Francis Barkley down the canal.

Bamfield Emergency Preparedness- Kevin McAughtrie: 3 tsunami signs have been installed on west side. –Radio signals are being tested. –Radio License Course will be held 24th-26th of March. There are 24 spots. Contact Kevin McAutrie or Linda Myres for more information. –Skye Butler has completed the Lite Urban Search & Rescue Course. Congratulations, Skye!

Grant in Aid – Nancy Hendry Song West -Rose Janelle spoke for Nancy who was unable to attend. After extended discussion it was decided the Community Affairs directors would meet with Nancy’ to clarify the request to vote on the grant.

Meeting adjourned at 9:42.


Next meeting

Monday the 20th March 2017

At 7:00PM Bamfield Community School


Submitted by Rae Hopkins