June 20 2016

Bamfield Community Affairs Unofficial Minutes 20 June 2016 7:30PM – Bamfield Community School

Present: Keith & Bernadette Wyton, Janice Pierce, Mandy Ross, Heather Cooper, Jane Morrison, Jerry Gassner, Diana Bartsch, Kristin Russell, Sheryl & John Mass, Janet Simpson-Cooke, Rose Janelle, Gary Wilson, Phil Roberge, Lisa Herbig, Stefan Ochman, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting Called to order @ 7:35PM.

Minutes of 16th of May 2016. M/S. S.Ochman/S.Mass. Received.

Correspondence: Letter from Lynne Sweeting read that suggested the Chamber of Commerce be contacted for support in asking the Huu-ay-ahts to consider putting a an antenna & router on motel roof. Keith Wyton responded that Telus is in the process of installing fiber optics and should be opening band width the end of July. Keith will invite Telus to come the September Community affairs meeting. Gary Wilson (Huu-ay-aht representative) said that Telus has a contract with the province to provide connectivity. Keith will make contact with the Province & report in the fall.

Guest - Frank Ritcy – WildSafe BC (helping the public co-exist with wildlife): The bear-proof dumpster program has been very successful throughout BC. A community gets Bear Smart Certification when steps have been taken to discourage bears and to reduce conflict. Perhaps the community should consider an insert with the hydro or water bill to remind people that there should be NO refrigerators or freezers outside to entice bears to come near.

Treasurer’s Report- Stefan Ochman: Coastal Community Credit Union current chequing account $188.04, high interest savings account: $32191.94 which includes $13.60 interest. M/S. J.Mass/R.Hopkins.

Regional District Representative- Keith Wyton: There will be a referendum on a new water system in the fall. Engineers information will be used to pose the question. The vote on the referendum will be late October or November. Spring 2017 is the earliest the construction might start. –HFN watershed assessment proposal to go in with forest stewardship plan. –Highways issues: met with highways to discuss brushing, improvement of boardwalk access to fisheries dock and Bradys Beach hill, steel staircase by cat condos. –Squatters in Bull-Dozer Bay (east side of Sanford Island)have built a cabin and deliberately block any camping in this prime area. ACRD is trying to track designation of this land. Theintegrity of small camp sites throughout the Deer Group of islands needs to be maintained. Community Affairs will write to ACRD requesting that the cabin be removed. –Thursday 23rd June ACRD is hosting a zoning by-law open house 4-7PM at the Firehall. –Stefan raised the question of the Blue Dot motion (an environmental initiative).No action yet.

Community Reports Bamfield Centennial Park –Lisa Herbig:

  • The park was vandalized again! The coin box in the shower has been ripped off twice, gas cans and gas stolen and payment box broken into.
  • Iinformational signs on the Port Desire dock have gone up. –Canada Day 1st of July in the park followed by the 3rd Annual Seabeam-Centennial Park Pig Roast
  • A woofer has been helping in the park.
  • 9th of July Art in the Park contact Kat Peace for information.

Historical Society – Heather Cooper:

  • Attended the BC Historical Federation Annual General Meeting in Revelstoke. Bamfield is the 99th historical society to join the federation.
  • At the BC Historical Federation conference Judith Phillips was the awarded the BC Lieutenant General’s award for her book Our Whole Bamfield Saga. Congratulations, Judith!
  • Extending an invitation to members and anyone interested in becoming a member of the Bamfield Historical Society to attend a viewing of the Bruce Scott Life and Legacy exhibit in the Information Centre at Centennial Park the 26th of June 7-8PM
  • The Historical Society’s new website designed by Heather Alexander will go public imminetely.

Music by the Sea - Heather Cooper:

  • A reminder: Music by the Sea July 2nd – July 10th.
  • Anacla & Bamfield residents & property owners can receive a $20 discount on tickets.
  • For more information contact Heather at 728 3143.
  • John Mass: The horn-blowing flotilla is organizing.

Bamfield Community School-Kristin Russell: 8 students from Bamfield participated in the SD#70 track meet. Yea Students!! -The students had a field trip to Wild Play Elements in Nanaimo with a sleep-over at E.J. Dunn School in Port Alberni afterward. The following day they attended a Potlatch at a Port Alberni school. –At the end of the school year 2 students will be leaving the school & 1 will be entering the school.

Huu-ay-aht Representative – Gary Wilson:

  • Tuesday the 21st of June there will be a totem raising at The Motel at 10:00AM. Sean Mack carved the totem at Anacla.
  • Burning Man Festival will be at Pachena the 25th & 26th of June.
  • The Huu-ay-ahts are enthusiastic about the The Market, Motel and other acquisitions.
  • Derek Peters & Trevor Coots have designed an Ambassadors program.
  • Robert Dennis is planning a fishing derby in August.

Bamfield Community School Association- Janet Simpson-Cooke:

  • Fiona Hawks and Vanessa Clarke are the summer program employees.
  • 22nd June is the last Community Luncheon of the year. There will be a performance by the students preceding the lunch.
  • Seniors’ Grant is moving forward
    • The Library will be the temporary Senior Centre.
    • 27th June from 5:30-7:30PM in the Library, Seniors Coordinators Jane Peters & Rose Janelle will host an open house.
  • Summer Camp begins the 2nd week of July. Scholarships are available for students. The focus of the camp will be physical activities- swimming, soccer, tennis…
    • There will be a bus from Anacla.
    • 29th of July summer campers will be going to a live play in Chemainus (thanks to Cathy Waddell).
    • Tent cards will be coming out soon for businesses. Sponsor money will pay for this project.

Bamfield Community Hall Society – Louis Druehl:

  • The Father’s Day Chili Cook-off was great fun & well attended. Money was raised for the Bozak family.
  • Canada Day, Friday the 1st of July - Parade from Fire-hall to Centennial Park, singing of Oh! Canada, hot dogs & watermelon.
  • 26th of August - Friday - Harvest Dinner and Auction - 5:00PM.

Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest – Stefan Ochman: The Ministry of Forest sent out a letter requesting a resubmission of the Management Plan. Hopefully, by mid-September the Community Forest will be able to move forward.

Bamfield Road Safety Association – Stefan Ochman: Stefan has been trying to contact the Highway Ministry about infrastructure problems & has been unable to reach anyone. If he talks to someone in the ministry, he will remind them of the necessity of clearing brush along the road.

Old Business Paul Bird’s inquiry into kayak/canoe dock at the foot of Nuthatch Road, East Bamfield. Lease with ACRD is still a valid lease. Keith Wyton (regional Rep) can help a group of keeners get together with ACRD. This is to be discussed further in September.

New Business BCSA Grant in Aid Application – Requesting $500 toward the Summer Camp to bring in instructors, provide snacks, pay for swimming lessons & provide scholarship money for 2 students for the 5 week program. Request was granted for $500.

Bamfield Community Affairs Board of Directors Officers remain: Co-chair: Louis Druehl Co-chair: Sheryl Mass Treasurer: Stefan Ochman Secretary: Rae Hopkins

Meeting Adjourned 9:50PM

Submitted by Rae Hopkins