February 15, 2016

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting Unofficial Minutes

15th February 2016 7:30PM @ Bamfield Community School

Attendance:Bernie & Keith Wyton, Marc Phillips, Joe Cooper, Ed Freisen, Roger Demontigny, Rich Palmer, Barry Otterson, Brian McKay, Diana Bartach, Jerry Gassner, Wendy Lukas, Eric Clelland, Chris McInerney, Sheryl & John Mass, Zelta Clappis, Janet Cooke Simpson, Bob Baden, Christine Gruman, Donna Dunn, Jane Morrison, JP Hastey, Lisa & Peter Herbig, Kristin Russell, Les Butler, Linda Myres, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Guests: Russell Dyson ACRD Chief Administrative Officer & Andrew Gifford, ACRD Acting Manager of Finance and Manager of Environmental Services and Tawney Lem – West Coast Aquatic

Meeting called to order 7:35PM

2016 is the 50th Anniversary of ACRD!

Andrew Gifford(ACRD) presented the 2016-2020 Financial Plan. The entire presentation can be seen online at: acrd.bc.ca (select governance, select 2016-2020 Financial Plan, select 2016 FP Presentation to Bamfield). It was emphasized that services that Bamfield does not use or receive are not taken out of the Bamfield Budget. Russell Dyson (ACRD) discussed the Bamfield water treatment issue. An estimate of $1.5 million to build a new water treatment plant is what the district is looking at. It is hoped that 2/3 of the funding comes from outside sources and these options are being explored. An application for Build Canada funds to build a new water treatment plant failed. Although it is suggested that a new application may be submitted to Build Canada in April. Gas tax monies being another possible source if using grant monies. Our Regional Director, Keith Wyton wants more investigation into other possible options for treatment and funding.

Tawney Lem spoke about the Barkley & Clayoquot Sound Marine Spatial Plans. Plans that are focused on community based management systems that include economic opportunities from aquatic resources and ecological health. This is similar to Community Plans except it is for the water of Barkley and Clayoquot Sound- scientific and ecological values, economic and cultural values. Data has been collected over the past 4 years to create a map which could help in decision making to access referrals or economic opportunities. An online tool is being built to view maps of Barkley and Clayoquot Sound. There will be an open house at the RIX Centre tomorrow (16 Feb.) from 10:00AM until 2:00PM..

Minutes of 18 January 2016. M/S. W.Lukas/J.Morrison. Received.

Treasurer’s Report- Stefan Ochman: $188.00 in chequing. $32,135.62 in savings account. $14.18 interest. M/S. M/Phillips/J.Cooper. Received.

Correspondence – Rae Hopkins: A letter of support from Community Affairs was written to Bill Collette indicating the support for the Tri-Conic Challenge in July 2017. – A letter was received from Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport regarding the Bamfield Health Clinic’s helipad, stating Transport Canada is responsible for certification and registration of helipads but does not make assessment as to whether a helipad is required at a given location. VIHA is responsible for making this assessment.

ACRD Regional Director’s Report- Keith Wyton: Bamfield has been issued its Grants in Aid money for the year. –West Dock divestiture-Ministry of Transport is still in negotiation but still aimed for divestiture. –Helipad- Present location is not acceptable. The health clinic foreshore could be the best site. -for more information contact Keith at wyton@shaw.ca or call 250 728 3290.

Committee Reports BCSA – Janet Cooke Simpson: The January-April brochure should have been received by all residents. It has most of the events and opportunities for classes listed. –In preparation for summer student employees - 2 BCSA positions the association is applying for grant funding. -1 museum grant is being sought. International researcher would be assigned to a twin community – focusing on connections between Anacla and Neaha Bay. –New DVD’s and books are always coming into the library. Check the website for BCSA. –Association is still waiting to hear about the seniors’ grant that had been applied for. –The green-house grant has been received. –Art grant has been received for art on the fence. –BCSA donated $1500 toward Christmas play – Money for costumes, lights & stairs.

Bamfield Community School- Kristin Russell: Buddy reading every Wednesday at 12:45PM until 1:15PM. Everyone is welcome to come and read with the students. –Jump Rope for Hearts was good exercise and great fund raiser. –Community Lunch 24th of February which is Anti-Bullying Day, so please wear your pink as a show of support.

Bamfield Community Hall Society- J.P. Hastey: Robbie Burns Dinner was a great success. Thank you to everyone who volunteered or attended.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Dept.- Eric Clelland: The training program is still underway and there will be an exam next week. –BVFD supports the First Response Team and will write a letter of support to use the fire hall for First Response practice. –Mark Kelly will make information signs for emergencies.

Bamfield Harbour Authority – Wendy Lukas: There was a slight increase in revenue and there have been some repairs and improvements to the dock. New ladders should be arriving soon.

Emergency Preparedness – Linda Myres: January 26th another event took the place of the Disaster Dinner which was rescheduled for 29th of February, 6:00PM at the fire hall.

First Responder Program informational meeting to be held at the fire hall 2:00PM the 18th of February.

Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest – Stefan Ochman: The AGM was in November 2015. –The management plan was submitted three years ago and had never been reviewed. It is now redundant because the template changed in Dec. 2015 so the plan has to be “dumbed down” and resubmitted. This time it should be reviewed because a professional forester has been assigned to do this. -30th of March, 5:00PM at the school Community Forest AGM and a new management plan will be presented to the community.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee– Stefan Ochman AGM date to be selected. Since there has been no logging since 22nd of December there were no trucks so there has been less or no grading.

Bamfield Health Clinic – Donna Dunn: A new special chair with an installed screen is now at the clinic so a patient can consult a specialist elsewhere and can be viewed by a physician while patient is still in Bamfield!

Bamfield Historical Society – Marc Phillips: There will be a membership drive in early April at the community school. Tide books for sale at this time and a special viewing of John Evan’s slides and photos. – The Historical Society has acquired the rights to all of the books written by Bruce Scott.

New Business -Bernie Wyton announced that Andrew Nikiforuk will be in Port Alberni February 25th, 7:00PM at the Echo Centre speaking on The Reality of LNG: Fracking, Earthquakes and Fractured Economies. He has written Slick Water, Energy of Slaves and Tar Sands, Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent. Everyone is welcome.

Bear Aware grant in aid application will be presented at 21st of March meeting.

Meeting adjourned 9:20PM. Submitted by Rae Hopkins

Next Meeting: 21st March, 7:30PM at BCS