November 16, 2015

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting Unofficial Minutes 16 November 2015 7:30pm - Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Kristin Russell, Sheryl & John Mass, Bernie & Keith Wyton, Christine Gruman, Diana Bartsch & Jerry Gassner, Wendy Lukas & Brian Douillard, Bob Baden, Roger Demontigny, Eric Clellamd, Rose Janelle, JP Hastey, Lisa Herbig, Lee Weber, Stefan Ochman, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order @ 7:37pm

Minutes of 19 October 2015. M/S K. Russell/ E. Clelland. Received.

Treasurer’s Report- Stefan Ochman: No statement received. No cheques written, balance is $32,000+ $14.50 interest. M/S S. Ochman/ K. Wyton.

Regional Director’s Report- Keith Wyton: Blue Dot Resolution (clean environment resolution) will hopefully go into effect in December. –Work has recently been done on the following roads in Bamfield: Tower Road, Brady’s Beach Road is half done, Winston Road got a proper culvert and ditching, Boardwalk work is ongoing, the aluminum on Burlington has been repaired. Keith will encourage work crews to pack out any remaining materials. –Nov. 5th attended a meeting at the Bamfield Health Centre to discuss the helipad not being used. VIHA is looking into relocating the landing pad. It appears to become very complicated if the pad at the Health Centre is not used, as Donna is not endorsed to leave with patient if patient needs to be transported elsewhere in the community to be airlifted out. Then there is the complication of not having an acceptable vehicle or driver to transport patient to helicopter. There is no qualified 1st Responder in the community. Why isn’t the helipad being used at the Health Centre as it had been? We are told that the landing area is too built-up to be safe? [It doesn’t appear to have changed in the past 10+ years?] –A letter stating the community’s concern over moving of the helipad & the flawed process that made that decision will be written by Community Affairs and be sent to VIHA, Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, Premier Clark. To contact Keith: or 250 728 3290.

Committee Reports Bamfield Community School -Kristin Russell: Thank you Bamfield Community Hall Society for the kids’ Halloween bags. –The 10th of November the students participated in Remembrance Day activities. –Nov. 11th The community came together at the school for Remembrance Day. -18th & 19th of Nov. the students will go on a field trip to BMS. -17th of December is the student Christmas concert tentatively scheduled for 7:00pm

Bamfield Community Emergency Program – Rose Janelle for Linda Myres: ShakeOutBC was a successful October event at Bamfield Community School. –BCEP in collaboration with BVFD is engaged in an educational/informational signage project. –In June 2016, the Province of BC will conduct Exercise Coastal Response, based in Port Alberni.

Bamfield Community School Association- Bob Baden: AGM Wednesday Nov. 17th 5:00pm at BCS.

Bamfield Community Hall Society – JP Hastey:5th Dec. Annual Community Hall Members’ Christmas Social 7:00-10:00pm. Memberships will be sold at the door, $10.00 Individual, $20.00 Family. Feel free to bring an ornament to hang on the tree.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department- Eric Clelland: The AGM was recently held. Larry Myres retired as a fireman after 27 years! Thank you, Larry!! He also retired from the Treasurer’s position. –Bob Goodwin is the newly elected Secretary/ Treasurer. –Don Amos stepped down as long-time Captain – Thank you, Don! -Dan McFayden is the elected Captain. –Eric remains Fire Chief. –Training resumed and some members wrote exams and all passed! –New roof on west side fire hall. –The Anacla fire truck is now mobile and will soon be parked under a shelter.

Fisherman’s Dock Bamfield Harbour Authority- Wendy Lukas: Moorage was down a bit this fall – perhaps because there was such bad weather for the Tuna Shootout. –The lighting on the dock has been upgraded to LED. –Soon there will be new ladders installed on the dock.

Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest- Stefan Ochman: AGM Thursday the 19th Nov.5:00pm at BCS. The Province wants to hear that the community still wants the Community Forest.

Bamfield Road Committee- Stefan Ochman: The Road Committee donated $1000.00 to the Bamfield/Anacla Trail at the Oct. AGM in Port Alberni

Bamfield/Anacla Trail- John Mass: Ministry of Transportation is outlining what needs to be done to put in the trail. It is hoped that ground will be broken in December 2015. Donations are gladly received and a tax receipt will be issued to donor.

Craft Fair Sunday the 22nd Nov. 11:00am-2:00pm at the school.

There was the suggestion that Bamfield adopt a Syrian family. The Immigration Services of BC is having an informational meeting in Port Alberni the 25th of Nov. Contact person is Pamela Day. No discussion.

Old Business: Community Affairs Directors voted unanimously to accept the Revised September 2015 Grant in Aid Policy. M/S S.Ochman/S Mass to accept the revised September 2015 Grants in Aid policy.

Congratulations Sheryl and John Mass for celebrating 20 years of residing in Bamfield at Community Affairs tonight!

Meeting Adjourned: 9:04pm.


NEXT MEETING Monday the 18th January 2016! 7:30pm at Bamfield Community School


Season’s Best to Everyone!