May 19, 2015

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting

Unofficial Minutes

19 May 2015 7:30 pm @ Bamfield Community School

AGM to follow general meeting

Attendance: Sheryl & John Mass, Bernie & Keith Wyton, Jane Morrison, Katharine & Suzanne Jennings, Tao Eastham, Christine Gruman, Rose Janelle, Andrea Butler, Kate Rolheiser, Mark Stokes, Roger Demontigny, Stefan Ochman, JP Hastey, Kristin Russell, Charlie Clappis, Lisa Bye, Zelta Clappis, Peter Herbig, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Guests: Gord Johns & Jane Armstrong and Chris Donison

Gord Johns NDP candidate running for MP representing Courtenay/Alberni was born and raised on the island. Gord was the former director of the Tofino Chamber of Commerce and a small business owner in Tofino. If elected he would visit Anacla/ Bamfield at least once a year. He would like to see the electoral system operate more equitably – establish a $15.00 minimum wage and $15.00 a day child care. He feels “We can do better!”.

Chris Donison Director Music by the Sea extended a great big Thank You to Bamfield for the recent Grant in Aid in April. -The opening of Music by the Sea with the boat horn symphony on July 4th is becoming a reality. People that have volunteered their boats include the McVies, Mike Rose, the Phillips, the Masses, Rose Janelle, Lisa Bye, the Myres and the Jennings. Local Bamfield field boats are still being sought to participate. -John Mass will liaise the boats and horn builders and was designated the commodore. –Chris is still working on funding to acquire lights to accompany the horns. –June 6th 11 horns will be deployed to celebrate D-Day anniversary in Victoria. –Accommodations are needed to house musicians please contact councillor Charlie Clappis (a new board member to Music by the Sea) at 250 728 3838 if you have something available.

Minutes of 20 April 2015 meeting corrected Treasurer’s Report to read $14.36 interest made. M/S S. Jennings/ R. Janelle. Received.

Treasurer’s Report- Stefan Ochman: the current statement has not been received yet so the report for April was given. Chequing Account: $500.04, Savings Account: $5.41, High Interest Savings: $22,418.54, $14.36 interest [corrected]. M/S J. Mass/ S. Mass. Received.

Regional Director’s Report- Keith Wyton: Nominations for Advisory Planning Committee (APC) will be received and voted on at the June Community Affairs meeting. A person can volunteer or be nominated to sit on APC. –The Bamfield Water Board will be seeking a couple of members. –Stefan asked Keith to bring the Environmental Bill of Rights to the ACRD board meeting.

Whereas the David Suzuki Foundation Blue Dot Tour has inspired many Canadians to request the right to a healthy environment be enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (; Whereas over thirty communities in Canada have passed municipal

declarations in support of the right to a healthy environment including, Montreal and Victoria; Be it resolved that Keith Wyton ask ACRD Board to make a declaration recognizing the right to a healthy environment, similar to the one carried by the District of Saanich on January 26, 2015. And that this declaration request that the Province of British Colombia enact a provincial bill of rights to fulfill the right of every resident to live in a healthy environment by ensuring access to information, public participation in decision making and to have whistleblower protection. M/S S. Ochman/ L. Druehl. Carried unanimously. See:

Committee Reports-

Bamfield Community Hall Society- Rose Janelle: BCHS AGM was held the 17th of May at the fire-hall. Two new directors are Lee Weber and Tao Eastham. Thank you to Megan Geall, Wendy Lukas and Brian Doulliard for serving on the board. –The membership drive is on. $10.00 individual. $20.00 family. A Bamfield phone card and an invitation to the Members Christmas Social. A great community opportunity!

Bamfield/ Anacla Trail- John Mass: The Steelhead Corp. has invested some LNG money into the construction of a trail from Anacla to Bamfield. The Huu-ay-ahts are championing this project and are hoping to go forward. Donations for this project can be sent to the Huu-ay-aht Economic Corporation or ACRD.

Bamfield Community School- Kristin Russell: The students recently travelled to Port Alberni for swimming at Echo Centre, visitation to a seniors’ home and participated in a First Nation Spring Festival at a senior secondary school. They returned to a sleep-over in the BCS gym. –Calendar of Events: -28th of May School photos 2nd June Constable Batten will come to Bamfield for graduation of participating students Friday the 5th of June a pit cook, 3:30 at Anacla - 8th June a dance troop will visit -25th June LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Bamfield Centennial Park – Lisa Bye: There was recently a volunteer work-bee in the park – Thank You to all who helped.

Bamfield Community School Association- Charlie Clappis: Janet Simpson Cooke is now permanent status as coordinator.. – Every 2nd Monday Toastmasters meet. 7:00pm @ the school
-Thursday 5:30 – 7:00pm games and wiener roast at Anacla for kids and adults -Saturday night “Community Night” kids movie and adult movie

Sheryl Mass: What an amazing recycling Centre in Bamfield! Suzanne and Patrick do a terrific job! Thank you! Some very inconsiderate soul left a freezer full of salmon at the solid waste transfer station. VERY DISGUSTING!!

New Business

$200 be granted for broom brushing along Bamfield Road to Anacla. M/S S. Ochman/ S, Jennings. Passed.

Keith Wyton: Keith and Bernie visited Napal one month before the devastating earthquakes. They will be organizing a fund raiser in June that will combine photos of Napal before and after the disaster. A long term project will be the focus of donations.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins

Next meeting Monday the 15th of June at 7:30pm at the school

Everyone Welcome!