March 16, 2015

Community Affairs March 16, 2015 Present:Rose Janelle, Stephan Ochman, Kristin Russell, Jerry Gasner, Diana Gasner, J.P. Hastey, Eileen Scott, Jane Morrison, Jan Teversham, Judy Wutzke, Bob Baden, Heather Cooper, Joe Cooper, Jeff Cook, Tiffany Murray, Annie Merritt, Steve Riley, Charlie Clappis, Zelta Clappis, Roger Demontigny, Diana Kapalca, Don Kapalca, Eric ClellandMeeting comes to order 7:34pmApproval of minutes from February 16, 2015Moved: Rose Janelle Seconded: Bob BadenCarried UnanimouslyPresentation on Proposed Sarita Bay LNG Project (By Huu-ay-aht First Nations Chief: Jeff Cook , Huu-ay-aht First Nations Communications Coordinator: Annie Merritt, Steelhead LNG: Tiffany Murray)Overview of Proposed Sarita Bay LNG ProjectJeff Cook

  • Discussed benefits; employment opportunities, tourism, fishing, service industry in Bamfield/Anacla and Port Alberni.

Tiffany Murray

  • Overview of partnership/joint collaboration with Huu-ay-aht First Nation
  • Overview of facility at proposed Sarita Bay site
  • Estimate 3-4000 employment opportunities during construction phase (looking at camps)
  • Estimate 3-400 full time employment opportunities when facility is complete
  • Still in very early stages (3-4 years further discussion before project)
  • Environmental studies/Provincial/Federal assessments upcoming

Q (Stephan Ochman) Why bother with this LNG plant when there are so many proposals already and some are already pulling out?A (T. Murray) Supply is big/market big in Asia. No definite answer whether plant will go through but there is potential for market so they will continue perusing it.About Steelhead

  • Steelhead is a BC based liquefied gas company (not major company)
  • Company based out of Calgary
  • Benefit: can be “flexible” and partner with Huu-ay-aht First Nation
  • Investment company (KERN) head office in Vancouver

Job OpportunitiesJ. Cook

  • Contract signed with NIC (North Island College) for 12 training positions
  • Currently working with VIU (Vancouver Island University) looking at trades/technical training and bringing in programs that currently do not exist at VIU to allow access to training

T. Murray

  • Will definitely need to “import” outside employees to fill positions but will try to keep hiring local/limit outside employment
  • Steelhead LNG/HFN will work together to ensure local employment (such as writing in Steelheads contract they will hire a certain % of HFN when they get to that stage)

J. Cook

  • Had meeting 3 weeks ago with Director of Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre to discuss collaboration/working together to keep locals on site at proposed LNG project

Q (R. Demontigny) Will there be enough room for Port/Transfer Station?A (J. Cook) Land has been identified: Coleman Creek area. Currently investigatingQ (J. Gasner) Will log sort be replaced/reconfigured?A (J. Cook) Currently investigating. Definitely in discussion with WFPT. Murray

  • Ships will come in 2-3 days per week initially, then approximately 6 per week (1 per day). Do not have exact size but approx. Crew Ship size.

Q (J. Morrison) Will this affect road transportation?A (T. Murray) Currently looking at water and land options. If we look into road an “obvious” change will be neededT. Murray

  • How frequently does Bamfield Community want input? Public meetings? What is the best way to share information with the public?
  • Currently will have public meetings quarterly
  • 2016/2017 Environmental Assessment stages in affect. More public meetings/input.
  • Contact any time with questions or inquiries:

Steelhead LNG: Tiffany MurrayPhone 604 235-3800Tiffany.murray@steelheading.comTreasurers Report (Stephan Ochman)

  • Chequing $2500 balance ($500 to Bamfield Community Hall Society)
  • Business High Interest Savings $13.74
  • Balance $22,404.18

Regional District (Bob Baden for Keith Wyton)

  • July 1, 2017 Canada’s 150th birthday and 1st day of Music By the Sea (looking at big event/piano controlling horns on boats)
  • Regional District appointed Macey Dwit (Health)
  • New experimental radar installed soon @ Tofino airport (offshore; tracks storms/tsunamis)
  • Bamfield Water Treatment Facility: Approved Bamfields’ portion of funds towards project (waiting on grants/applications)
  • Agricultural Community opportunities (funding available if interested/have ideas)

Bamfield Road Safety Association (Stephan Ochman)

  • Bamfield Road Safety Association AGM Saturday, March 21st, 2015 @ 11:00am at Fire Hall
  • WFP, Island Timberland, Ministry of Transportation attending
  • Stephan will send out email/reminder

Bamfield Huu-ay-ahy Community Forest (Stephan Ochman)

  • Bamfield Huu-ay-ahy Community Forest AGM Monday, March 30th, 2015 @ 5pm at Bamfield Community School

Walkway/trail from Bamfield to Anacla updateJ. Cook

  • Steelhead donated $10,000.00 to HFN for walkway
  • Signed commitment last Thursday and is definitely happening

C. Clappis

  • Still looking at option and trail location (along road/old WCT)
  • Working with Regional District is complicated
  • Will definitely see work starting soon

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department (Eric Clelland)

  • Training program for 2015 Fire Fighter 1 has begun
  • 1st of 7 modules completed by members March 18th
  • New members welcome to join/train at any time
  • Welcome new members Charlie Clappis and Tao Eastman who completed probationary period
  • Routine matters:
  • Annual ICBC vehicle inspections of trucks and semi-annual inspection of pumps on East Side truck complete
  • Ordered LifePak 1000 AED from St. John Ambulance (new nursing station will be housed on East Side pumper truck)
  • Air tanks for breathing apparatus (Scott bottles) need hydrostatic testing. 8 cylinders tested, 10 more currently out for testing
  • Welcome Zelta; new BVFD custodian

Questions/concerns contact: bamfieldfirechief@gmail.comBamfield Historical Society (Heather Cooper)

  • Thanks to Bamfield Centennial Park for $500 donation towards museum exhibition at Centennial Park
  • Upcoming Plans:
    • Historical Huu-ay-aht exhibition
    • Look at Oral History Project (last done in 1994). Create template for Oral Storytelling
    • Passed motion to work with Ucluelet Historical Society

Visit: bamfieldhistory.comBamfield Community School (Kristin Russell)

  • SD70 staff/students currently on first 2 week Spring Break
  • Come to Buddy Reading every Wednesday 12:45-1:20pm
  • Wed, March 25th is 100th Day at School
  • Check School and BCSA calendar for upcoming events such as April beach clean (Earth Day) and monthly Movie Nights/Community Nights
  • Welcome new BCSA Coordinator Janet Simpson-Cooke (not present)

Bamfield Community Parks (Eileen Scott)

  • Sink holes have been filled at Centennial Park (clean up not yet complete)
  • Total $36,441.34 in Bank
  • $45,450.00 Invested
  • $14,329.49 on Memorial Tree
  • $8035 on Smiley Rink
  • Benches Cost $13,141 Collected $12,200 $941 in the red (still have 3 remaining benches to sell)

Community Hall Society (Rose Janelle)

  • Saturday April 4th, 2015 @ 11:00am Easter Egg Hunt at Centennial Park
  • Sunday April 5th, 2015 Kristen Young will do Easter Egg Hunt @ Pachena Beach (details unknown at this time)

Grant in Aid

  • Directors vote of $2000 grant in aid application from Historical Society for new computer/monitors
  • Directors voted unanimously YES (2 absent but sent in written letters)

Next Community Affairs Meeting Monday, April 20th, 2015Community Affairs AGM Tuesday, May, 19th, 2015Motion to Adjourn:Moved: Bob Baden Seconded: J.P. HasteyMeeting adjourned: 8:52pmSubmitted by: Kristin Russell===