April 20, 2015

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting unofficial MINUTES 20 April 2015 7:30pm - Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Katharine & Suzanne Jennings, Rick Sweeting, Wendy Lukas, John & Sheryl Mass, Stefan Ochman, Keith & Bernie Wyton, Eric Clelland, Roger Demontigny, Mark Stokes, Janet Simpson-Cooke, Peter Herbig, Rose Janelle, Jane Morrison, Donna Dunn, Charlie Clappis, Zelta Clappis, Heather Cooper, Marc Phillips, Brian Douillard, JP Hastey, Lisa Bye, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to Order: 7:35pm

Guest- Chris Donison, Music by the Sea: Opening night July 4th, 10th year of concerts in Bamfield to be celebrated with a musical horn rendition of Oh, Canada from 11 boats in Bamfield Inlet! Chris is so excited about the upcoming concerts and the 2017 celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Chris is hoping that on 8:00am July 1st 2017 Oh! Canada will be broadcast from Bamfield(Pacific), to the Artic, to Ottawa, to the Atlantic (Sea to Sea to Sea or C to C to C?)to be heard across Canada (and maybe the world) by using a smart phone app. This is to connect Canadians around the world and is being promoted as Canada 150. -11 boats in Bamfield Inlet are to be equipped with specially designed horns to play Oh! Canada. Sor far Bob McVie is “middle C”, Mike Mike Rose is “B natural”, Linda Myres is “F sharp”. Marc Phillips is deciding. If you are interested let Chris know at musicbythesea.ca. –June 6th there is a fund raising event in Victoria. –July 4th Opening night of Music by the Sea – Horns to play. -12th July Closing night- there might be a light show to accompany horns…if the lights arrive in time the spacecraft that will pass on a fly-by of Pluto se a light show, too.

Minutes of the 16th of March 2015 meeting. M/S S. Jennings/ L.Bye. received.

Treasurer’s Report- Stefan Ochman: chequing account: $500.04, savings account: $5.41, High Interest Savings $22, 418.54. $.14 interest made. Received.

Regional Director’s Report – Keith Wyton: Thanked Bob Baden for sitting in for him at ACRD while away. –Announced Bob’s appointment as the Bamfield representative to the Alberni Health Network -Keith attended the Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities Annual Conference- advantage of attending was networking & working with other communities -Keith is on the solid waste advisory committee which is focusing on reducing landfill inputs, encouraging recycling – particularly cardboard and keeping organics out of solid waste by composting -The cost for the garbage bin on the west-side is $400 each turn around -ACRD will review the Bamfield water board, the park commission and the Advisory Planning Commission -There are still questions regarding the options of the water treatment system, costs & need -the position of ACRD Environmental Services manager is in the selection process -Keith made a submission to the National Energy Board concerning the location of the Steelhead LNG project

-Keith has been appointed as the second ACRD representative to the West Coast Aquatic advisory board -BC Hydro is scheduling a planned power outage of 6 hours for the weekend of 24th or 31st of May. People present at Community Affairs with a show of hands preferred the weekend of May 31st. Watch for details.

Committee Reports Centennial Park – Lisa Bye: Thank you to the lovely ladies who volunteer garden in the park.

Community Hall Society- Rose Janelle: AGM is Sunday the 17th of May 11:00am at the Fire Hall

Island Health – Donna Dunn: Thanked Bob Baden for being representative on the Alberni Health Network. –Donna is working on getting better lighting for the helicopter pad to make it legal (and safer). –Donna is a proponent of supporting the new water treatment plan.

Bamfield Historical Society – Heather Cooper: Thanked Community Affairs for the Grant in Aid funding to make the purchase of a new computer possible. –All past issues of Bamfield newspapers have been archived & can be read at bamfieldhistory.com - Donation of a clip pal makes it possible to take this device to another location and scan material to go back to the Archives.

Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest – Stefan Ochman: There is now a person of position in Port Alberni that is aware that the Ministry of Forests has not yet dealt with the forestry plan & will be getting back to the committee.

Bamfield Road Safety Association – Stefan Ochman: The AGM was attended by 14 Bamfielders plus, Ministry of Forest & Natural Resources, Western Forest Products, BC Hydro, Ministry of Transportation & Headquarters Bay residents.

Bamfield Harbour Authority- Wendy Lukas: The AGM is Sunday May 24th 11:00am at the Fire Hall. – The by-laws have been rewritten. Members present at AGM will vote on acceptance of these by-laws. The by-laws must be filed before September 15th. – Small Craft & Harbours has budgeted to install LED lights in 2016 on the dock.

Bamfield Community School Association – Louis introduced and welcomed Janet Simpson Cooke. Janet: The volunteer appreciation dinner was well attended & guests wrote suggestions of programs they would like to see implemented in the future. – Janet is looking into reading programs for the Community School and at Anacla.

Huu-ay-aht First Nation- Charlie Clappis: there will be new councillors – the official list will be posted the 15th of May.Election to be held 20th of June. – The Active Living Society will be going to Victoria for the TC run. –Thank you to Zelta Clappis for her on-going sale of homemade jams & jellies. All monies raised are donated to the Anacla Active Living Society for travel funds & renovating the Active Living Clubhouse.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department – Eric Clelland: Easter Sunday fire at the pub. At 06:58 the call was received from Campbell River 911. 9 volunteer members arrived and within ½ hour the fire was out.

-Second batch of scotty bottles have been returned serviced. –On going training for the members to be up graded to Fire Fighter 1 will hopefully be completed by November. – 500 feet of fire hose has been replaced. - AED here! Automated External Defibrillator is now at the fire hall and will be kept on the fire truck.

New Business Stefan made the motion to accept Canada 150 – Bamfield’s global exposure .M. Phillips seconded. Unanimously passed.

Stefan made the motion to issue a cheque of $500 to Music by the Sea to show the community’s support. S. Jennings seconded. Carried.


Meeting adjourned at 8:47pm

Next meeting will be on Tuesday May 19th. 7:30pm at the community school


Submitted by Rae Hopkins