February 16, 2015

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting

Unofficial Minutes

16 February 2015, 7:30pm Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Mario Castellani, Mark Stokes, Christine Gruman, Tao Eastham, Charlie Clappis, Zelda Clappis, Eric Clelland, Roger Demontigny, Brad Anholt, Kristin Russell, Ed Friesen, Kate Rolheiser, Catherine Thompson, Lisa Bye, Amy McConnell, JP Hastey, Stefan Ochman, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order @ 7:35pm.

Guests Russell Dyson, CAO and Andrew McGifford, Accountant of ACRD presented the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District Financial Plan. It was explained that 13 directors sit on the ACRD board. There are 6 electoral areas (Bamfield being Electoral Area A) in the regional district. The individual areas are only charged for the services they are provided.

The Budget highlights/ issues are:

  • Regional Parks & Trails Masterplan, including consideration of a trail between Bamfield and Anacla.
  • Solid Waste Management Plan review
  • Bamfield transfer station review to consider if partnering with HFN & BMSC would lower costs and improve service levels
  • Recycling Changes
  • Bamfield Water System – up grades using Gas tax Funding –Water treatment system pilot project
  • Updating rezoning bylaw – See NewBamfielder.ca site for more presentation information.

Discussion of the Bamfield Water System followed the financial presentation. The current condition of the water system infrastructure is subject to corrosion and the materials that were initially used in the system are not up to date. Bamfield’s water supply comes from Sugsaw Lake. Since this is surface water the organics found in this water need to be treated to prevent disease & illness. When water containing organics is treated with chlorine, if the water sits too long THM is created. This is considered a possible carcinogenic.

Treatment options are chlorination, U.V. protection and/or filtration. The standards for public water are imposed by Island Health, if Island Health determines that Bamfield water does not meet the standards set, a better purification system needs to be implemented.

Recently a temporary water treatment system was set up and monitored for one month. ACRD was pleased with the results. This type of system was used because it is familiar with west coast conditions. If this type of system is implemented it will be very expensive - $1.5million with an additional $60-70,000 to maintain and dispose of the waste. Possibly funding could result in Bamfield paying $500,000 with the rest coming from government funding and gas tax monies. If Bamfield faced this bill, money would have to be borrowed creating an increase of property tax (approximately $500 a year for 5 years) and the quarterly water usage bill would double the current rate. ACRD is responsible for the entire water system in the community and reminds us that we need to prepare for community growth. Short term borrowing (5 years) does not require a vote but a 20 year repayment would require referendum.

Minutes from 19 January 2015 motion to receive K. Rolheiser, seconded by C. Thompson. Received.

Treasurer’s Report: Stefan Ochman: Coastal Community Credit Union chequing account $3,221.01, Savings $5.21, High Interest Savings $22,390.44 with $21.14 interest.

Regional Representative’s Report- Bob Baden, alternate: attended meetings on financial planning. -Reviewed 22 ACRD grant in aid applications.

Committee Reports

Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest- Stefan Ochman:

  • Still trying to get answer from the Ministry of Forests and was told that someone has been hired in Port Alberni & will be getting back to Bamfield about forestry plan.
  • There has been no resolution about the logs taken from the Community Forest.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee – Stefan Ochman:

  • Road Safety AGM 21st March at Headquarters Bay. It was pointed out the AGM should be in Bamfield so all members could see the flooded and eroded areas enroute to Bamfield. Bamfielders need to attend AGM to emphasize the need for improved conditions.

Bamfield Community School Association – Catherine Thompson:

  • Students participated in Hoops for Heart this being the 10th year BCSA has run this event in the school.
  • Feb. 19th- Community Lunch at noon $7.00 to celebrate Chinese New Year. Please RVSP by Wednesday.
  • Feb. 19th – First in the Naturalist series “From Shore Birds to Seashells” will take place at the school at 5:30. Suggested donation of $5.00.
  • Feb. 23rd – Computer class 5:15. Toastmasters 7:00pm.
  • And in March- Parents as Literacy Supporters is starting again. There will be a total of 5 sessions led by Andrea Butler and Lisa Bye starting in early March and running until the end of May. All caregivers and children K and under are invited to take part. Every session will include a meal, activities and take home materials. Please spread the word and call BCSA (250 728 1220) if you have any questions.
  • Circuits every Tuesday @ 5:15pm at the school.
  • March 5th and 19th are the next 2 sessions in the Naturalist series.
  • March 9th and 23rd Toastmasters @ 7pm. Computer classes @ 5:15pm.
  • BCSA will be running a series of activities for the children over the 2 week Spring Break.
  • March 26th is the next Community Lunch.

Bamfield Community School – Kristin Russell:

  • Buddy Reading continues – 12:45-1:25 every Wednesday. Buddy Readers are always welcome!
  • Friday the 13th of February Movie Night was success!
  • February 25th is Anti Bully Day. Remember your pink!

BMSC – Brad Anholt:

  • Public Ed is back at work. There are ½ dozen new employees.
  • Work continues on the water system.
  • A scientist that does research at BMS received an NSF research grant and plans to spend some of these funds at the Marine Station.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department- Eric Clelland:

  • The training program is now back on track. The first exam is March 4th. The hope is to have all fire fighters certified by the first of the year 2016.
  • Fire truck inspections have been completed – east pumper is fine. Next year the westside pumper is due to be inspected.
  • ACRD is taking over the finances of BVFD.
  • The new cement pads. Thank you very much. Are being used for cleaning cars and boats.
  • When there is development of south Bamfield property water availability needs to be considered. There needs to be a great enough supply of water for the fire dept. to respond to fires in south Bamfield

Centennial Park – Louis Druehl: A new trail has been built in the park for bikes and hikes. Follow the trail and you see parts of the original West Coast Telegraph Trail.

Grants in Aid – Bamfield Historical Society application for $2000.00 for new computer and 3 monitors: Catherine Thompson spoke of the necessity having 3 monitors to do efficient, quality archiving. Voting to take place at the March Community Affairs meeting.

LNG Presentation – Charlie Clappis: Between 4 & 5 pm on the 17th of February Steelhead will be at the Huu-ay-aht offices and invites the public, Bamfielders included, to discussion.

Meeting Adjourned @ 9:08pm.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins

Next meeting Monday March 16th 2015

7:30pm @ BCS