November 17, 2014

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting UNOFFICIAL MINUTES

17 November 2014 7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Bernie & Keith Wyton, Lisa Bye, Peter Herbig, Janice Pierce, Shane Leavitt, Kate Rolheiser, Catherine Thompson, Brian Douillard, Wendy Lukas, Bob Baden, Roger Demontigny, Cliff Haylock, Amy McConnell, Phil Lavoie, Eric Clelland, Denice Roberge, Kristin Russell, JP Hastey, Sheryl & John Mass, Nicole Gerbrandt, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order @ 7:30pm.

Minutes of 20th October 2014. Motion to receive W. Lukas/seconded A. McConnell. Received.

Treasurer’s Report: N/A

Regional Representative’s Report: N/A

BVFD Auxiliary-Janice Pierce: The final paving project is underway at the fire hall. –Halloween Dance was well attended. There were great costumes and everyone had a good time.

BCSA – Catherine Thompson:

  • Nov. 24th & Dec. 8th Toastmasters. 7:00pm at the school.
  • 26th Nov. Self Defense Class led by Dragon Martial Arts Academy. Learn self defense awareness, tactics and avoidance in a 2 hour class 5:30- 7:30pm. $10.00/person. First 10 HFN citizens will be sponsored by the HFN.
  • 11th Dec., 5:15pm. Wreath making at the school.
  • 18th December -Caroling in the Inlet. If you would like to join us please contact the BCSA office. If you would like us to pay a special visit to your home let us know.
  • Community Lunch date TBA.
  • Every Tuesday at 5:15pm Circuit Training in school gym.
  • Every Wednesday at 5:15pm Yoga at Catherine’s.
  • Starting in January the BCSA in partnership with CIBC will be offering a FinancialLiteracy course. Details are still being determined but the course will cover general banking topics including TFSAs, RRSPs, savings, etc. The BCSA will work with participants to create goals and will match savings made by the individual during the course up to a pre-determined amount. Please contact BCSA to register and learn more.
  • Computer Courses will also start in January 2015.

Bamfield Harbour Authority – Wendy Lukas:

  • All major projects on the ramp and docks are completed.
  • Moorage is up from the previous year.
  • Dock Manager Amy McConnell is working on getting signage posted.

Bamfield Community School – Kristin Russell:

  • Buddy Reading is still being held on Wednesdays at 12:45 in the classroom. Everyone is welcome to participate.
  • This Wed. the 19th of Nov. no Buddy reading. The school is going on a field trip to the Bamfield Marine Science Centre.
  • 17th of Dec. Christmas Concert – the date could change.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department – Eric Clelland[new Fire Chief]:

  • One fire to report and it was over before BVFD was aware of the fact. It was at the Butterfield’s, an electrical fire in a shed that spread to a trailer. No injuries.
  • 31st of October there were awesome fireworks. Thank you BVFD!! –Halloween dance was great fun and Eric extended thanks to: Don Amos & Vicky for running the bar, Linda & Larry Myres for ticket sales, Eric was security which was not called into action, Janice Pierce & Linda Myres for food, Janice Pierce & Siobhan Gray for exciting decorations!
  • Mark Kelly received a plaque for his 14 years service with the BVFD!! Thanks Mark, great work!

Bamfield Centennial Park – Lisa Bye

  • John Harris is a resident camper in the gazebo and he has been helping around the park.
  • Dave Gerbrandt will be building a half pipe in the vicinity of the playground.

Vancouver Island Regional Library[located in the school] – Catherine Thompson:

  • Catherine and Denice Roberge will be packing up some of the library books for an exchange for new reads.
  • Don’t forget to check out books and videos for the Christmas break.

A reminder about Community Lunches: Don’t forget to RSVP so The Market knows how much food to purchase and prepare. Thanks, John and crew for the delicious lunches![from Rae]

Bamfield Community Hall Society – Rae Hopkins:

  • The Community Hall prepared Halloween goody bags for all of the school kids – Thanks Rose!
  • The Hall Christmas Social will be held the 13th of December in the RIX Centre. If you do not already have your hall membership it only costs $10.

Bamfield/Anacla Trail – John Mass: John and Charlie Clappis are championing this project which has accumulated $11,040.00 from donations. Contact John or Charlie to make a donation for a safe trail. The first phase of the project will be a survey to determine where the path would go.

Bamfield Yacht Club – Catherine Thompson: Cat has talked with Wendy Lukas who is very active with the Port Alberni Yacht Club to get an idea of what is involved. Anyone is welcome to go sailing with Catherine.

The new ACRD Regional Representative for Bamfield Keith Wyton was introduced. Keith thanked the community for their support. Keith will be sworn in the 5th of Dec. in Port Alberni.

Thank you Eric Geall for your work for the past years. Best wishes for the future.

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:55pm. Submitted by Rae Hopkins

Next Meeting: 19th January 2015 EVERYONE WELCOME!