BCAS Annual General Meeting

Bamfield Community Affairs Society Annual General Meeting

Unofficial Minutes 20th May 2014

Attendance: Katharine & Suzanne Jennings, Jane Morrison, Linda Myres, Jan Teversham, Amy McConnell, Kate Rolheiser, Kristin Russell, Charlie Clappis, Lars Mogensen, Larry Myres, Max Salamon, Justin Demoskoff, Renia Charytonowicz, Jerry Gassner, Diana Bartach, Rose Janelle, Eileen Scott, Sheryl & John Mass, Catherine Thompson, Barry Otterson, Judy Wurtzke, Hedy & Roger Demongitny, Judith & Marc Phillips, Heather & Joe Cooper, Janice Pierce, Denice Roberge, Marion & Ian Lawn, Eric Geall, Donna Dunn, Jean Richardson, Ken Skarland, Rita & Bob McVie, Andrea Butler, Mandy Ross, Lisa Herbig, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins Called to order at 8:25pm.

Minutes of 21 May 2013 – Motion: A. McConnell Seconded: S. Jennings. Received.

Treasurer’s Report – Stefan Ochman: Grants-in-Aid dispensed $2000 for fireworks, $500 for Bear Aware, $5000 BVFD Auxillary in 2013 totaling $7700. There is currently $1275 in the Community Coastal Credit Union checking account $19689 in the CCCU High Interest Savings account. M/S J. Richardson/E. Scott. Received.

Discussion of Grant-in-Aid voting procedure – Question: Where does the money from Grants-in-Aid come from? Answer: Grants-in-Aid comes out of our tax money. 3 proposals that went to the membership to decide by paper ballot: 1. Grants-in-Aid procedure remains the same (application submitted-month 1, Board of Directors review application for completeness-month2, applicant presents application proposal to Community Affairs-month 3,Community Affairs present vote on granting application-month4). 2 . Application submitted-month 1.Once the application has been reviewed for completeness by the directors it is posted for public circulation one week prior to the Affairs meeting-month 2. The applicant presents the application at the Affairs meeting. A universal paper vote follows-month3. 3. As #2. Above, but only directors vote by paper ballot. #3 was decided by paper ballot.

2014-2015 Board of Directors by acclamation are: Louis Druehl Stefan Ochman Eileen Scott JP Hastey Kristin Russell Jan Teversham Rae Hopkins Rose Janelle Catherine Thompson Jane Morrison Suzanne Jennings Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm submitted by Rae Hopkins