May 20, 2014

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting Unofficial Minutes

20th May 2014 7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Katharine & Suzanne Jennings, Jane Morrison, Linda Myres, Jan Teversham, Amy McConnell, Kate Rolheiser, Kristin Russell, Miche Shephard, Terry Gidden, Charlie Clappis, Lars Mogensen, Mark Kelly, Larry Myres, Max Salamon, Justin Demoskoff, Renia Charytonowicz, Jerry Gassner, Diana Bartach, Rose Janelle, Eileen Scott, Sheryl & John Mass, Catherine Thompson, Barry Otterson, Judy Wurtzke, Nancy Sherry, Hedy & Roger Demongitny, Judith & Marc Phillips, Heather & Joe Cooper, Janice Pierce, Denice Roberge, Marion & Ian Lawn, Eric Geall, Donna Dunn, Jean Richardson, Ken Skarland, Rita & Bob McVie, Andrea Butler, Mandy Ross, Lisa Herbig, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Minutes of 21 April 2014. M/S Larry Myres/L. Mogensen. Received.

Treasurer’s Report- Stefan Ochman:$1275.00 Coastal Community Checking account, $5.00 member equity, $19689.00CCU High Interest Savings ($18.58 interest). M/S M. Phillips, J. Richardson. Received.

Mushroom Festival Presentation – Miche Shephard: Presented a cheque for $2734.27 to Emergency Preparedness care of Linda Myres. The Mushroom Festival successfully ran for seven years but due to lack of space for such an event decided to discontinue the festival and give the remaining funds to Emergency Preparedness. Thank you, Miche and Mushroom Festival volunteers!

Regional Representative’s Report – Eric Geall: Eric deferred his report to a future Town Hall meeting (TBA) and discussion of sewage issue until then, also. For information contact Eric at

Emergency Preparedness – Linda Myres: May 4-10th Emergency Preparedness was celebrated across Canada.

Bamfield Community Hall Society - Rose Janelle: The Community Hall AGM will be a potluck dinner at the fire hall the 25th of May 5:00pm.

Bear Aware – Mandy Ross: The signs alerting of bears in the area are ready for distribution. Please contact Mandy if you would like to post a sign or know of an area that should have a sign posted. The signs look great. Mandy thanked Community Affairs for the Grant-in Aid funding to carry this project.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department Auxillary – Janice Pierce: “Thank you for the Grant-in-Aid funding to start the cementing project at the firehall.” The cementing should be starting soon.

Centennial Park – Eileen Scott: “Thank you to everyone who helped with the park clean-up on Victoria Day.” Lisa Herbig will be the park supervisor this summer. Funding has been secured for one student summer helper in the park. A cheque for $2795.00 received from Aquilar’s Community Pig Roast last year – the funds are for the park on the west side.

Bamfield Historical Society – Heather Cooper: The historical display at the Information Centre in Centennial Park will be Bamfield during the War years. The Historical Society website will go live soon - Heather Alexander is fine tuning it. Fiona Hawkes is the summer archives student intern. September 1939 the Canadian Red Cross began service in Bamfield. A commemorative celebration/tea is being planned for the upcoming September.

Outpost Hospital/Wellness Centre – Donna Dunn: Island Health is looking into acquiring an emergency vehicle for Bamfield.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department – Mark Kelly: Search continues for a Fire Chief replacement.

West Side Road Committee – Lars Mogensen: Committee met with provincial highways and transportation people to drive the road on the west side to see all the road deficiencies – it was raining so it demonstrated the run-off. A meeting followed at Lars’. There was talk about bringing a grader over during the summer. The Road Committee would like to know the designation rating of this road. Lars said there were very specific maintenance specifications online and wonders why they are not being applied to this road. No agency agrees to match funds but there are provincial grants that could be applied for.

Bamfield Arts Council – Andrea Butler: The painted mushrooms are displayed in Cougar Pass. Color will be added to Brady’s Beach signage. Arts and Crafts are done every Thursday night 7:00pm at the Butler’s. Everyone welcome.

Bamfield Community School Association – Catherine Thompson: Toastmasters every other Monday night, May 26th is the next one at 7:00pm at the school. 7th June National Health and Fitness Day 18th June Community Lunch 21st June Community Run/Walk and Lunch at Pachena 27th Last day of School Student camping trip and End of Year BBQ TBA.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee – Stefan Ochman: Twelve people attended the BRSC AGM, this included Bamfield, Headquarters Bay, logging companies and provincial agencies. The Ministry of Transport will be placing 5 traffic counters on different sections of the road to determine usage. A loaded log truck went off the road due to driver error. Private vehicles must remember to give right of way to log trucks. The Ministry of Transportation will look into a trail between Anacla and Bamfield. Mary-Ann Arcand was remembered for her tireless efforts to improve logging roads throughout the province, particularly the Bamfield Road. John Mass added to the trail information that Charlie Clappis is spearheading the drive to create this trail linking Anacla and Bamfield; Eric will help and John Mass will fund-raise (for more donation information contact John at:

Discussion of the proposed sewage referendum ended with a motion by Larry Myres to request a town hall meeting with Eric. Seconded by N. Sherry. Carried.

Meeting adjourned @8:20pm.

AGM to follow.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins