April 21, 2014

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting Unofficial Minutes

21 April 2014 7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Sheryl & John Mass, Rich Palmer, Lisa Bye, Peter Herbig, Jan Teversham, Mark Kelly, Linda & Larry Myres, Jean Richardson, Charlie Clappis, Marc Phillips, Lynne & Rick Sweeting, Michelle van Boven, Phil Lavoie, Shane Leavitt, Janice Pierce, Max Salamon, Rose Janelle, Lars Mogensen, Jane Morrison, JP Hastey, Kristin Russell, Ken Scarland, Eric Geall, Suzanne Jennings, Marton Jalkoczi, Justin Demoskoff, Emily Wenstob, Skye Butler, Neil Wright, Stefan Ochman, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Minutes of 17th March 2014. M/S Larry Myres/S. Jennings. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report- Stefan Ochman: Coastal Community Credit Union March balance of Partner Account-$2275.66 (including $.02 interest and $200 withdrawal for Bamfield Beautification grant-in-aid). Member equity $5.00. High Interest Savings $23671.09 (includes $20.09 interest). M/S M. Phillips/J. Richardson. Received.

Vote on BVFD Auxillary grant-in-aid application for cement paving at Firehall. 30 in favour, 7 opposed. Granted. Cheque written.

Results of CA Board of Directors consideration of the following recommendations:

  1. The Grants-in-aid application procedure remains the same.
  2. Once the application has been reviewed for completeness by the directors it is posted for public circulation one week prior to the Affairs meeting.

The applicants present the application at the Affairs meeting and respond to queries from the floor. A universal paper ballot vote follows. 3. As # 2. Above, but only directors vote by paper ballot. The recommendation of the directors was unanimously subscribed that directors vote on paper ballot. Motion by Larry Myres, seconded by Rose Janelle that all three proposals go to the AGM in May to be voted on. Carried.

Regional Representative’s Report- Eric Geall: 

  • Eric has put forward two proposals to ACRD. The first being to amend the building code to have the federal building code conform to the provincial building code. The second, concerning the federal dock on the west-side to lobby the federal government that the community needs a larger voice. 
  • The 23rd of April there will be a meeting with the Ministry of Transport with the west-side road committee headed by Lars Mogensen.
  • There will be a meeting with BVFD Chief Mark Kelly about the search for a new chief. Eric hopes to have an announcement at next meeting.
  • Water committee meeting coming up. There are hopes of reducing the age of the water in the system.
  • Sewage. There was recently a meet And greet with the engineering group of McElhanney and Anacla, BMSC and Bamfield. Eric is seeking a referendum on the sewage issue for a new approach to waste management. Get your questions in to Eric for discussion. Contact Eric at regionaldirector@mybamfield.ca .-Motion by Max Salamon that the sewage issue be brought up at next CA meeting. Seconded S. Ochman. Carried.

Committee Reports BVFD Auxilliary- Janice Pierce:

  • Fund raising continues for the 2nd phase of building at the Firehall. Many fund raising events will be held throughout the summer.

Bamfield Beautification- Michelle vanBoven:

  • Five flower boxes have been built for the boardwalk for $411. Jerry Gassner and Justin Demoskoff built the boxes. Thank you.
  • The annual donation to Centennial Park for flowers will be made.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department- Mark Kelly:

  • Since the last CA meeting several volunteers from Anacla and BMSC have signed up. Thank you!

Huu-ay-aht Representative- Charlie Clappis:

  • A meeting with the Ministry of Transport revealed a program Bike BC. There is a possible grant for up to $100,000 that a municipality could apply for – seeking someone to champion this.
  • The 16th of April there was a Community Breakfast at Bamfield Community School – serving healthy alternatives for breakfast. Charlie brought Christopher Donison (Music By the Sea) and introduced him.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department –Larry Myres:

  • 12th of July 2014 Syd Baker Memorial Golf Tournament.

Emergency Preparedness – Linda Myres:

  • Earthquake-Tsunami presentations the 26th of March at the RIX Centre was attended by approximately 100 people!
  • 4th -10th of May is Emergency Preparedness week. For more information contact Linda at linda@mybamfield.ca

Bamfield Community Hall Society – Rose Janelle:

  • Easter Egg Hunt the 19th of April in Centennial Park was well attended. Thank you to Suzanne & Katharine Jennings for purchases.
  • AGM 25th of May with potluck preceding. 5:00pm @ the fire-hall.
  • The funds from the Aquilar House summer benefit have been located and will be sent to Centennial Park for dispersal.

West-side Road Committee- Lars Mogensen:

  • Wednesday the 23rd of April three representatives from Highways and representatives of Emcon will meet with road committee to discuss the condition of the roads and what sort of maintenance is possible.
  • Some interesting facts that Lars collected -West Bamfield Vehicles: Medium size trucks-3, Pickup trucks-24, SUV, Cars- 13, ATV’S-14, Fire truck, large-1, Fire truck, small 1, Excavators-2, Backhoes-2, Small motor bikes-2, Riding mowers-8, Bicycles-5 TOTAL VEHICLES= 75. 135 lots, 112 lots connected to water.3-4 thousand BMSC students & 25-40 ferry passengers walk to Brady’s Beach.

Bamfield Community School – Kristin Russell:

  • 22 April is Earth Day. There will be a clean-up at Pachena Beach starting at 10:00am. Everyone welcome to help.
  • The Community Lunch that was scheduled for the 7th of April has been rescheduled to 5th of May. This lunch is sponsored by the Huu-ay-aht First Nation and requests a R.S.V.P. to attend-lunch served at the school.
  • Ron Hamilton will be at Anacla the morning of May 5th to demonstrate the defeathering of the donated eagle. The public is invited to observe.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee - Stefan Ochman:

  • AGM Saturday the 26th of April 11:00am at the fire-hall.
  • Road grading and maintenance in previous years has been around $4 million per year, this past year $1million was spent…

Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest-Stefan Ochman:

  • The Ministry of Forests has not read the analysis yet – this is necessary to get a harvest license.

Bamfield Community School Association-Marton Jalkoczi:

  • Catherine Thompson is scheduled to return mid-May.
  • The After-school Program’s students’ short story submission date is near. Winning story will be published in the New Bamfielder.
  • The Buddy Read sessions are on Thursday from 12:45-1:15 in the classroom.
  • “Thank you to the BCSA Board of Directors for this opportunity and thanks to the community for the hospitality.” Marton will return to Hungary to visit family and then return to SFU.

Coast Guard-Mark Kelly:

  • Coast Guard will come to Community Affairs when the construction project is nearer completion.

Parks Canada/Huu-ay-aht Meeting-Lisa Bye:

  • Lisa and Dave Gerbrandt represented Bamfield at the meeting. There was a lot of positive talk.
  • Parks Canada is considering changing the fee schedule.
  • A Back-country Pass could be required to hike to Topaltos, Keeha or Cape Beale.
  • There was discussion of a loop trail around to Pachena. Trail construction volunteers would now be welcome to help.
  • Financial donations are welcome but would not be designated to a specific project but to the general coffers.

Old Business-Lynne Sweeting:

  • information: banners to welcome visitors to Music By the Sea would cost about $350 each.
  • A bill-board/event board could advertise such events. A sandwich board would cost about $220.

New Business- A Motion by Marc Phillips, seconded by Eric Geall to give $500 grant-in-aid money to Music By the Sea to show community support. Approved. Cheque written.

CBC will be filming a show “Of All Places…” Life and times in Bamfield 16th of May- 22nd of May. Film crew will be staying at McKay Bay Lodge. There will be one night of comedy at the RIX Centre during their visit.

The 2014 AGM will be Tuesday the 20th of May. 7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School. Suzanne Jennings will receive nominations for directors. Please contact her at 250 728 3336 or suzjen@shaw.ca to put your name forward.

Since the next meeting night falls on a holiday Tuesday 20th of May was chosen.