March 17, 2014

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting Unofficial Minutes

17th March 2014 7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Lynne & Rick Sweeting, Suzanne & Katharine Jennings, Sheryl & John Mass, JP Hastey, Eric Geall, Rose Janelle, Diana Bartach, Jerry Gassner, Janice Pierce, Max Salamon, Renia Charytonowicz, Linda & Larry Myres, Jean Richardson, Brad Anholt, Ed Friesen, Roger Demontigny, Charlie Clappis, Stefan Ochman, Mark Kelly, Lars Mogensen, Phil Lavoie, Michelle van Boven, Marton Jalkoczi, Judy Wertzke, Barry Otterson, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Minutes of 17 February 2014. Received. M/S E. Friesen/ R. Janelle.

Treasurer’s Report- Stefan Ochman: Balance as of 28 February 2014: Checking - $2,475.64 and Business High Interest Savings: $23,651.00. $500.00 cheque sent to Wild Safe BC for Mandy Ross’ Bear Aware campaign.

BVFD Auxiliary – Janice Pierce: Presented request for $5000 grant in aid money to cement parking area at Fire Hall (See attached application). This will be voted on at April Community Affairs meeting.

Bamfield Beautification – Michelle van Boven: Presented request for $200 grant in aid money to help replace 5 flower boxes and the soil in them. Vote was unanimously in favour of the grant request and a cheque was issued.

Parks Canada/ Huu ay aht meeting report (this meeting took place 7th of February) N/A.

Regional Representative’s Report – Eric Geall: Eric was away until the 16th of March but reported that Tanis Daggert will be presenting a working draft of the Bamfield-Huu ay aht Accord the 26th of April. For more information contact Eric at or 250 728 3647.

Bamfield Community School Association-Marton Jalkoczi: April 7th there will be a huge First Nation themed lunch and performance. The public is invited but please R.V.S.P. Contact Marton at 250 728 1220 or -8th April -14th April Toastmasters -16th April Hotcake Breakfast 8:00am-10:00am -16th April 6:00pm Trivia Time. Please R.S.V.P. -Hungary Slide Show and snacks -22nd April Earth Day Beach clean-up –From the 22nd April-15th of May There will be adjusted BCSA Office hours. The Office will be open only Thursdays & Fridays 9:00am-4:30pm. Catherine will return mid-May. -28th April Toastmasters

Bamfield Community Hall Society- Rose Janelle: The society has received approval to have the land surveyed in Centennial Park where the new Community Hall will be built. -19th April (Saturday) Easter Egg Hunt in Centennial Park- Watch for signs.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre – Brad Anholt: There are new funding possibilities on the horizon. –Met with the academic vice presidents of the five sponsoring universities recently and they were all very enthusiastic about BMSC. -The new Maintenance Manager is Scott Martin. –Brenda Spivey is in marketing. –Crissy Kjurkic is in the front office.

Abalone Project- Linda Myres: The final meeting of the board of directors was held. Linda presented abalone shells to Charlie Clappis for the Huu ay ahts because Larry Johnson was instrumental in helping get the project going, to Brad Anholt for BMSC’s participation and to Marton Jalkoczi for Bamfield Community School Association’s participation in the tripartite.

Emergency Preparedness – Linda Myres: The 26th of March the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 earthquake. Guest speakers from 7:00pm-9:00pm at the RIX Centre . Please come and ask questions. For more information contact Linda at:

Huu ay aht First Nation – Charlie Clappis: A new engineering firm (McElhanney) has been signed on. – Crushing and blasting rock for a proper road bed will be done. -2015 will be the first year of property tax at Anacla. –Active Living Society will have 10 participants in the Times Colonist marathon this spring and 4 in the Ucluelet Marathon.

Toastmasters Club – Charlie Clappis: The club is close to being recognized as an international club. The club meets the second and fourth Monday evening of each month. Everyone is welcome!

Bamfield Huu ay aht Community Forest – Stefan Ochman: The AGM was recently held. Stefan is the new president, Charlie Clappis is the vice-president and secretary, Bob Baden treasurer, other directors are Paul Demontigny, Geoffery Cook and Steven Rayner. -The Community Forest received remuneration of $5150.00 for the 60 hectares that were removed from community forest land. –The trees that were recently poached from community forest are going through the process of paperwork to determine the fine.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee – Stefan Ochman: The date of the AGM has been moved to 26th of April 11:00am at the firehall.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department – Mark Kelly: Mark is resigning the position of Fire Chief effective in October. No-one has responded to the Fire Chief job posting. Mark appealed to the community at large to get behind the fire department to actively get it going again. It will be a serious loss to the community to lose the department due to lack of participation - also, insurance rates will increase – ask Sooke.

West-side Roads – Lars Mogensen: Letter was mailed to Anne Molony in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Nanaimo, expressing the concerns of the safety and poor condition of the roads on the west-side. Ms. Molony has proposed a meeting, possibly in April, with her department, Emcon and Bamfield. A suggestion was made at Community affairs that perhaps the Huu ay ahts would be able to provide the required road material.

Chamber of Commerce – Phil Lavoie: There are currently 27 or 28 Chamber members. -The 2014 brochure is almost ready for circulation. –There is $500 earmarked for a memorial in West Park.

Music By the Sea – Lynne Sweeting: 17-25 boats may come to Bamfield this July for MBTS from the Victoria Yacht Club. Lynne would like to have some welcoming banners – she will look into the cost of having them made and report back.

Centennial Park – Louis Druehl: The traditional 1st of July celebration of BVFD parade, singing of “Oh, Canada”, hot dogs and maybe more - contact Eileen Scott, Roger Demontigny, Heather Cooper, John Mass or Louis Druehl with suggestions. Maybe an all-day celebration.

Huu ay aht Dock – Sheryl Mass: Donna Dunn (our nurse) has applied for another “Kids Don’t Float” sign and 12 kids’ life jackets for the Huu ay aht Dock sponsored by Canada Coast Guard and Mustang.

New Business: Lynne Sweeting made the motion to have Eric Geall ask ACRD what by-laws can be applied to the property (Bamfield Inn) across the road from West Park. It is unsafe and unsightly and needs to be cleaned up. Seconded: Ed Friesen. Unanimously carried.

Old Business: Discussion of motion made at February meeting that Directors reconsider the review process and eligibility requirements for grants-in-aid funding. The question will be sent to the directors. A response to the question will be presented at the April Community Affairs meeting. Meeting Adjourned @ 9:25pm. M/S S. Jennings/M. Salamon. Carried. Next meeting 21st of April 2014 7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School EVERYONE WELCOME!


BVFD Auxiliary Grant in Aid Application Budget

BVFD Auxiliary Grant in Aid Application Form

BVFD Auxiliary Grant in Aid Project Description

BVFD Auxiliary letter requesting Grant in Aid

Submitted by Rae Hopkins