February 17, 2014

Community Affairs Meeting Unofficial Minutes

17 February 2014

Present: Stefan Ochman (chair), Russell Dyson (ACRD), Tanis Dagert (Alberni Valley Health Network), Brad Anholt, Bob Baden, Charlie Clappis, Jeff Cook, Joe Cooper, Roger Demontigny, Eric Geall, Dave Gerbrandt, Marton Jalkoczi, Cheryl Mass, John Mass, Rich Palmer, Marc Phillips, Kristin Russell, Eileen Scott, Jean Richardson.

Meeting comes to order 7:35 pm.

Approval of minutes from 20 January 2014.

Moved: E. Scott Seconded: M. Phillips

Carried Unanimously.

Treasurer's Report (Stefan Ochman)

Current total bank balance $23, 620.

Online banking account created; allows 1 director to do transaction online, approval required by 2nd director for transaction to go through.

Presentation from Russell Dyson, ACRD – 2014 Regional Budget

Russell emphasized that all numbers he presented are still preliminary (draft budget).

  • reviewed history of region, its vision, services, regional financial rules, board's priorities, ACRD services

  • 5 budget issues identified: parks & trails, solid waste review, recycling changes, gas tax projects, water quality

  • proposed 2014 region wide apportionment for Bamfield 3.45%; overall ACRD requisition down slightly for 2014

  • Proposed 2014 Bamfield residential tax rates (changes from 2013)

    • regional and rural planning down 13.6% & 28.4%

    • general government costs and waste management up 34.8% & 16.2% (increased waste produced, esp. in Bamfield)

    • electoral area administration, up 29.7% (because election year)

    • regional parks previously no budget, $10k in budget this year

    • Overall ~7% increase for Bamfield

  • in Bamfield, 55% decrease in assessment for managed forest land ($7.2 – $3.3 million) -> ACRD staff are looking into this

Presentation from Tanis Dagert (Alberni-Clayoquot Health Network)

Tanis provided history of Island Health Network:

  • nearly 2 years ago Island Health Network created with 5 areas of focus: develop network, build membership; healthy children & youth; afford and accessible transportation; affordable living; health literacy

  • Tanis was hired as coordinator; after visiting Bamfield/Anacla she decided to focus on restoring the path between Anacla and Bamfield; to this end she began working on community accord based on similar accords done by other communities

Tanis has been working with Eric, Kathy Waddell & Jeff Cook; next step is to bring key stakeholders together

  • provided copies of current draft accord, encouraged feedback

Regional Director's Report (Eric Geall)

  • current focus for region is budgeting
  • Eric put forward 3 motions to AVICC (Assoc. of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities)
  • addressing disparity between federal and regional building codes; this motion was warmly received and passed.
  • marine infrastructure review; motion passed, still being looked into
  • promoting a larger voice for small communities in treaty process; rejected unanimously
  • some progress with plans for path between Anacla & Bamfield, possible funding sources; rough estimate is that cost will be about $100k

Committee Reports

Huu-Ay-Aht Updates (Jeff Cook)

  • Fleming Island update
  • Deep sea port – stressed feasibility study only at this stage
  • Waste water treatment plant
  • HFN working on 20 year strategic plan
  • Re-organizing admin. structure, adding 6 new positions because service all citizens regardless of where they live

Eric noted that Port Alberni Port Authority offered to meet with community affairs re: possible island transportation hub; general agreement that we should take them up on this after feasibility study completed

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (Brad Anholt)

  • Pub-Ed. up and running
  • Working on pursuing newly available funds from federal government through Canadian Foundation for Innovation; also have new researcher starting work at station with access to Howard Hughes Institute funding
  • Currently in midst of hiring new maintenance manager

Parks (Eileen Scott)

  • books updated to end of year
  • finishing up work on Memorial Tree
  • applications made for summer student funds
  • Eileen plans to retire; need someone to take over

Historical Society (Marc Phillips)

  • Ron Long is visiting from Vancouver, providing photography hints and also information on best archival methods

BCSA (Marton Jalkoczi)

  • very successful Hoops for Heart (over $800 raised by 6 students); also very successful first community lunch of 2014, with >50 attendees

Upcoming Events:

  • Wed. 7:30 pm Talk on Botswana by Ron Long
  • Thurs. 12 pm Community lunch ($5)
  • 22 Feb: Preschool group
  • 24 Feb: Toastmasters 7pm
  • Malaysian cooking class 5:30 pm
  • 25 Feb: Community night at the school
  • 4 March: Spanish slide show (by donation)
  • 8 March: Preschool playgroup
  • 10 March: Toastmasters
  • 11 March: Community night at school
  • 13 March: Free Celebratory Community lunch (if RSVP!)
  • 15 March: Computer class 11 am

Autographed Alice Munro books to be raffled at Authors, Oysters, & Ale to raise funds for literacy; raffle tickets $1 each and available at school and at The Market

School News (Kristin Russell)

  • Students went on field trip to Port Alberni – visited museum and saw theatre show by visiting Vancouver theatre troupe
  • Kids had very busy and active 'hoops for heart' day – visited Donna Dunn for blood pressure checks, played games.

BCHS (Jean Richardson)

  • Successful and fun Robbie Burns dinner – thanks to The Market for fantastic meal.
  • Survey of site for new community hall in works

Bamfield Community Forest (Stefan Ochman)

  • Timber supply analysis; hope to get license for logging forest soon
  • AGM 27 Feb Thursday @ 5 pm at Firehall

Bamfield Road Safety Association (Stefan Ochman)

  • Hope to schedule AGM soon, probably mid-March

Discussion of recent Cape Beale headlands visionary meeting hosted by parks; noted that Parks now willing to have volunteers work on clearing trail, looking at imposing fees for hiking trail

New Business

Motion that Board of Directors reconsider the review process and eligibility requirements for grants-in-aids funding..

Moved: B. Baden Seconded: C. Mass

Discussion: Suggestion that grants-in-aid funding decisions by made by Comm. Affairs Board of Directors and that only organizations not already supported by tax funding be eligible (since grants-in-aids funds represents tax dollars)

Carried unanimously.

Motion to Adjourn: E. Geall Seconded: B. Anholt

Meeting adjourned at 9:03 pm.

Submitted by Jean Richardson