January 20, 2014

Bamfield Community Affairs Unofficial Minutes

20 January 2014

Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Kristin Russell, Marton Jalkoczi, Ed Friesen, Jane Morrison, Eileen Scott, Joe Cooper, Dave Gerbrandt, Stefan Ochman, Marc Phillips, Jean Richardson, Lisa Herbig, Diana Bartach, Jerry Gassner, Lars Mogenson, Rose Janelle, Eric Geall, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order @ 7:34pm

Minutes of 18 November 2013 – M/S J. Richardson/ L. Mogenson. Received.

Treasurer’s Report – Stefan Ochman: Coastal Community Credit Union balance of checking account is $8975.00 - $.08 interest. CCCU savings account $17,620.00 - $14.95 interest. M/S E. Friesen/ J. Cooper. Received. M/S S. Ochman/E. Friesen That Stefan move funds from chequing to savings. Carried by show of hands.

Correspondence – R. Hopkins noted that BVFD Auxiliary has submitted a Grants in Aid request. Janice Pierce will present the application at the March 2014 Community Affairs meeting.

Regional Representative’s Report – Eric Geall: Discussion if Community Affairs should return any Grants in Aid money to ACRD or to reduce annual amount requested from ACRD. It was decided that this will remain as it is now. –Eric attended an in-camera meeting with the federal government concerning the future of the Westside Government Dock. Bamfield does not have the finances to maintain this structure. Eric will seek other communities in the same predicament to find out what they do or will do. It was suggested that Eric contact BC Ferries because they oversee the Lady Rose/Francis Barkley operations with the contract to carry the mail to Bamfield and Kildonan as there is no public road for transport of mail. Eric said he will provide federal contact information. -S. Ochman made the motion that Eric send out the information about what was offered for the dock, the availability of the offer and what does the Lady Rose pay to use the dock. Seconded by J. Richardson. Carried. -Water Meeting was held the 15th of January at the school. Those that attended included Andy Daniels (ACRD), Morgan Kenna, Larry Johnson (HFN Forestry), Dr. Hasselback (Cental Island Medical Officer). Bamfield water quality was discussed. Dr. Hasselback suggested the use of a Britta water filter. Eric said we have good water. $80,000 will be spent to test the water quality to determine how to treat the water. If someone has a well on their property call Eric to have the water tested. -Port Development of Port Alberni and the Huu-ay-ahts have a favourable proposal for development of port facilities.

-The mayor of Port Alberni and West Coast General Hospital feel there is a discrepancy between the federal and provincial building codes. Clarification needs to be made to bring structures up to code. –Eric feels that Treaty issues were rubber stamped by federal and provincial bodies. -Check-out the Alberni-Clayoquot Health Network webpage on the Community Portal -Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Accord to be put on the February Agenda . –In response to an interview with Eric in the Alberni Valley Times (Dec. 23, 2013) that quoted Eric “It really depends on the demographic. We’ve got some older folks who are reticent to change and that’s pretty much an across the board sentiment.” There was much discussion about publicly saying negative things about Bamfield to reporters. It was generally agreed that as a group Bamfielders are pro-change. For Eric’s complete report please contact him at regionaldirector@mybamfield.ca

Bamfield Community Emergency Program – Eric Geall for Linda Myres: On Wednesday March 26th at 7:00pm Bamfield Community Emergency Program will be hosting a commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska earthquake and tsunami that effected the west coast of North America on March 27th, 1964. The event will be held at the Rix Centre for Ocean Discovery at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. The Bamfield Community School students will be opening the event with a special presentation. People will be invited to share their firsthand experiences or shared stories from the effect of the tsunami in Bamfield or Port Alberni. Emergency Management BC and Environment Canada will be attending with presentations and will be open to questions. The BCEP will take questions about our community plan. The Anacla Emergency coordinator will be participating in the event as well. All Bamfield and Anacla residents are invited to participate. Light refreshments will be served. If anyone has questions about the event please contact Linda Myres 250 728 1233 or communityemergency@mybamfield.ca Be aware of why we should be prepared!

Westside Road Committee-Lars Mogenson: The committee consists of Lars, Jerry Gassner, Bonnie McKay and Lynne Sweeting. The committee toured the westside roads and took photos of the rain-filled roads. -The committee has drafted a letter to Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in Nanaimo describing the condition of the roads and requesting a meeting with the Ministry to discuss what the Ministry will do to improve the roads and ensure the public’s safety. –Jean Richardson made the motion that Community Affairs support Lars and committee to send letter to Ministry of Transportation and Community Affairs supports the good work of the committee. Seconded by E. Friesen. Carried.

Bamfield Community School Association- Marton Jalkoczi: Marton will replace Catherine Thompson as BCSA Coordinator for four months.

  • The Breakfast Program has been very successful.
  • February event schedule:
    • 4th- Malaysia Slideshow with food (by donation,RSVP), school
    • 8th -Preschool Playgroup, school
    • 10th-Toastmasters, school
    • 11th-Community Night, school
    • 11th -Computer Class, school
    • 16th-Home Maintenance Workshop, school
    • 17th-Community Affairs, school
    • 19th-The amazing game parks of Namibia and Botswana Presentation, school
    • 20th- Community Lunch, school ($5.00,RSVP) 
    • 22nd-Preschool Playgroup, school
    • 24th- Toastmasters, school
    • 24th Malaysian Cooking Class (by donation, RSVP), firehall
    • 25th-Community Night, school
    • 25th Computer Class, school 

For more information please contact Marton Jalkoczi, BCSA Acting Coordinator 250 728 1220 or martonj.bcsa@gmail.com

Bamfield Community School- Kristin Russell:

  • The school be taking a field trip the 29th of January to Port Alberni. The students will be visiting the Historical Museum and attending a theatre production at Maquinna School.
  • Const. Pete Batt will be visiting the school.
  • Marie Neufield and Pat will be coming to teach Huu-ay-aht language.
  • There will be a concert the last week of February.

Bamfield Community Hall Society- Rose Janelle:

  • The Christmas Social was, again, a very successful event.
  • The mid-winter event is the Robbie Burns Dinner the 25th of January at the firehall. This year’s event will catered by The Market. Prime rib and haggis on the menu.

Bamfield Centennial Park -Eileen Scott:

  • $20,000 in investments, $25,000 & $30,000 in the bank.
  • During the deep freeze in December a water pipe broke in the Information Centre which Roger Demontigny has repaired.

Bamfield Community Forest Huu-ay-aht – Stefan Ochman:

  • There has been a theft of logs from the community forest that is being dealt with.
  • Assessment of the water shed is being done now in consideration of logging the area.
  • The AGM will be held in February.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee – Stefan Ochman: The AGM will be held in February.

Bamfield Historical Society – Marc Phillips:

  • Houses of Bamfield continues to be a big seller bringing income to the society.
  • Reel to reel tapes from the 1970’s were given to the Historical Society. The recording was a CBC program “Between Ourselves”. There will be a link to CBC to be able to listen to the recording.
  • Heather Alexander has volunteered to take over the Historical Society website.
  • Ron Long from SFU will come to Bamfield to talk about archiving.
  • The Uyede and Hiraoki families that formerly lived in Bamfield may visit Bamfield this summer.

The New Bamfielder – Louis Druehl:

  • There are regularly 2,000 hits a month on The New Bamfielder site!
  • Donations to The New Bamfielder are providing individual piano lessons for students at the Community School. Fiona Hawkes is the piano instructor. Thank you to all donors.

Old Business - Rae Hopkins for Lynne Sweeting: Lynne had a reply from Department of Highways that ACRD has to apply to the Ministry of Transportation on Bamfield’s behalf for road allowance for parking on the eastside. Lynne has sent ACRD this request but has heard nothing yet.

New Business Teri Fong, Manager of Finance, ACRD will attend February Community Affairs to present the draft Financial Plan.

Cape Beale Trail- Parks Canada has extended an invitation to Bamfield and Anacla to attend a Cape Beale headlands visioning/discussion February 7th at Board room,Huu-ay-aht First Nation, Government Office, Anacla. 10:00am to 2:00pm. Lunch will be served. Limited space please RSVP by 28th January to Carly Duckmanton carley.duckmanton@pc.gc.ca or 250 726 3513.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:35pm. Submitted by Rae Hopkins


Next Meeting February 17, 2014 7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School EVERYONE WELCOME!