November 18, 2013

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting Unofficial Minutes 18 November 2013 7:30pm @ Bamfield Community SchoolAttendance: Ed Friesen, Roger Demontigny, Lisa & Peter Herbig, Brad Anholt, Eileen Scott, Catherine Thompson, Jerry Gassner, Diana Bartach, Eric Geall, Lars Mogensen, Jean Richardson, Stefan Ochman, Donna Dunn, Mike Rose, Max Salamon, Anne Stewart, JP Hasty, Louis Druehl, Rae HopkinsMeeting called to order @ 7:31pm.Treasurer’s Report- Stefan Ochman: Credit Union chequing account balance $8975.37; interest $.09. Cheque written for $2000 for BVFD Fireworks Grant in Aid. Credit Union high interest savings account: $17,590.64; interest $14.93. E. Friesen moved to receive, L. Mogensen seconded. Show of hands. Received.Regional Representative’s Report – Eric Geall:

  • Eric received a letter from Morgan Kenna, Island Timberlands’ communication officer, that included a map of the cut block area which includes water shed area that affects Sugsaw Lake (Bamfield’s water source).
  • Concerning recent water quality alert, Eric turned the floor over to Donna Dunn our RPN. Donna stated that the Medical Officer with ACRD is concerned with the level of trihalomethane (THM) in the Bamfield water system. ACRD will continue to monitor THM levels. Drinking water is chlorinated to kill bacteria and viruses. Donna also noted that Vancouver Island Health Authority is now known as Island Health.
  • In discussion it was pointed out that logging in the water shed vicinity would increase the organic particulates in the lake that would need to be treated in the Bamfield water system. It was also pointed out that there are organics in any lake.
  • Kohrs is the new engineering firm for ACRD.
  • Ministry of Transportation and Emcom made a presentation to ACRD updating ditching and invasive plant species (knot weed). Brian McKay’s excavator will be used on the west side when Brian is back in town.

West Side Road Conditions- Lars Mogensen:

  • Lars recently spoke with Barry Dales, Superintendent, Emcom about the disrepair of the west side roads and the immediate repair that needs to be done. Barry Dales has talked to Brian McKay to do the repairs to make the roads safe for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Recently, 3 people from Highways were inspecting the Boardwalk and had concern about the condition of the aluminum staircase and the back roads.
  • Lars has spoken with Eric about getting funding and feels that Eric could use a subcommittee to pursue this cause. Bonnie MacKay, Lynne Sweeting and Jerry Gassner have volunteered to be on this committee. Upgrade designation is determined by usage and Eric doesn’t see much hope. Lars added it is also determined by number of residents.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee- Stefan Ochman

  • Bridge at Headquarters Bay (Parson’s Bridge @26K) is to be replaced. THE BAMFIELD ROAD WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY DECEMBER 6TH @ 6:00PM UNTIL MONDAY MORNING DEC. 9TH @ 6:00AM.

Bamfield Marine Science Centre-Brad Anholt:

  • Fall Term is nearing the end of its season.
  • New branding with new logo, signage and merchandise will be seen in the early spring.
  • Sewage –Negotiations continue.

Island Health- Donna Dunn

  • Nasal flu spray for children will be here by the end of the month.

Bamfield Centennial Park- Eileen Scott

  • The Information Centre is closed for the winter.

Bamfield Community School Association- Catherine Thompson:

  • 25th Nov.- Toastmasters: 7pm @ School
  • 27th Nov. – Community Lunch- East Indian Cuisine. Only $5.00- chai tea, veggie samosas, chicken tikka masala with rice and dessert. Please RSVP to avoid the waitlist and help us plan numbers. Last month The Market fed 43 people at the Community Lunch! Yum!
  • 1st Dec.- Christmas Craft Fair @ School. 11am-2pm.
  • 5th Dec.-6:30pm. Small Motor Maintenance class with Gord Hawkins. RSVP with Catherine to let her know if you have any specific questions or things you are interested in. This is part of the BCSA Life Skills series.
  • 9th Dec.- Last Toastmasters before Christmas. 7pm @ School.
  • Evening of the 19th Dec.- School Christmas Concert and a visit from Santa.
  • 20th Dec.- Christmas Library social – Tea and desserts in the Library. Don’t miss out on your last chance to get books and DVDs before the School closes for Christmas.
  • In January the Afterschool Club and a Preschool Playgroup will be starting.

Bamfield Community Hall Society- Jean Richardson:

  • 7th Dec.- Hall Christmas Social @ Rix Centre.
  • No General Membership Meeting in November as there is nothing new to present.
  • Ideas are welcome for the new Community Hall plans.

Old Business Cape Beale Trail- Rae Hopkins for Lynne Sweeting:

  • Lynne continues to champion for the improvements to the Cape Beale Trail with continued talks with Barb Britain, Parks Canada. Parks Canada is now sounding a lot less positive about trail upgrades. Barb is planning to attend Community Affairs. Lynne will keep us updated and continue pressure for improvements.

Cell Phone Service- Rae Hopkins for Lynne Sweeting:

  • Lynne has a file # regarding improved cell phone communication for Bamfield/Anacla. She says this will take time and wonders if we should start a petition to get these improvements.
  • Lynne is feeling that perhaps she is not fulfilling her responsibility as a Community Affairs Director because she cannot regularly attend meetings. It was unanimously felt her endeavours were greatly appreciated and she has made significant contacts for these projects. Please continue your great work. Thank you, Lynne!

New Business Huu-ay-aht – Bamfield Accord – Louis Druehl:

  • Huu-ay-ahts have requested a representative from Community Affairs to sit on the Accord working document committee.
  • Catherine Thompson will represent CA and will report back.

Poaching Wildlife- Roger Demontigny:

  • Reported that at least 6 Roosevelt Elk have been shot and left to rot. If you witness any suspicious activity call no charge: 1 877 952 RAPP(1 877 952 7277) Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) (24 hours/7 days a week).

West side Dock Shed- Lars Mogensen:

  • Shed is full of “Free Stuff” AKA JUNK! Needs signage to remind folks to take everything across the Inlet to the Waste Transfer Station.
  • The Share Shed on the east side is a great place to visit.
  • Eric will follow-up with ACRD.

Island Timberland

  • Eric will take to ACRD that logging in Bamfield’s watershed is not acceptable.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:50pm. Submitted by Rae HopkinsSeason’s Best to Everyone!The Next Meeting will be in 2014!20th January 2014 7:30pm @ Bamfield Community SchoolEVERYONE WELCOME!