October 21, 2013

Bamfield Community Affairs Unofficial Minutes 21 October 2013 - 7:30pm @ BCS

Attendance: Suzanne & Katharine Jennings, Ed Friesen, Lars Mogensen, Bonnie MacKay, Kristin Russell, Heather & Joe Cooper, Lisa & Peter Herbig, Lauren Harding, Steve Keleny, Linda & Larry Myres, Roger Demontigny, JP Hasty, Stefan Ochman, Bob Baden, Phil Lavoie, Anne Stewart, Max Salamon, Emily Wenstob, Diana Bartach, Jerry Gassner, Charlie Clappis, Jean & John Beckham, Dave Gerbrandt, Chris Donison, Brian Douillard, Rose Janelle, Wendy Lukas, Andrea Butler, Catherine Thompson, Eileen Scott, Ben Clappis, Jean Richardson, Henry Clappis, Marc Phillips, Eric Geall, Dave Guren, Justin Demoskoff, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order @ 7:32pm.

Minutes 16 September 2013. M/S L. Mogensen/ S. Ochman. Received.

BVFD Grant in Aid Phil Lavoie. Deputy BVFD, presented a letter (see attached) from Fire-chief Mark Kelly appealing to the community to pass the requested funding of $2000.00 for 2013 Halloween Fireworks display. Motion to receive the letter from BVFD by P. Lavoie, seconded by E. Wenstob. Discussion. Point made that the Directors do not make the final decision. Vote was taken. Request passed 32 yes, 10 no.

ACRD Parks and Trails-Anne Stewart: The ACRD steering committee is trying to come up with plans for parks and trails in the regional district. There had been an open house earlier in the day at the firehall. Posters will go up at Bamfield Community School for viewing and the public is encouraged to add their vision for the area. One example is the desire to have a good trail between Anacla and Bamfield.

Regional Representative’s Report – Eric Geall: Eric was asked to condense the town hall meeting. There was a town hall meeting earlier today at the firehall with which Eric hoped to reach all constituents. He feels the post treaty environment has not been fulfilled by Community Affairs and would like to see all groups work together. Bamfield water quality was pointed out to contain carcinogenics due to the chlorination of the water – Eric is using a Brita water filter. Parks and trails in ACRD and Community Affairs were discussed. Music By the Sea needs community support. Sewer system between Anacla and BMSC – was there community discussion? and not clear if an agreement between Huu ay ahts and BMSC? West dock is too expensive for community to maintain but new legislation is coming in so community needs to keep the pressure on the federal government to keep operating it. Thank you to Loretta and Christina for the pizza at town hall meeting. Specific concerns can be presented to Eric at regionaldirector@mybamfield.ca

Committee Reports Bamfield Community Hall Society-Rose Janelle: Rose read letter explaining docks purchased with Grant in Aid money. (See attached). A motion was made by S. Ochman and seconded by P. Lavoie to let $6000.00 remain in Bamfield Community Hall account for the ultimate use to build a float at the base of Nuthatch road. Passed.

Bamfield Community School Association-Catherine Thompson:

  • 28th of Oct. Toastmasters meet at 7:00pm at the school. New members welcome. Come and learn more.
  • 29th Oct. Student Pumpkin Carving at 1:30pm. Everyone is welcome to join in and take part in the fun. Thank you to Bamfield Volunteer Fire Dept. Auxiliary for purchasing the pumpkins.
  • 30th Oct. Resume writing with Hana Kucera 7:00pm at the school.
  • 31st Oct. Halloween Community Lunch 12:00 noon at the school. $5.00. Menu includes 3 types of salad, witches brew, panic bannock and brownies and blondies for dessert. Please reply by 29th Oct. so number of guests can be determined.
  • 12th Nov. Cooking class featuring “Mexican” at the firehall. RSVP required.
  • 14th Nov. Here We Come event. A screening event for preschoolers and their families will take place in Port Alberni from 6:15pm until 7:30pm. SD #70 will be providing support for all families that wish to attend. Information and details will be passed on as Catherine receives them.

Arts Council-Andrea Butler: Mushroom display will be coming down soon in Cougar Pass.

Bamfield Harbour Authority-Wendy Lukas: Moorage is down but BHA is still in the black. Dock Manager has submitted resignation. Other harbours are being contacted to determine the best operation methods and once this has been determined the job description will be posted.

Bamfield Centennial Park-Eileen Scott: Park has to apply to the government in December for summer works students. The Westside Park is looking great thanks to the help of volunteers and funds from Parks. There is $37,000 in bank account and $41,000 has been invested.

Provincial Emergency Preparedness-Linda Myres: 17th of Oct. Shakeout BC exercise was a success. Be Prepared not Scared.

BVFD Auxiliary-Linda Myres: 26th Oct. The most anticipated dance of the year – Halloween Dance featuring Chumbucket at the firehall. 50 pumpkins were purchased by BVFD Auxiliary for children at Anacla and Bamfield.

Bamfield Huu ay aht Community Forest-Stefan Ochman: It took the government 6-8 months to read the Forest Management plan for 2012. Dennis Morgan found SFS forestry data and has sent it on to Stefan who has sent it to the government. The Annual General Meeting will be in December.

Page 3. Community Affairs min. 21 Oct ’13 cont.

Bamfield Road Safety Committee-Stafan Ochman: Western Forest Road person told Stefan a bridge on the Bamfield Road would be closed Nov 29th – Dec 2nd but maybe this has now changed to before the 29th Nov or after the 2nd of Dec. Stefan will keep us posted.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Dept-Larry Myres:

  • 26th Oct Halloween Dance at the firehall. 31st Oct Fireworks-weather permitting. West Park will have a bon-fire, potluck and celebrate Mitch’s birthday. New members always welcome at BVFD
  • 30th Oct AGM. Public welcome.
  • 13 Nov Open House – Canucks ticket draw. $5.00 a ticket available at General Store, The Market, the P.O.and Breakers Marine. 8:00pm draw.

Bamfield Historical Society-Heather Cooper: Fiona Hawkes worked in the Archives all summer scanning all of the old Bamfielders. The new website address is www.bamfieldhistory.com A fund raiser will be to sell copies of heritage pictures and the proceeds will be shared between BCSA and the Historical Society. To request a search of archival material a form(available in the BCSA office) needs to be filled out and within a week the material requested will be available. Next summer’s show will feature Bamfield in WWII. Heritage Week is in February and will have a speaker.

Music By the Sea-Chris Donison: The 10th Anniversary will be in two years. Now working toward a Bamfield community liason to help improve and strengthen the MBTS administration. Please contact Chris at www.musicbythesea.ca if you are able to help.

The New Bamfielder-Louis Druehl: Funds from the New Bamfielder are sponsoring a ukulele band at the Bamfield Community School led by Shale Shore from BMSC. Christmas Concert here they come! www.bamfielder.ca

Old Business Lynne Sweeting is composing a letter describing the treacherous road conditions within Bamfield, particularly west Bamfield. Lars Mogensen stated that it is the worst that he has ever seen in west Bamfield and becoming more dangerous. Lars suggested that the Regional Director initiate some action to improve the situation.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:05pm Submitted by Rae Hopkins