September 16, 2013

Bamfield Community Affairs Society Unofficial Minutes

16 September 2013 7:30 pm @ Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Hedy & Roger Demontigny, Steve Clarke, Lynne & Rick Sweeting, Ed Friesen, Denice Roberge, Marc Phillips, Lauren Harding, Catherine Thompson, Sheryl Mass, Jean Richardson, Stefan Ochman, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order @ 7:32pm

Minutes of 16 June 2013 approved.

Treasurer’s Report - Stefan Ochman: As of 30th June 2013 the Business High Interest Savings Account – interest of $15.38 bringing the total to $17,529.71. As of 14th of August deposited $10,000.00 into the Chequing Account bringing the total to $11,000.00 and Savings Account total is $5.16. Report received.

Regional Director’s Report- neither the Regional Representative or Alternate were in attendance. No report has been received since 18th of March 2013.

Committee Reports Memorial Tree -Steve Clarke: A bronze plaque will be installed in the future.

BCSA – Catherine Thompson:

  • 22nd September-BCSA Life Skills Series - Jam Making with Michelle van Boven – Sunday, 2:00pm @ the Firehall. Space is limited to 6 spots so please reserve your spot early if you are interested. -
  • 23rd Sept. - Toastmasters (2nd & 4th Monday of each month) @ the school. Contact Catherine for more information.
  • 27th Sept. Resume & Cover Letter Writing w/ Hana Kucera 7:00pm @ school.
  • October 9th BCSA AGM – Community BBQ @ 4:30pm with AGM to follow. -
  • 3rd Annual BCSA Oysters, Authors and Ale on Saturday the 14th was a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended. Thank you to all of the volunteers, donors, authors, musicians and community members who took part! The event brought in over $4000.00 but the expenses still have to be determined.

Bamfield-Huu ay aht Community Forest – Stefan Ochman: Not much activity during the summer. The Provincial Government has commented on the Forest Management Plan: a timber supply analysis needs to be reconsidered. Stefan needs to find the timber supply data that SFS provided a few years ago. This has to happen before any cutting takes place.

Bamfield Road Safety Association – Stefan Ochman: George Nookemus did 10 hours of bush-whacking and scotch-broom removal along the Bamfield/Anacla Road. He will be submitting an invoice. –The Ministry of Transportation promised brushing along the road and a good job was done in August. -It was brought to Stefan’s attention that the metal stairs from the boardwalk by the cat colony are collapsing. -Lynne Sweeting will write to Ministry of Highways to alert them to the terrible condition of the roads on the westside. Stefan suggested she needs to get a file number and send a copy of her letter to Dr. Lunney as well as to the Road Assoc. and he will follow up.

Bamfield Historical Society – Steve Clarke: A box of photographs and a set of scales from the Cable Station were sent from a fellow at Lake Cowichan who was the first manager of Teleglobe in Port Alberni.

Bamfield Community Hall Society – Louis Druehl: The Harvest Dinner was well attended. -The Alberni Clayoquot Regional District has given access to 2 acres of Centennial Park for construction of a Community Hall. Members of the regional district came to a meeting in Bamfield and offered to determine the cost of a new building when given the dimensions of such a building. Still waiting to hear. There are grants out there that could help with the funding of the hall project.

-Since there has been a noticeable lack of representation or reports from the many committees in Bamfield particularly ones that have received Grant in Aid monies a Motion was made by Lynne Sweeting, seconded by Rae Hopkins that a written report be required on a regular basis at general Community Affairs meetings (regularly held on the third Monday of the month with a few exceptions). Unanimously passed. -Another Motion. Sheryl Mass made the motion, seconded by Lynne Sweeting to ask the Bamfield Community Hall Society what it intends to do with the $6000.00 that was granted for floats? Will the money be returned to Community Affairs? If nothing is done the money should be returned. Unanimously passed.

Old Business

BVFD applied for $2000.00 Grant in Aid for 2013 Halloween fireworks. Directors felt the application met the requirements but were not pleased with the concept that funding was expected year after year and most felt the amount requested was excessive. Discussion followed: It was felt the displays were becoming too extravagant, amount requested too high, there was no commercial value for monies invested, too much tax-payer money was being used, the same application should not be used year after year and give feedback to BVFD before motion to vote.

It was agreed that everyone enjoys the fireworks. The comments will be sent to BVFD before the next Community Affairs meeting in October.

Fleming Island Logging Petition – Louis Druehl: Not much response to the community petition. Jeffery Cook, Huu ay aht First Nation and MP Lunney’s office were the only ones to reply. Hon. Steve Thomson Min. of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, MLA Scott Fraser, Hon. Shirley Bond BC Min. of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and CBC Radio Victoria were all no response.

New Business

Mandy Ross submitted an application for Grant in Aid funding for $500.00 to start a Bear Aware program in Bamfield which is a Provincial program to, among other things, educate locals and tourists about bear/human interactions. Application was presented by Rae Hopkins. Discussion. The suggestion was made that this be done under the umbrella of Community Affairs. A Motion was made by Marc Phillips that the application be accepted through Community Affairs. Steve Clarke seconded. Unanimously carried. Mandy will be asked where the money should be sent.

Bamfield Trail to Cape Beale – Lynne Sweeting: Lynne has written to Parks Canada in Ucluelet but has had no reply yet.

Cell Phone Service – Lynne Sweeting asks why no cell phone service throughout Bamfield and Anacla? Beside being a major inconvenience it is a safety hazard in that no calls can be made in case of an emergency situation. Lynne will write a letter to Telus with copies to Parks Canada and Community Affairs.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:00pm submitted by Rae Hopkins


21 October 2013 (Monday)

7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School