May 21, 2013

Bamfield Community Affairs Society Meeting

Unofficial Minutes

21 May 2013

Immediately following AGM @ Bamfield Community School


Attendance: Marc Phillips, Judith Phillips, Brad Anholt, Suzanne Jennings, Catherine Thompson, Wendy Lukas, Brian Douillard, Rick Sweeting, Lynne Sweeting, Charlie Clappis, Roger Demontigny, Linda Myers, Jane Morrison, Stefan Ochman, Diana Dube, Lauren Harding, Robert Nadig, Kerry Hlatky, Jean Richardson.

Regrets: Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins, Eileen Scott, Ed Friessen

Minutes of 15 April 2013 received.

Treasurer's Report – Linda Myers: No cheques or disbursements. $22.76 received in interest. Current assets are: $18,503.24. Clarification of grants-in-aid expenditures provided (query from L. Sweeting re: breakdown). Report Received. (Moved by Jean Richardson, Seconded by Roger Demontigny.)

Other Business:

  • Discussion followed on reporting for grants-in-aid, in particular grant given to Hall Society; that grant preceded current reporting requirements.
  • Further discussion on the role of Community Affairs as an 'overview society' that should be receiving reports from other community societies. Could CA ask for more regular updates from other committees, especially those that receive grants-in-aid?
  • Message relayed from Les Butler that Bamfield water might be off 22-24 May. Linda Myers was able to clarify based on her discussion with John Thomas (ACRD): meters were being installed 22-24 May; possible outages would affect only airport residents and would be for only for a short time during the day of 23 May.
  • Diana Dube announced the school would be having a fundraiser on Saturday, 25 May to raise monies for two school field trips: to Port Alberni on Thursday 23 May and a camping trip to Diana Island June 7-9. The fundraising is from 10 am to 2 pm and includes: car wash, loonie-twony auction, cake-walk, bingo and other carnival activities.


BCSA – Catherine Thompson: PALS May 28th at 4:30 pm. Dinner, activity and take home resources for parents and preschoolers. Please RSVP by the 24th.

  • Photo contest has begun. Deadline for entry is July 19th. No limit on number of photos you can submit; $2 per entry. Youth and adult categories.
  • BCSA has begun accepting entries for the Short Story and Poetry competition. Oysters, Authors & Ale will take place in the Fall this year.
  • Community lunch, May 29th: All you can eat pancakes for $5.

Bamfield Huu ay Aht Community Forest – Stefan Ochman: Management plan apparently reviewed by staff and they have requested changes, but short-staffed and have not yet provided changes they would like. The stewardship plan cannot move forward until the management plan is approved.

Bamfield Road Safety – Stefan Ochman: AGM held 27 April. Money is available, projects needed!

Discussion ensued regarding removal of Scotch broom along road and whether it would be worthwhile to pay for removal. Perhaps hire a brusher truck for more efficient removal. Removal must occur in April/May before seed set. Therefore we would have to be plan for next year.

Motion that CA advance $250 to hire someone to cut down some of Scotch broom (esp. larger plants). Stefan Ochman will arrange this and invoice CA.

Moved by: Lynne Sweeting Seconded by: Marc Phillips

Passed unanimously.

Bamfield Harbour Authority – Wendy Lukas: new dinghy dock is in place and arrangements being made for fire extinguishers.

Meeting Adjourned 8:40 pm.

Next Meeting:

Monday the 17th of June 2013

7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School