April 15, 2013

Bamfield Community Affairs Society

Unofficial Minutes

15 April 2013

7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Suzanne & Katharine Jennings, Roger Demontigny, Ed Friesen, Jean Richardson, Linda Myres, Denice Roberge, Catherine Thompson, Eric Geall, Sheryl & John Mass, Lauren Harding, Charlie Clappis, Stefan Ochman, Lynne & Rick Sweeting, Marc Phillips, Brad Anholt, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Minutes of 18th March 2013. Received.

Treasurer’s Report – Linda Myres: $17,482.17 was put into CCCU- High Interest Savings Account & earned $6.94 interest(1.1% interest). $1000.09 remained in the regular savings account. Current assets are $18,487.42. Received.

Regional District Representative’s Report – Eric Geall: Report tabled until May.

  • 1st draft of Community Accord discussed. Suggested that SD #70 and BMSC be included, that there was more discussion with the Huu ay ahts and others that had been included.
  • Discussion of necessity of ambulance service within Bamfield.

Eric’s contact: regionaldirector@mybamfield.ca


Auxilary BVFD – Linda Myres: 13th July Intertidal Golf and Salmon BBQ.

Huu ay aht Representative- Charlie Clappis: Charlie is now officially a resident!

BMSC – Brad Anholt: Management Council will be the 2nd of June.

BCSA – Catherine Thompson: The Ground Search and Rescue training will be rescheduled to perhaps a weekend in September.

  • April 18th - 4:30-6:30pm @ the School
    • Intro to soapstone and leather work. Supplies will be provided by the Arts Council
    • Please RSVP to Andrea Butler at 1260 or the BCSA at 1220.
  • April 22nd - Earth Day Community Lunch - All You Can Eat Pancakes, $5 @ 12:30pm. Please RSVP by this Friday.
  • April 25th @ 7pm
    • 1st official Toast Masters meeting- A group of us have formed a Toast Masters club and will begin registering people on April 25th and meeting regularly after that. You can join at any time, there is a cost associated with membership. Please contact me if you have any questions.
  • April 30th-East Indian Cuisine Cooking Class 5:30pm @ the Firehall. We will be making butter chicken, aloo gobi, mango mousse parfait and gulab jamun. All of the spots are full but if you would like to have your name put on the wait list let me know.
  • BCSA has received funding to host 7 community led workshops, such as canning, cedar weaving, gardening. If you can lead something or are interested in learning a specific skill please let me know. On May 2nd, 5pm at the School there will be a discussion of possible events, please come and let me know your ideas or email/call me at the office.
  • May 7th @ 4:30pm @ the School- 3rd PALS session will be offered to preschoolers and their families. Dinner and take home resources will be provided. RSVP required.
  • May 14th – SD #70 Public Meeting 6:30pm at the SchoolThe BCSA is in the process of planning a student camping trip in June. May 14th- Final day for families of students to RSVP for the camping trip. Families that have not RSVPed by this date will not be included in the planning for shuttle and food costs.
  • BCS/BCSA will be holding a fundraiser on May 25th to help fund the student camping trip. There will be a car wash, a carnival and a loonie toonie raffle. If you have any items that we can use in the raffle please drop them off at the School by May 22nd. Thank you.

Bamfield Community Emergency Program – Linda Myres:

  • This year's event for Emergency Preparedness Week will be a Tsunami Watch exercise. Everyone is invited to participate and volunteer for roles. The Coast Guard, Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department, Bamfield Water System, Bamfield Health Clinic and Huu ay aht First Nation will participate in the exercise in a variety of roles. I have invited Catherine Thompson to ask the people that are waiting for search and rescue training to take part as well.
  • PACIFEX 11, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) March2011 joint US/Canada Pacific Tsunami Warning Exercise, has been adapted for our area for this exercise. The exercise will begin around 1400 hours on Saturday, May 11. You can expect to hear sirens and loudhailers telling youto move to the East or West Fire Hall. A West Side evacuation exercise will take place. We need volunteers to be 'patients' for the Health Clinic exercise. Each of the participating organizations will develop their own objectives for this exercise. BCEP objectives include setting up a fully functioning Reception Centre and Emergency Operations Centre. As the exercise winds down around 1800 hours, participants will be invited to the Fire Hall to share in a disaster style supper. A debrief of the day's events will be held.                                            

If you have any questions or would like to have a role in the day's events, please contact Linda:linda@mybamfield.ca

Bamfield Road Safety – Stefan Ochman: AGM 27th of April @ Bamfield Fire Hall 11:00am. Island Timber, Western Forest Products and other stakeholders will be present.

Bamfield Huu ay aht Community Forest– Stefan Ochman: Still waiting for acceptance of Management Plan.

Arts Council – Louis Druehl: The AGM was in March.

Community Hall Society – Louis Druehl: AGM Sunday the 19th of May10:00am @ Firehall-serving coffee & muffins

  • Approximately 120 Bamfielders signed the petition indicating interest in having new community hall on ACRD land (between Fire Hall and Centennial Park).
  • Hall officers need to come to Community Affairs to be heard.


  • JohnMass: Questions about the Harbour Authority – new moorage rates.
  • Issues regarding building permits – ACRD Planning Dept needs to come to Community Affairs to explain policies.
  • T&T Market is now owned by Huu ay aht Development Corp. and will be called The Market.

Meeting adjourned 8:47pm.

NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY (not Monday) the 21st May,7:30pm

@Bamfield Community School

AGM will follow – New Officers to be Elected

Linda Myres is the Nomination Committee