March 18, 2013

Bamfield Community Affairs Society

Unofficial Minutes

18th March 2013

7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School

Attendance: Andrew Bateman. Denice Roberge, Lauren Harding, Eric Geall, Brad Anholt, Ed Friesen, Linda Myres, Jean Richardson, Stefan Ochman, Charlie Clappis, Roger Demontigny, Suzanne & Katharine Jennings, Eileen Scott, Catherine Thompson, Sheryl & John Mass, Wendy likas, Jane Morrison, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Minutes of 18 February 2013. Received.

Treasurer’s Report- Linda Myres: $.14 interest. Balance of the Community Partner Package Coastal Credit Union is $18,475.32.

The Coastal Community Credit Union offers a High Interest Savings Account with 1.1% interest, no minimum balance. The account will accept all deposits without charge. One withdrawal each month is free of charge; additional withdrawals are charged at $5.00 each.

Considering the lack of activity in the BCAS CPP account each month, Linda made the following motion:

That $1000.00 remain in the Bamfield Community Affairs Society Community Partner Package account with no interest accruing, and the balance transferred to a High interest Savings Account. Seconded by Stefan Ochman. Carried.

Regional Representative’s Report – Eric Geall: Eric attended two board meetings since the February Community Affairs meeting.

  • John Mass sent a letter to ACRD indicating that he would champion the walking trail/path between Anacla and Bamfield and had included a donation of $1000.00 toward this effort.
  • A new member of the ACRD board is a Cherry Creek resident.
  • The share of the gas tax awarded to Bamfield was $455,000.00 Bamfield is the smallest area and got ¼ of the funds! Congratulations, Eric!
  • March 13th the Alberni Clayoquot Health Network met. Tanis Dagert is the coordinator and is looking for a community charter between Bamfield, Anacla and ACRD with a common goal.
  • The Official Community Plan for Bamfield has gone to APC and then sent to referral and will then return to APC.
  • B.C. Ambulance Service’s mandate is to protect the citizens of the province – so, work continues to find adequate medical transportation for Bamfield.
  • Nuthatch Road Dock is too close to a float plane dock to be considered for a fire-boat dock.
  • There is now a Community Classified Board at the Share Shed at the recycling site.
  • Someone is still dumping compostable waste along logging roads – along with unwanted sofas. Eric thinks the community might want to look into a composting site at the solid waste transfer station.
  • A suggestion to Eric arose that perhaps some Grants-in-Aid monies be invested toward a glass chipper (for non- refundable glass). Eric will look into chipping compost and grinding glass.

Bamfield Harbour Authority – Wendy Lukas

  • The Harbour Authority AGM will be held the 14th of April 2013; 2:00pm at the Community School. An election for one director will take place.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre – Brad Anholt

  • BMSC is gearing up for the summer courses.
  • There will be an archaeology/Huu-ay-aht field study in the Deer Group.
  • Waste water discussion continues with new ideas.

Provincial Emergency Preparedness – Linda Myres

  • PEP has ordered and received equipment to power heaters and portable lights in the Reception Centre [Bamfield Community School]. When access is arranged through BVFD training for the operation of the Reception Centre will begin.
  • May 5th to 11th is Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada. This year the exercise will include a west Bamfield evacuation, set up and operation of the Reception Centre, set up of the Emergency Operations Centre and a community dinner. More details will be available in late April.
  • Anyone interested in taking a first aid training course contact Linda ( or 250 728 1233).

Lauren Harding: Lauren is an anthropologist/sociologist graduate student from UBC who will be at BMSC until December. She is doing research on tourism and tourists of the West Coast Trail and their effect on Bamfield and Anacla. She will, also, be creating a report for the Huu-ay-aht First Nation and Bamfield Chamber of Commerce and the effects of tourism on these organizations.

Huu-ay-aht First Nation – Charlie Clappis

  • The Huu-ayahts have $5000 to contribute to the Anacla/Bamfield walking trail.
  • Another $5000 is earmarked to study walking/suspension bridge from the Anacla village to the Upper village.
  • The former office in the village will be fixed up to accommodate exercise equipment.
  • Eric Geall congratulated Charlie for the June 21st Walk/Run to be held in conjunction to Aboriginal Day celebrations.

Bamfield Centennial Park – Eileen Scott

  • There will hopefully be installation of a new piece of play-ground equipment to replace the rusty elephant by Easter.
  • More daffodils have been planted in the park.
  • Two new rhododendrons have been planted by Katharine and Suzanne Jennings. Thank you.
  • There is a position to fill to run the park.

Bamfield Community School Association – Catherine Thompson

  • March 21st- BCSA is planning a Spring Break Activity, which will take place at 1pm at the Paawats building in Anacla.
  • March 25th Computer class – learn about digital photo editing and One Note (a scheduling program). 5pm @ school.
  • March 26th – Kathy Waddell will lead a Toast Masters workshop – 4:30pm @ school. Learn more about Toast Masters, public speaking and confidence building. Everyone is welcome. There is a Toast Masters club starting in Bamfield/Anacla, if you are interested in joining or learning more please let me or John Mass know.
  • March 28th – Last day for parents and their preschoolers to RSVP for the Here We Come event in Port Alberni. Transportation, lunch and a day of gymnastics will all be provided courtesy of SD #70.
  • April 4th – Our 3rd PALS Preschool session will take place at 5pm at the school. The session includes dinner and take home resources/books and was made possible by funding from Literacy Alberni and Raise a Reader. There will be a total of 5 sessions; they are open to preschoolers, kindergarteners, grade 1’s and their parents or another family member. RSVP in advance.
  • April 8th – Here We Come event in Port Alberni. The bus will depart from Bamfield Community School at 10am.
  • The Italian cooking class in March was such a success that we have been asked to run another one. We are currently planning a cooking class for April featuring Indian cuisine. Cost and date to be announced.
  • Thank you to the BVFD for the use of the Fire Hall kitchen.

Bamfield-Huu-ay-aht Community Forest - Stefan Ochman

  • The AGM was the 21st of February and was attended by 14 or 15 people. 4 Huu-ay-ahts and 4 Bamfielders and Eric Geall sit on the board of Directors. Ben Bozak is President, Charlie Clappis is Vice president and Stefan is Secretary/Treasurer.
  • A management plan has been developed to come up with agreement and stewardship plan for the next 25 years.
  • The next step is to apply for cutting permit – a subcontractor will be sought to do the cutting and this will go out to tender. The allotted cut amount accumulates if cutting has not taken place.

Bamfield Community Hall Society – Louis Druehl

  • The Hall Society is about to circulate a petition within the community for residents to sign showing support for the building of a new hall on ACRD land.
  • The Hall put up a prize for rendition ideas of the new hall to be built. Mario Dallazanna won the prize.
  • Suzanne Jennings reminded everyone of the Easter-Egg Hunt in Centennial Park Saturday the 30th of March at 12:00 Noon – Sharp! Everyone welcome!
  • Anacla is hosting a fun Easter Event at the House of Huu-ay-aht on Sunday the 31st of March from 1:00pm- 4:00pm. Games, Easter Egg Hunt and hot dogs. Everyone welcome!

Bamfield Arts Council – Louis Druehl: Wednesday the 27th of March is the AGM. It will be at the Butler’s house at 7:00pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins


Next meeting Monday the 15th of April

7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School