February 18, 2013

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting

Unofficial Minutes

18 February 2013

Bamfield Community School 7:30pm


Attendance: Steve Clarke, Brad Anholt, Charlie Clappis, Diana & Jerry Gassner, Roger Demontigny, Heather & Joe Cooper, Catherine Thompson, Jake Wenstob, Lauren Harding, Eileen Scott, Jane Morrison, Alex Eaves, Ed Friesen, Eric Geall, Linda Myres, Rose Janelle, Mitch McPhee, Paul & Steve Demontigny, Stefan Ochman, Wendy Lukas, Bob Baden, Rita & Bob McVie, Andrea Butler, Judith & Marc Phillips, Jim Moncur, Jean Richardson, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order: 7:30pm.

Guests: Teri Fong, Manager of Finance ACRD & Andrew McGifford, Assistant Finance Manager ACRD

Teri Fong presented the 2013-2017 ACRD Financial Plan.

  • 29,152 people are in ACRD area.

  • Areas are charged for services the regional district provides.

  • The entire Board is responsible for each service.

Highlights of 2013 for ACRD

  • Developed Health Network with VIHA funding

  • Renovated the Board room

  • Bamfield Water System chlorination was started using federal gas tax funding

  • Undertook with Vancouver Island University to help create a new Official Community Plan for Bamfield

  • Started a paperless board meeting system

  • Saw the Share-Shed built at the Bamfield Transfer Station completed

Upcoming at ACRD

  • Overhaul ACRD website

  • GIS mapping data to increase reliability and efficiency

  • Complete the Bamfield Official Community Plan (OCP) and water system upgrades

  • For the complete presentation see www.acrd.bc.ca

Minutes of 21st January 2013 m/s W. Lukas/E. Friesen. Received.

Treasurer’s Report – Linda Myres: $18,475.02 balance at Coastal Community Credit Union plus $.16 interest increasing total to $18475.18. $.05 dividend at credit union for savings bringing total savings to $5.16. m/s B. McVie/E. Scott. Received.

Presentation: Bamfield Beautification Project-Linda Myres: There is currently a fund raising project selling collections of seeds for $15.00. These may be ordered until 28th February at the Community School through Andrea Butler, and Bamfield general Store. Last year funds raised bought plants for the boardwalk planter boxes, Centennial Park and replaced boxes and soil for boardwalk planters.

Presentation: Bamfield Park Committee Clarification-Catherine Thompson asked Eric Geall Regional Director for an explanation of the changes to the current Parks Committee.

  • Eric responded (see letter on Portal). A hearty discussion ensued, resulting in a motion being made by Jean Richardson.

  • The motion made was “ directing Director Geall to bring forward a proposal to the ACRD that the Bamfield Parks Committee be comprised of five (5) residents of Bamfield/Anacla elected by Bamfield/Anacla residents during an AGM open to all community members; the Bamfield Regional Director would also sit on the committee as a non-voting member”. Seconded by S. Clarke. Unanimously passed. Eric said he would take the motion to ACRD but not support it.

Regional Representative’s Report-Eric Geall: see attached report. Eric would like to see water to West Park and a playground request to Centennial Park.

  • Regarding footpath to Pachena- John Mass will champion this project and has donated $1000.00 to kick start the project.

  • Contact Eric at regionaldirector@mybamfield.ca for his Report for Community Affairs (regional report).

Bamfield Community School Association-Catherine Thompson:

  • In November and January 9 community members took part in a Digital Storytelling workshop sponsored by BCSA and the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program. We will be showing all of the videos at 2 community screenings this week in celebration of Heritage week. The 1st screening will be tomorrow, February 19th @7pm @ the school. The 2nd screening will be Thursday, Feb21st 7pm @ Soaring Eagle Community Centre @ Anacla.

  • Other upcoming events: 25th February- Microsoft Office Computer class, 5pm

  • 27th February- Pink Day Community Lunch at noon for $5.00 and an Anti-bullying Assembly @ 1pm. We have some special guest speakers and we are encouraging everyone in the community to attend and help the students understand bullying is unacceptable.

  • 5th March- Back by popular demand the BCSA cooking class at the Fire Hall. The class will start at 5:45pm. Space is limited to 12 people so you must RSVP in advance. Everyone will cook together and then enjoy dinner.

  • 6th March- Art and Games Evening-4:30pm at the school. There will be cribbage and other games set up, tea and the Bamfield Arts Council will provide supplies and instruction for anyone interested in taking part.

  • March 11th- Computer class- Social Media, 5pm @ the school.

  • On February 14th, the BCSA held our annual Jump Rope for Heart event, this year the students raised $856 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The Students surpassed their goal of $300 and earned a special day of games and gym time at the School, which includes a lunch of their choice, the BCSA staff dressing up as men and the chance to throw pie at Steve D. Thank you to all who donated. In addition to raising funds and supporting life-saving research and health education, JUMP encourages our kids to embrace a lifetime of healthy living and social responsibility.

Huu-ay-aht Representation- Charlie Clappis: Charlie has been taking emergency planning training from Linda Myres. He has been learning EOC essentials. Emergency Operation Centre(EOC) is a central command and control facility responsible for carrying out the principles of emergency preparedness and emergency management in the occurrence of a disaster.

Bamfield Harbour Authority- Wendy Lukas: All of the Board members [Jeff Nish, Rae Hopkins, Jerry Gassner and Wendy Lukas] and Sheryl Mass attended the Harbour Authority Association of BC four day workshop in Nanaimo.

  • There are forty-four (44) members of the Bamfield Harbour Authority.

Bamfield Historical Society- Heather Cooper: The 28th of February is the deadline for submissions to the logo contest.[Last minute note: the deadline has been extended to 31st of March.] The prize is a digital camera.

Bamfield Arts Council- Andrea Butler: A needle felting workshop is upcoming on the westside.

Bamfield/Huu-ay-aht Community Forest- Stefan Ochman: October 15, 2012 the community Forest management plan was submitted (this plan can be seen on the drop-box site).It is now being reviewed by the Ministry of Forest and should completed in March.

  • Money from Community Forest logging could be used to develop trails in the Community Forest. Thursday the 21st of February 2013 is the AGM- 6:00pm at the Fire Hall.

  • Ben Bozak is current President.

Bamfield Road Association- Stefan Ochman: With Joe Pearson’s departure the road committee has collapsed. Under Joe Pearson the Bamfield Road saw approximately a million dollars of improvement -Thanks to the Road Safety Association!

  • An AGM (date to be determined)will determine if the association will continue or disband.

Bamfield Community Hall Association- Rose Janelle:

  • The Robbie Burns Dinner was highly successful – thanks to all of the volunteers.

  • The Hall Association is hanging in suspense with the Crown about location of the new hall on regional district land. A final confirmation requires Bamfield residents to write a letter of support.

Bamfield Centennial Park- Eileen Scott: Malcolm Richards has done a great job of cutting alder trees in the park. Firewood for sale call Eileen at 250 728 3357.

  • Ron Logan has donated many daffodil bulbs to the park.

Provincial Emergency Preparedness- Linda Myres: Thank you to the Huu-ay-ahts for their participation

in the preparedness workshop.

  • PEP had to replace back-up batteries.

  • purchased a laptop computer

  • There will be Reception Centre improvements next year. There has been the problem of no generator at the school to provide heating and lighting – PEP will purchase a generator.

  • There are now several volunteers for Ham Radio licensing.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:38pm.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins


Next Meeting: Monday, 18th of March 2013

7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School




A warm meeting on a cold winter's night.