January 21, 2013

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting Minutes

21 January 2013

7:30pm @ BCS

Attendance: Linda & Larry Myres, Sheryl & John Mass, Marc Phillips, Rita & Bob McVie, Diane & Jerry Gassner, Jean Richardson, Catherine Thompson, Wendy & Brian Lukas, Ed Freisen, Jane Morrison, Lars Mogensen, Charlie Clappis, Ed Johnson, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order @ 7:35.

Minutes of 19 November 2012 – motion to receive L. Mogensen/ E. Freisen. Carried

Treasurer’s Report – Linda Myres: $.31 interest. Total equity: $18,480.15.

Correspondence- Rae Hopkins: Letter from Bamfield Volunteer Fire Dept. that included the financial report for the $2000 Grant in Aid provided by the Bamfield Community Affairs Society.

Regional District Representative – Eric Geall sends his regrets.

Committee Reports

Harbour Authority – Wendy Lukas: There will be a Harbour Authority meeting Sunday the 27th of January 2013, 2:00pm @the school. A 3:00pm special meeting will follow to tender directors.

Centennial Park – Eileen Scott: Centennial Park receipts were down this year. Two people were hired for the summer of 2012. There was no funding to hire students. No site or dock repairs were needed but had to pay dock insurance of $1430. Playground equipment was repaired and painted but a rocking horse and swing seats have to be replaced – this has been ordered.

An estimated budget of immediate foreseen expenses:

  • New roof for information centre and repair gazebo roofs $20,000
  • Refurbish murals in Smiley Rink $7,000
  • Landscape Bamfield Memorial Pavilion $2,500
  • Upgrade park for family activities $4,000

                                       TOTAL:            $33,500

PLUS An estimated contingency fund for wharf/float repair/replacement $52,000

                              FINAL TOTAL:                                                 $85,500

Bank Account:         $38,863.00

Investment Bonds   $45,000.00

Total                  $83,863.00

Emergency Program- Linda Myres: 313th Anniversary of the M9 Cascadia Megathrust Earthquake of January 26, 1700 will be commemorated at Ma?as Tamah (overlooking Pachena Bay) on Saturday the 26th of January 2013 @1:00pm-3:00pm. Presentation and discussion of Community Emergency Plans will follow. Everyone welcome.

Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department- Larry Myres: Wednesday the 23rd of January is business meeting. Training continues for upgrade to new regulations. One member from the unit is being trained to be the trainer. All firefighters in the province have to qualify to the new regulations – it is a lot of bookwork. Lars noted that Mark Kelly would like people to return completed forms of property layout to the fire department.

Aboriginal Day- Charlie Clappis: Preparations are being made for the June event. Fitness training for the Walk/Run 5-10km is taking place now. For more information contact Charlie at charlie.c@huuayaht.org

Bamfield Community School Association- Catherine Thompson: In November and January 9 community members took part in a digital storytelling workshop sponsored by BCSA and funded by New Horizons for Seniors and Government of Canada. The workshop was led by 2 facilitators from Royal Roads University and we now have some amazing videos to share with the community and keep in the archives for future generations. The videos will be shared at two community screenings the 19th of February at 7:00pm at Bamfield Community School and 21st of February at 7:00pm at Anacla Soaring Eagle Community Centre.

Other BCSA events

  • 28th January- Computer Class- Internet Basics 5-6pm
  • 4th February- Computer Class – Microsoft Office 5-6pm
  • 13th February- Community Lunch 12:00pm $5.00 All You Can Eat Pancakes. RSVP before
  • 14th Hoops for Hearts

Bamfield Community Hall Association- Louis Druehl: There is a contest to make an architectural concept design of the exterior of the future community hall. The building will be 120’x60’+ verandas and terraces. Contact Louis Druehl or Rose Janelle for more details.

-Robbie Burns Dinner, Saturday 26th of January at the Fire Hall $25.00 per ticket. Tickets sold at Tides and Trails Market, Bamfield Builders and the General Store.

New Business

Ground Search and Rescue – Catherine Thompson: Update: Port Alberni has offered to run a GSAR orientation/training course in Bamfield. The orientation will take place over 2 weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in April – dates to be determined. If you are interested in being contacted once the dates are set please let Catherine know and you will be included on her list.

John Mass- A Toastmasters group will be formed if there is enough interest. Toastmasters help develop public speaking and works on confidence building. Contact John at broken@island.net

John is also interested in the development of a footpath between Bamfield and Anacla. The road is too dangerous to walk, jog, ride a bike, push a stroller…particularly at night. This could be grant and donation funded. The Healthy Living Society of Anacla will be contacted. John will champion this. He will begin by sending a letter to ACRD. Motion: As a group we endorse John Mass’ pursuit of a footpath. M. Phillips/ B. McVie. Passed unanimously.

Cape Beale Trail – Lynne Sweeting: Letter from Lynne stating that she has contacted Parks Canada, ACRD and Stan Coleman (representing Huu ay ahts).

Lynne also wrote that she is interested in championing a Ronald MacDonald House in Port Alberni near the West Coast Hospital in Port Alberni. Nurse Donna Dunn and VIHA support Lynne with the concept of a family friendly place near the hospital for families to stay. Motion to support Lynne’s endeavours J. Mass/ J. Morrison. Passed.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:25pm.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins



Next meeting Monday the 17th of February 2013

7:30pm@Bamfield Community School