November 19, 2012

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting


19 November 2012

7:30pm Bamfield Community School

Attendance:Eileen Scott, Denice Roberge, Allison & Paul Bird, Jim Moncur, Stefan Ochman, Marc Phillips, Linda Myres, Anne Stewart, Rose Janelle, Ken Bodaly, Bob Baden, Heather Cooper, Steve Clarke, Diane & Jerry Gassner, Roger Demontigny, Lars Mogensen, Sheryl & John Mass, Katharine & Suzanne Jennings, Lynne & Rick Sweeting, Judy Wertzke, Barry Otterson, Steve Claney, Wendy Lukas, Neil Wright, 3 people from Hawkeye Management group, Eric Geall, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order 7:32pm.

Guests: Lorraine Gill and Michele Fung- Property and Divestiture, Transport Canada

Gaurav Sandha and Robin Richardson – Small Crafts and Harbours

Transport Canada – West government dock

Lorraine Gill and Michele Fung explained that Transport Canada no longer wanted to maintain and manage the west Bamfield port [west government dock] therefore it was being divested. The federal government is divesting 15 other ports in B.C. (6 of which are presently in negotiation). In an earlier government program 72 ports had been divested. The government provides contribution funding in a lump sum which generally is not needed to be used for maintenance for at least seven years. There would be an operating agreement for two years. A community would be looking at least twenty-five years use with the transfer. The dock would be in excellent condition upon transfer.

  • Presently the government has a three year continuous maintenance program.
  • The government had not been trying to collect fees from Parks Canada, Coast Guard or RCMP or any other users so there has never been any revenue from this dock.
  • There is no land with the dock connected to the transfer.
  • The community made the point that this dock is a major link to the west side of Bamfield.
    • freight
    • mail
    • deep sea ships
  • It was not known what would happen to docks that were not divested. The future of remaining ports is going before Cabinet soon (perhaps within a month).
  • Upon divestiture the liability factor would be transferred to the community or organization that took over.
  • A suggested approach by the community would be to enter into a letter of intent to discover the cost of maintenance. If it was not viable, community could walk away from intent.
  • It was suggested to look to the ACRD to see if the regional district had any interest in ownership. Eric Geall indicated that he had already approached ACRD to submit a letter of intent.
  • Divestiture of the east government dock was questioned. It was wondered if only the Huu-ay-ahts had the opportunity to acquire the dock. The Huu-ay-ahts had expressed interest in the dock for years and the government tries to accommodate First Nations, Regional Districts and local organizations before other considerations.

Lorraine Gill, Regional Manager, Property and Divestiture can be contacted in Vancouver at 604 666 5390 or at

Michele Fung, Senior Programs Officer, Programs – Property and Divestiture can be contacted at

Small Crafts and Harbours

Gaurav Sandha and Robin Richardson explained the mandate of Small Crafts and Harbours is to support the fishing industry and local economic prosperity.

  • This program was started in 1974 when the government split shipping (today under Transport Canada) and fishing (Small Crafts and Harbours).
  • The ports [docks] under Small Crafts and Harbours are run by local Harbor Authorities which have their own by-laws and board of directors.

Currently here in Bamfield there has been a shift within the Bamfield Harbour Authority – most directors resigned or came to the end of their term. Currently there are only two directors. There is confusion within the community as to the reason of resignations. Evidentially, there was conflict how the Harbour Authority was being run and was in gridlock.

There need to be 5 or 6 directors (or a change in by-laws).

Money that is raised/earned goes into maintenance of the dock formerly known as the fisherman’s dock, currently known as the Harbour Authority dock, and other community projects.

  • When questioned why work on the dock had halted Mr. Sandha explained that it was because of internal disagreement [meaning here in Bamfield].
  • Mr. Sandha indicated that the new gangway will be installed regardless of controversy [safety is a priority].
  • Mr. Sandha also pointed out that as soon as there is a stronger more viable Harbor Authority, funding for projects (such as enlarging the current dock) can be solicited.
  • Mr. Sandha stressed that business and property owners adjacent to the dock and the community need to come together.
  • Wendy Lukas (one of the two current directors) gave a very informative and heartfelt presentation as to the responsibilities of the Harbor Authority and the advantages to the community.
  • The owner of the Harbour Authority run dock is the Federal Government (Small Crafts and Harbours).
  • This is a not-for-profit organization which provides a crucial service for the community.
  • The Harbour Authority is a member of the Harbour Association of BC.

Responsibility of Harbour Authorities is the day to day operation.

  • Setting rates & collecting user fees
  • Allocating dock space
  • Hiring staff to operate & manage facility
  • Maintain ledger of income & expenses
  • Undertake minor repairs & maintenance

Advantages to the community:

  1. Control of dock & revenues
  2. Member of Harbour Authority Association of BC
  3. Access to Federal & Provincial funding & grants
  4. Liability insurance for structure & directors
  5. Workshops:
  • Governance-Board of Directors, Management
  • Environmental-Oil spills, Fires, First Aid

For further information:

Gaurav Sandha can be contacted at or 604 666 9255.

Robin Richardson can be contacted at

Minutes of 17 September 2012. Received as recorded.

Treasurer’s Report – Linda Myres: After the deposit of $10,000 from ACRD Grant-in-Aid and $.80 interest the September 2012 Credit Union balance was $18,474.55, member equity was $5.11. The October transaction was $.16 interest resulting in balance of $18,747.71 and member equity was $5.11. M/S S. Mass/S. Jennings. Received.

Regional Representative’s Report- Eric Geall: Bamfield Water Board is working diligently to improve the quality of Bamfield water. Les Butler is doing a great job.

  • Chlorination alarms are being installed.
  • New chlorination building to be built at water tower on Binnacle Road.
  • New engineering firm is working with the water board. It is Cores and Associates.
  • Sugsaw Lake water intake has been improved.
  • The Share Shed at the solid waste/ recycling site should be built within a month.
  • In early December there will be a liquid waste meeting in Port Alberni. ACRD is looking into a study on the feasibility of bringing Bamfield in with the Huu-ay-ahts’ management plan.
  • The Official Community Plan progress is slow.
  • ACRD vote for a Grant-in-Aid to the Island Corridor Foundation (railroad from Victoria to Courtney/Comox with a branch line to Port Alberni) passed $150,000.
  • Road work in west Bamfield and improvement continues.
  • Emergency Services-Provincially there have been questions why NOAA (U.S.based)sent out information before BC regarding the October 27th earthquake.
  • Mac Richards, detachment commander, is a new addition to Port Alberni RCMP detachment.
  • ACRD and Bamfield Community Hall Society are working together on the Centennial Park site for a new hall location.
  • Resolution passed for a feasibility study on bus service to Bamfield. This study will be done by BC Transit.
  • Currently there is no by-law for heritage conservation. Eric feels this is an issue for Community Affairs and the Bamfield Historical Society.
  • Eric has requested ACRD write a letter of intent to Transport Canada concerning the west dock divestiture.

For Eric’s complete report please visit the Bamfield Community Portal online or contact Eric at

Due to the length of the meeting Committee Reports will be given at January meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 10:08pm.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins

Next meeting Monday 21st January 2013!

Bamfield Community School @ 7:30pm

Everyone welcome