September 17, 2012



17 September 2012

7:30pm Bamfield Community School


Attendance: Suzanne & Katharine Jennings, Lynne & Rick Sweeting, Ed Friesen, Eric Geall, Brad Anholt, Sheryl & John Mass, Stefan Ochman, Marc Phillips, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Guest: Tanis Dagert, Coordinator Alberni Clayoquot Health Network. Tanis was contracted by AC Health Network to build a community health network in the district to coordinate a regional voice on health matters. The public is welcome to attend Healthy Community Committee Development meetings. Tanis will notify the public when the four community forums will take place in the year.

Treasurer’s Report - Linda Myres (read by Rae Hopkins): August 31st balance was $8474.45, that includes $.07 interest. M/S: S.Jennings/K.Jennings Received.

After reviewing the books and finding them in good order M. Phillips and B. Baden suggest that a list identifying monies in and monies out be included with treasurer’s report.

Regional Representative’s Report – Eric Geall: Briefly – 11th of July attended Board of Directors meeting in Ucluelet.

-Attended Board of Directors of Huu ay aht First Nation.

-West Coast Multiplex referendum on phase 1 hockey rink & swimming pool.

-Share shed at solid waste transfer/ recycling centre in Bamfield will be built.

-Building permits in the regional district will cost more.

-CBC Tower Group will meeting in October to discuss the availability of local service. Anyone interested should attend.

-A draft of the Official Community Plan was reviewed at APC – public consultation will be sought in October/November.

-Regional district is working on a “dog by-law” for Bamfield.

-Eric has received only one response from the Coast Guard concerning the westside road issue due to Coast Guard’s construction. No mention of retribution.

-There will be a community meeting in the future concerning liquid waste management – it is in draft form now.

For the details of Eric’s report please visit the Bamfield Community Portal online or contact Eric (


Committee Reports

Community Hall – Suzanne Jennings: Harvest dinner was very successful. Thank you everyone that participated.

Bamfield Marine Science Centre- Brad Anholt: 40th Anniversary celebrations were great. Currently strategic planning is underway with the loss of funding.

Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest – Stefan Ochman: A summer meeting resulted in an extension until the 15th of October to submit a management plan. This deadline must be met or the community forest designation could be lost. The current Board of Directors consists of Johnson Ginger, Geoff Cook, Ben Bozak, Phil Roberge, Charlie Clappis, Stefan Ochman. Community input is welcome.

To see the former management plan contact Stefan (

Bamfield Community School Association – Catherine Thompson: “September 20th- 7:00pm at the school. The BCSA will be celebrating Essential Skills Day with a resume writing workshop led by Hana Kucera.

- September 24th- Outdoor Movie at 7:30pm in the School Field. Refreshments $1.

- In October, the BCSA and 2 facilitators from Royal Roads University will be working with community members to create 10 digital stories about life on the rugged West Coast. The workshop is scheduled from October 1st-5th. During these 5 days there will be 3.5 days of video production 1 day of standard training for interested community members to learn how to use the digital storytelling equipment and software (which will be housed in the BCSA office so that we can continue to create these stories in our community.) cont.

If you would like to learn more about the digital storytelling project “Experiences from the West Coast” taking place in the community there will be an information session at the School at 6:30pm on September 10th or contact Catherine at 250 728 1220 or”

Old Business: On behalf of the community, Rae Hopkins presented Stefano Ochman a Judith Phillips pastel of Pachena Beach to express appreciation for his representation of Bamfield as Regional Director to Alberni Clayoquot Regional District from 2005-2011.

- Cape Beale Trail - Lynne Sweeting determined that over 200 people were on the trail this past year. She is formulating a letter to parks Canada requesting any maintenance.

-Discussion of the impact of possible loss of Transport Dock on the westside. The dock is up for divestiture from Transport Canada. A motion was made to invite a representative from Ministry of Transportation and Emcom Services to speak to Community Affairs. m/s S.Ochman/ M.Phillips. Carried. Louis will look into this.

Meeting adjourned 8:55pm.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins

NEXT MEETING 15TH October 2012

7:30pm at Bamfield Community School