June 21 2021


21 June 2021 at 6.30 pm
via Zoom - hosted by Jamie Willock (Chair)

Attendees (24): Jamie Willock (Chair),  Bob Beckett, Wayne Markel, Rae Hopkins, Louis Druehl, Jane Morrison,  Jan Teversham, John Mass, Sheryl Mass, Julie Bradley, Sally Mole,  Jared Higgins, Doug Greer, Barry Sills , Anne Stewart, Susan Derasp, Alison and Paul Bird, Nancy Hendry, Stefan Ochman, Jean and Frank Novak, David Stewart, Stella Wenstob

Regrets: Sean Rogers, Jaleen Rousseau

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Lands: The BCAS acknowledges that the land on which we meet is within the Traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations where indigenous peoples have lived since time immemorial.

Statement of Inclusivity: The BCAS is responsible for fostering a public forum within its community to facilitate communications and services that diverse groups identify as respectful, inclusive and accessible.

The meeting was called to order at 6.32pm.

Adoption of Agenda: m/SWenstob s/ JMass Unanimous

Adoption of Minutes of 17 May 2021 Community Affairs Meeting. m/SDerasp s/LDruehl Unanimous.  

Nancy Hendry queried that not all comments made at the previous meeting were documented in the minutes and Jamie agreed.


  1. Jamie has written to the ACRD to request that the BCAS play an active part in the OCP renewal.
  2.  Jan has emailed Annette Bailey of FLNRORD to ask whether notifications of land tenure changes in the Deer Group could be sent to BCAS or the corkboard in the future. There has been no response to date.


As of 31 May 2021:

Chequing Account: $12,919.20

Savings Account: $12,425.33

 Shares: $5.21

The cheque for the Bear Aware GIA has been cleared since last month.

A query about the arrival of GIA money was answered by Sheryl who said it usually arrives sometime in August.


ACRD Director’s Report- Bob Beckett

The only item I have for this evening is a personal acknowledgement of Annual Indigenous People Day. The ACRD is one of the few regional governments that has official indigenous representation at the board table. In fact, we have the privilege of having 4 First Nations represented on our board and our Chairperson for the board is John Jack who is an executive council member from the Huu-ay-aht Nation.

I am deeply grateful that the Huu-ay-aht share this beautiful land with us and I hope that moving forward we will reflect on how we can learn from the past, support everyone in the healing process and continue to strive to be the best possible neighbors that we can be.


1.Community Hall- Louis Druehl

Raffle tickets are still on sale at both stores. Nancy Hendry suggested reposting the details of the raffle on the Cork Board.

They are still waiting for the lease to be signed as lumber prices climb!

2.Parks- Sheryl Mass

Centennial Park is looking really good and Rhiannon Richards has started working there for the summer and is doing very well. Teagen Zannet will start as a park host in July.

The park will be decorated for July 1st and a new plaque created by the Historical Society about Gordy Lamb’s tugboat will be unveiled there on July 4 at the Arts market event.

3.Community Forest- Stefan Ochman

Stefan said that he and Jan had walked the Kiixin road and discussed those areas that would be preserved with no extraction. These areas include at least 20 metre riparian areas, bogs, marshes and  selected stands of old growth trees . Out of the 360 hectares he estimated that perhaps 50% would see no extraction in the future.

There is a funding proposal to the Indigenous Forestry Initiative for perhaps over $100,000 for a micro mill that could be located on Tanya Porter’s 2-acre lot (recently sold to Bruce Pow) as it is zoned industrial. The proposal has to be submitted by 7 July and a company has been hired to write the proposal. The results will be known in October.

Stefan said that our AAC is 860 cubic metres per year and that could support 2 full time jobs for local; people. He also said it would be possible to purchase wood from the Huu-ay-aht in the future.

Questions: Stella asked if there would be an official opening of the new Boomer Trail. It will be discussed at the next BHCF meeting on Thursday.

4.Harbour Authority- Rae Hopkins

The AGM will be held in July and the specific date will be advertised on the cork board.

Amy will be leaving in the fall but she is willing to train a person to take over the position.

5.School- Julie Bradley

The new teachers have now been assigned. Laura Schmidt will continue as the primary teacher and her mother Robin Schmidt will replace Kristin Russell who is leaving at the end of June. Julie will continue and be working 2 days a week in the next school year. At the moment there are no kindergarten children registered for the fall.

6.Arts Council- Julie Bradley

There will be a market on July 4 from 11am to 2pm. There will be well separated  tables. At the moment five artists will be there but Julie is expecting more. BCSA will be providing a barbecue as a fund raiser.


1.Bylaw Changes

Jamie went through the six proposed changes to the bylaws . These had been sent out previously and again with the agenda. All the changes were accepted and the motion to accept them( m/LDruehl s/JMass) passed unanimously. These changes now have to be lodged with BCRegistry before the bylaws  can be considered updated.

Nancy reminded Jamie about the small quorum required for an AGM in the current bylaws. Jamie said that could be revisited for the next AGM.

2.GIA Application -  Parking -Jamie Willock

Phase 2 of the parking project was again presented. The total GIA amount changed to $15000 as it is now part of an ICET proposal that includes $15,000 from the BHCF that is itself contingent upon getting the grant from ICET. So, the total might be $45,000 or only the $15,000 from the GIA. Plans are to extend the parking along Grappler Road where it is the least expensive to put in parking spaces.

Stella asked whether Frigate Road could be used but John said it is really steep.

John said a long-term solution is needed. How do we charge for parking? (Not possible on MoT road allowance now). How would we enforce it? There could be a parking lot and a shuttle for visitors. There could be a head tax for visitors.

Stella asked how the cost per spot came to approx. $1000 per space. John said it is based on phase 1 costs but costs have changed since then so it is hard to be very specific.

Doug asked about putting it out to tender if we got the $45,000. He said he would be willing to work on the details. First however the funds are needed.

Nancy asked about the sub-committee re parking. John said  yes it exists: himself, Jaleen Rousseau, Bob Baden, Jane Morrison, Charlie Clappis and Jan Teversham. (It has not met yet.)

Stefan said we are putting in 1:2 funding when actually we could have done 1:1 for ICET. So we demonstrated how keen we are to get the funding.

Paul talked of the long-term view, the continuing need for infrastructure and how we are going to have to fund these developments with taxes.

(Barry brought up the issue of the abandoned red truck. Someone “official” can call the RCMP and they can pick it up and deal with it. John suggested Jamie or Bob Beckett to make the call.

Jan asked about the adjacent red rock. John said it is strategic and Les needs it there to protect a water line.)

Discussions continued about the need for parking, who needed it,  where the funding would come from, and how we need to pass costs onto the users in the future. Louis thought GIA should be more for Arts and Cultural events as large GIA amounts have been spent on parking in recent years . John said we could ask for much larger GIAs – say 50,000 and use it for infrastructure. We could ask ACRD and then of course the taxes would go up.

Finally, Louis put forward the motion for the community to pass this GIA for parking m/LDruehl s/PBird. The motion passed but was not unanimous.

3.Brady’s Beach Barricade- Jamie Willock

Jamie showed the latest design for the sign and it was accepted other than removing a tsunami zone message on the bottom. The suggested location for the sign was thought not to be visible enough for drivers of vehicles so alternative locations were suggested- on the tree to the right, on the concrete barrier itself, on a post. The motion to proceed was passed m /Nancy h s/DGreer and it was unanimous with the understanding the tsunami message would be removed and the proposed location was changed.

Stefan brought up the issue on Pachena beach when people ignored signs and eventually big logs were used to prevent vehicles on the beach. We’ll try the sign first.

4.Canada Day

After discussions with spokespeople from various societies in Bamfield and the Huu-ay-aht it was decided to hold the boat parade but not hold anything on land this year. The parade will start at 12.00 noon at the east dock.  Robert Dennis Jr. will say something and then we will have a moment of silence to remember the children from residential schools. The parade will then make its way into Grappler and there will be a barge with an open mike provided by the Community Hall. Details will be posted on the corkboard. Orange flags could be flown as well as Canadian ones.

Thanks. Louis asked who the new BCAS Board officials were and then he thanked those present who had recently stepped down from the Board.: Rae had been on the board for over a decade and Jane, the retiring treasurer, had been on it for 7 years.  Their experience has been very much appreciated by the new Board , most of whom are relative newcomers to Bamfield.


The next meeting will be  on Monday 20 September 2021 at 6.30pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 8.12 pm  m SOchman/s NHendry  Unanimous

Have a great summer and see you in the fall.