May 17, 2021


17-05-2021 at 7.11 pm
via Zoom - hosted by Jamie Willock (Chair)

 Attendees (40) Jamie Willock,  Bob Beckett, Wayne Markel, Rae Hopkins, Louis Druehl, Jane Morrison,  Jan Teversham, John Mass, Sheryl Mass, Julie Bradley, Sally Mole,  Jared Higgins, Doug Greer, Charlie Clappis, Margo West, Bernie and Keith Wyton, Glenn Ballman , Anne Stewart, Susan Derasp, Alison and Paul Bird. Nancy Hendry, Marnie McAughtrie, Stefan Ochman, Jaleen Rousseau, Jeanne and Frank Novak, Sean Rogers, Stella Wenstob, Barry Sills, Amy McConnell, Tom Jensen, Samantha Lloyd ( partner), Jeff Honig, Lee Weber, David Stewart, Christine Gruman, Amelia Vos, Wayne Wenstob

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Lands: The BCAS acknowledges that the land on which we meet is within the Traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations where indigenous peoples have lived since time immemorial.

Statement of Inclusivity: The BCAS is responsible for fostering a public forum within its community to facilitate communications and services that diverse groups identify as respectful, inclusive and accessible.

The AGM preceded this meeting and the agenda was adopted at the beginning of the meeting.

Adoption of Minutes of 19-April 2021 Community Affairs Meeting. m/BSills, s/JHiggins Unanimous.

Nancy Hendry suggested that the minutes related to the Board’s decision on the barrier at Brady’s Beach were incorrect but in discussion the minutes stood.


A letter from Majestic Ocean Kayaking was received by BCAS which Stella Wenstob suggested we discuss under correspondence rather than in the later discussion about Majestic’s application. A short discussion followed .


As of  15 May 2021:

Chequing Account: $15,921.70

Savings Account: $12,424.80

 Shares: $5.21

Louis pointed out that Jane should not have given the report as she had stood down from her position. Other continuing directors could have read it out.


ACRD Director’s Report- Bob Beckett


  1. Housing Needs Report

The ACRD and VIU are currently reviewing the finalized draft copy of the report for Bamfield and expect that the completed report will be available for our review in early June.

  1. Proposed Building Bylaw Changes

An advertisement of the proposed changes is available on the ACRD Website and has been circulated on the Banfield corkboard.

A couple of reasons for the changes include:

Increased Fee

The increased fee is in an effort to offset the staffing costs as many municipalities and regional governments use the fees to ensure a neutral impact on tax payers. In other words, those that require the services of the ACRD Building Department pay for that service rather than the community paying for that service.


Value of a building permit

In my discussions with Mr. Mike Irg from the ACRD regarding the proposed changes, he mentioned to me that he is now seeing more and more requests from realtors and lawyers requesting copies of building permits during sales transactions. So, in addition to ensuring the dwelling is built to Municipal, Provincial and Federal requirements, often banks issuing mortgages and insurance companies are requesting ACRD records including development permits, septic, survey and BC Building code relating to the property.



  1. Huu-ay-aht- Charlie Clappis and Christine Gruman.

The road has been divided up into 6 sections and the work on the section between Frederick Lake and Sarita lake will be started this summer. Steep hills on the road will be paved while the remaining sections will be chip seal as originally planned. Jared said he could put a map up on the cork board.

Christine reported that almost all the funding had been granted from the Pacific Salmon Foundation and thanked the BCAS for their letter of support. She also directed us to look at the survey on the cork board for Frederick Lake Toad Protection .

  1. BMSC- Sean Rogers

Space for researchers is now fully booked at BMCS for the summer months.

Jasmine Shuster is working on the Global Reef Life Survey and is diving in up to 30 sites. She can be followed on Twitter.

BMSC is closed to the public for the summer but field trips should start up again in April 2022.

There will be a series of events to mark BMs/BMSC 50th birthday.

  1.  BCSA - Sally Mole, Christine Gruman

The school is not open but there is now access to the library.

Preschool has just started as has after school care.

Grants have been received for 2 summer programmers and one assistant.

Random Acts of Kindness will take place in the first week of June.

Nordic Walking takes place on Thursday 20th.

Christine added that the summer hires are often university students who need accommodation. Contact Sally if you can help.

  1. Community Hall- JP Hastey

The Society is in the final stages of negotiating terms of the lease with the ACRD for the parkland adjacent to the firehall. They expect to have the lease agreement signed in the coming weeks and moving to firm up the design concepts before proceeding to the permitting stage. Recently a survey was circulated on the cork board Facebook page to collect community input regarding the new hall design concepts, uses and anything else relevant to our new community space. The survey is still open and can be found by searching on the corkboard page for “community hall survey”, the following link or a paper copy at the post office. Alternatively comments and ideas regarding the new hall can be sent to me personally at

  1. Parks- Sheryl Mass

A Centennial parks manager has been hired from May 24. It’s Rhiannon Richards who is moving back to Bamfield with her family. Another summer staff member has also been hired- Teagan Zannett.

Sheryl also mentioned there were options for paying for boat launches from the Grappler Inlet park launch.

Jan added that the bench, tree limbing , park sign and trail signs had all been completed in the West Coast Magic Park on the west side with a lot of volunteer labour under the direction of  Andrea Butler and funded by  GoFundme started in memory of Rudolf Blenk and Brunhilde Niederacher.

  1. Health Clinic- not reported on.
  2. Community Forest- Charlie Clappis

The AGM held in April saw the return of the same Board for the coming year.

The new trail from Binnacle to Tower has been named Boomer Trail in memory of John Boomer, a previous resident of Bamfield. The loop ion the trail is named Serenity Loop.

  1. Harbour Authority- Rae Hopkins

Things will be very busy over the summer with fully booked up moorage.

  1. School- Julie Bradley

It’s covid normal  as before. Staffing for next year will be 2 fulltime and 1 parttime.

Preschool; takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the park or the Market.

  1. Fire Hall- Phil Lavoie

The BVFD was able to get a 5-year extension on the east-side fire truck. Now the replacement date is 2027, giving us more time to plan. A new truck on the west side is still needed. It will be a mini-pumper and the request for proposals will be sent out soon.

  1. First Responders- Amelia Vos

Practices are carrying on as usual. There are 3 new recruits.


  1. GIA Application -  East side Parking  - John Mass

Jamie showed the map of where 10 new parking spots would be developed on Frigate Road. The cost for these spots should be less than the earlier GIA as no culverts are needed. John Mass estimated $1000 per space. However, the costs that were shown have increased since the last presentation from $10,000 now up to $14,000 as well as the previous amount not used in 2019. He estimated that the spots could be put in by Fall 2021.

10 new parking locations on south side of Frigate Rd

Updated GIA Request: $14,000.00

+ Unused 2019 Funds: $3,355.43

Total Budget: $17,355.43

A lively discussion followed.

Stella asked why MoT was not funding the parking spots. John said that they don’t do parking. Signs, culverts, concrete barrier -yes- but no actual parking development costs.

Funding options John suggested : ACRD provides more money in GIA specifically for parking;   a tax requisition could be added to all property taxes; a visitor tax could be implemented; paid parking could  provide funds .

Jan asked why the amount of funding had increased in the last month and said that we should not expect GIA funding for parking every year. John said he would rather have more than enough funds so that the 10 spaces could be completed. Doug said it would be much better to have a definite plan which was put out to tender so that a fixed cost would be known. The costing of the parking at the moment is not at all definitive.

Jamie said the discussion was tabled ---

Sally added that for any development in Tofino a charge was levied to provide funding for parking.

Bernie said that other grants need to be sourced.

Stefan said Island Coastal Economic  Trust might be able to help. One application is due this Friday and another in October. Co-funding is required and GIA could serve that purpose. He offered to help.

Nancy H suggested a sub-committee was needed and that GIA was not the best means of getting more parking in east Bamfield.

  1. Brady’s Beach Barricade- Jamie Willock

Jamie said that the plans had changed and a sign was going to be placed at the beach rather than a barrier. Jan added that the price of the bollards previously discussed had been estimated to be perhaps more than $1000 and as it had not been proven to be a major problem so far it seemed reasonable to start with a sign. There were no objections to this change of plans.


  1. Majestic Ocean Kayaking


Jamie showed the main points of the application


Here are the key points for Majestic:

´6 sites are specified: 1 Tzartus, 1 Flemming, 2 Sandford, 1 Diana, 1 Edward King
(Stud Islet and Ross Islets not included)

´Term 2-5 years
´No Change to public access. The tenure does not enable Majestic to displace or prevent public access.
´Does not allow for structures to be built, leave no trace camping policies are in place.
´Rationale: Broken Group Islands are closed to overnight camping during the Covid Pandemic
´You can review the application and provide comments to the Ministry here:

´Deadline for comments: June 2, 2021


Tracy Eeftink introduced her team and the application and then answered questions from the community

Jaleen asked the specifics of the length of the season and the maximum number of people who would be camping.  The season is basically June to the end of September. This season might see a maximum number of 60 over the summer but without the pandemic that number might be double to 120, However they want to return to the Broken group once it is possible. Again. In the pandemic the size of the groups would be 4 or 5 clients with one guide. Normally it might be 10 clients and 2 guides.

Nancy asked if they had contacted the Huu-ay-aht and they said they had but they had received no comments from them so far. She asked if the clients would have to be vaccinated- no. Then she asked if they would be provisioning from Bamfield-No.

Jan asked why 2 sites on Sandford had been requested and the response was that had been a mistake and it is only Bulldozer Bay that is applied for. She then asked about the 10 by 10 metre size campsite. This can be anywhere on the beach and it is an indication of the maximum space they will take up anywhere.

David Stewart asked if they shared sites with other campers. That depends on the location, the size of the group already camping and their own group and also the ability of the group.

Sally voiced her support for did John Mass. He explained how companies in the past used to come to the Deer Group and had caused tension for Bamfielders. Companies still come over to the Deer group with no tenures.

Keith explained the situation on Bulldozer Bay a few years ago with the squatter who ran people off the beach to explain hesitancy from some people.

After the team had left the meeting:

Stefan voiced his support to say- a great application and a respected company.

Jared said they seemed to be very organised but what about if other companies wanted to follow suit?

Jeff thought they were doing the right thing is seeking a tenure for their company and were doing a good jo.

Christine reiterated the idea of setting a precedent. If commercial companies come to the deer group they should have tenure and it is up to us to keep an eye on activities

Keith agreed that we should take care of the deer Group. Make comments to the government.

Jamie suggested that the discussion was tabled and the board would follow up at the Board meeting.


  1. Update of BCAS Bylaws

Jamie brought up the issue of making the bylaws clearer and more inclusive. There have been Board members from Anacla in the past but the wording of the bylaws needs to be changed to include Anacla residents as voting members. Bernie explained that the situation changed when the Huu ay aht  became a treaty nation in 2011 and were removed from Electoral District A. but the bylaws were not changed.



  1. There is nothing in the current bylaws to exclude Anacla residents from being on the Board but that seems odd given they cannot ,at the moment, be voting members officially.
  2. There could be an ex-officio permanent seat on the Board for a Huu-ay-aht representative.
  3. We could open up the voting member ship to  include Anacla.

John and Sheryl Mass supported the revision of the current bylaws to include Anacla.

Jan suggested that the Bylaws should be gone through to see if other revisions are necessary.

The bylaws will be sent out to the members and the discussion will continue next month.





The next meeting (via Zoom) is on Monday 21 June 2021at 6.30pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 9.38pm. Totally  Unanimously