March 15 2021


Unofficial Minutes

15032021 at 6.30 pm
via Zoom - hosted by Jamie Willock (Chair)

Attendees (34): Jamie Willock (Chair),  Bob Beckett, Wayne Markel, Rae Hopkins, Louis Druehl, Jane Morrison,  Jan Teversham, John Mass, Sheryl Mass, Julie Bradley, Sally Mole, Bob Beckett, Jared Higgins, Christine Gruman, Doug Greer, Amelia Vos, Phil Lavoie, Charlie Clappis, Stephen Raynor, Heather Peterson,  Bob Baden, Ben and Margo West, Bernie and Keith Wyton, Laura Bradley, Barry Sills, Mandy Ross, Glenn (Wood’s End) , Dane , Anne

Terri Fong, Tricia Bryant and Doug  Holmes from ACRD

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Lands: The BCAS acknowledges that the land on which we meet is within the Traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations where indigenous peoples have lived since time immemorial.

Statement of Inclusivity: The BCAS is responsible for fostering a public forum within its community to facilitate communications and services that diverse groups identify as respectful, inclusive and accessible.

The meeting was called to order at 6.35pm.

Adoption of Agenda: m/SMass s/LDruehl  Unanimous

Adoption of Minutes of 15 February 2021 Community Affairs Meeting. m/AVos s/RHopkins Unanimous.




As of 28 February 2021:

Chequing Account: $15,926.70, Savings Account: $12,423.76

 Shares: $5.21

$4.00 paid for bank service fees.

$147.53 paid for Covid signage installed in August 2020

“Thank you, Marnie McAughtrie of Bamfield Mercantile Marine for ordering, paying for and installing the COVID/mask wearing signage for the west side boardwalk. Much appreciated by all who use these public spaces safely.”

Treasurer’s report accepted m /LDruehl s/JMass

ACRD Draft 2021-2025 Financial Plan- Terri Fong, CFO ACRD

Terri Fong went over the 2021-2025 Financial plan for ACRD’s budget. This complete presentation can be seen on the ACRD website at: › dms › finance › 2021-2025_acrd_draftfp_presentation


Keith Wyton noted that there is a 5.41% increase in taxes for 2021 over 2020 and ACRD said that the trend will be for increasing costs because of  upcoming infrastructure needs e.g., Fire Department and Water System.

Amelia Vos asked details about the Organics collection as part of waste management.

Sheryl Mass questioned the fact that Bamfield received $10,000 for GIAs and also paid $4-5000 towards GIAs chosen in Port Alberni that Bamfield benefits from. $1000 also goes towards the Port Alberni Chamber of Commerce.

Christine Gruman wondered how the GIAs for Port were selected. The process is similar to that of BCAS.


 ACRD Draft Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department Asset Management Plan. Terri Bryant, Asset Management Implementation Coordinator.


The fire trucks and various apparatuses of the Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department are old and need replacing to follow regulations. Costs, even getting used equipment/vehicles will be high.


Amelia Vos asked whether EMR system is included in the plan. Yes

Sheryl Mass brought up the ongoing issue of getting house insurance when some insurance companies do not recognise the existence of the Fire Dept in Bamfield. Phil Lavoie said he had sent maps of the fire hydrant locations to assist Sheryl.  Phil and Sheryl will discuss this issue further.

Doug Holmes– ACRD- said the problem of retiring old trucks with low mileage and old gear is common to many areas within ACRD and beyond. He suggested it was a good time to consider new approaches for delivery.

Phil Lavoie noted that Bamfield was unique in that water separates the two sides of Bamfield so that double equipment is required as well as the boat and float.

Various ideas were put forward to assist in funding but none were thought to be applicable to Bamfield’s situation.

GIA Application (Mandy Ross, WildSafeBC)

Mandy  Ross reported that two main solutions had been found to be effective in the management of keeping bears safe. One is posting signage to warn people of bear activity and the second is attractant management. This includes correct garbage disposal, safe composting and fruit tree management.

The new proposal covers a three-year period to ensure consistent supply of equipment and signage. An amount of $3240 is requested for 2021. This proposal will be further discussed at the April meeting.


  1.  BCSA - Sally Mole

René, the part time assistant for BCSA is cataloging library books online. New books should be arriving soon.

Sally noted that groups of up to 10 people can now gather outside and this can lead to some new programming.


  1. Community Hall- Louis Druehl

Louis Druehl reported that there are still legal matters to attend to but there should be  sod-breaking  to start the construction soon.

A new questionnaire  has been developed to gather comments on the proposed design (attached at end of these minutes) . The information should also be available on the Cork Board. Your comments can be deposited with Rose at the Post Office.

3.  Parks- Sheryl Mass

Sheryl Mass reported that  Katharine Jennings  has joined the Parks Commission as a new commissioner.

Two jobs positions are posted for Centennial Park: A Summer Park Host for 3 months and park manager from May 15 to September 30.

Refurbishment of the playground and Smiley Park in Centennial Park . People who are willing and able to do the work are being sought.  The area for the swing set in West Park is all prepared. The set will be made of wood ordered from the Community Forest

4. Fire Department- Phil Lavoie

Phil reminded us that backyard burning is over on 15 April. By-Law burning permits are available online at the ACRD website

  1. First responders – Amelia Vos

Amelia reported that there are some new  FR recruits and they have been issued radios.

The ambulance has been inspected.


  1. Health Clinic – Heather Peterson

A second nurse has been offered a position to alternate shifts with Heather. A second nurse will be hired for the summer months (May to October). There is also a part time clinic assistant/clerk who works in the clinic to assist the nurse.


A Covid 19 clinic should be in Bamfield by the end of the first week of April (9th). A team will come out here to administer the first shot for everyone who wants it. The second one will be given four months later ( August). Bookings will have to be made online at and Heather will post information on the corkboard as soon as she knows details.

7.Community Forest- Charlie Clappis

Free hemlock firewood is still available on the CF cut block sites.

There is a tree planting opportunity and those interested should contact Charlie Clappis.

The second forestry workshop with Herb Hammond takes place on Thursday March 18 and everyone is welcome to attend. It’s at 6.30 on zoom.

The new trail from Binnacle to Tower needs a name. Suggestions can be put on the FB website.

The Board is planning on supporting local groups with projects that already have some funding or need support for gaining a grant. The projects should be somehow related to forests .


  1. Harbour Authority- Rae Hopkins


Eight painted rocks have been deposited in Bamfield and Anacla. Those who find them can report back. Sally Mole has more details about them. The FB page is  Two painted rocks have been reportedly found in Bamfield and will soon be placed in new locales. Watch out for them. Some have been reported to travel great distances.

Amy McConnell is looking at a busy summer and would like to know if anyone local is looking for moorage . They should book now.


  1. Waste Water Project.- Stephen Raynor

Construction is on schedule. Details of costs and grants for those in East /South  Bamfield will be presented at the next meeting



The next meeting (via Zoom) is on Monday 19 April 2021at 6.30pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 8.25pm – m AVos/s CGruman Unanimous

Unofficial Minutes submitted by Jan Teversham

Community Hall Society


Attention Bamfielders and Anacla folks, volleyball & pickleball & deck shuffle, bridge & cribbage & canasta & boardgame players, folk & solo & choral & other musicians, thespians & ventriloquist & puppeteers & magicians, potter & quilt & paint & other crafters, square & line & Latin & modern dancers, yoga & bingo & other religious activities, singles & divorcees & randy socialites, over 60 & under 6 & all in between, AA, and you, please review emerging Bamfield Community Hall plans.

The drawing below, by Wayne Wenstob, that arranges some of the necessary Hall functions should be considered a play board, whose pieces can be altered and moved, added to or removed, whatever it takes to accommodate your expectations. See notes on back side.

Let the Hall Group know your thoughts and we will pull a Great Hall together. Return to Post Office



Dear Folks,

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to host information sessions on the new Bamfield Community Hall. We want to incorporate Hall functions that meet your expectations. Please comment on the Hall design as you see fit. Also, could you list below functions you would like to see accommodated in the new Hall.

When finished, please return to the Post Office.

As we move forward, your Hall committee will keep you informed of advances.   

Community Hall Society