February 15 2021


General Meeting Unofficial Minutes

15022021 at 6.30 pm
via Zoom - hosted by Jamie Willock (Chair)

Attendees (25): Jamie Willock (Chair), Sean Rogers, Rae Hopkins, Louis Druehl, Jane Morrison, Susan Derasp, Jan Teversham, John Mass, Sheryl Mass, Julie Bradley, Sally Mole, Bob Beckett, Jared Higgins, Christine Gruman, Stefan Ochman, Doug Greer, Heather Washburn, Jaleen Rousseau, Frank Novak, Rick Sweeting, Oliver Evans, Amelia Vos, Samantha Lloyd, Marnie McAughtrie, Torrance Gilmour, Anne Stewart

Regrets: Charlie Clappis

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Lands: The BCAS acknowledges that the land on which we meet is within the Traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations where indigenous peoples have lived since time immemorial.

Statement of Inclusivity: The BCAS is responsible for fostering a public forum within its community to facilitate communications and services that diverse groups identify as respectful, inclusive and accessible.

The meeting was called to order at 6.33pm.

Addendum Feb 18 from Jan:

Please note that Bob Baden will be part of the Parking Committee but not the manager. That should be someone from the Board.

Adoption of Agenda: m/AVos s/SDerasp Unanimous

Adoption of Minutes of 18 January 2021 Community Affairs Meeting. m/CGruman s/SMass Unanimous.


Christine Gruman has written to ask for a letter of support from the BCAS for the Huu-ay-aht First Nations Watershed Renewal Program in their proposal to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for funding.


As of 15 February 2021:

Chequing Account: $16080.73, Savings Account: $12,423.28, Shares: $5.21

No expenses submitted since January 2021meeting.

Treasurer’s report accepted m /LDruehl s/JMass



  1. ACRD continues to work on regional Zoning Bylaw changes/consolidation and will be setting up community meetings once their drafts are reviewed by the Board and considered appropriate for additional public consultation.
  2. ACRD Board Directors are busy these days meeting twice weekly to discuss annual and 5-year budgetary forecasts . COLA may be expected in pay raises.
  3. Bamfield Housing Study continues with thanks to ACRD staff and Planning students at VIU. Looking forward to seeing the final copy of their report/recommendations.
  4. Assets Management report.

ACRD staff have been busy preparing asset management reports for communities throughout the region including Bamfield. This report is a work in progress and will consider infrastructure services such as water supply and capital infrastructure including equipment/firehalls and recreation.

Jaleen asked when the report would be ready, Bob responded that he would let us know.

Jamie asked if changes in zoning could be easily understood through maps. Bob responded that changes are made as Bamfielders input their comments. Perhaps overlay maps could be made to show the amended zoning areas. There will also be public engagement in the future. ACRD website has the current draft.


  1. BMSC - Sean Rogers

a) All recommendations related to travel on the road will be made by June and it is expected that these will have an impact on how UVic and school students travel.

b) Plans for a limited summer programme with safety protocol have been developed for the 5 universities as part of the plans to have 22 university students forming their own cohort reside on the station in July and August. They will know by the end of February if it’s accepted. It will then be the first time that students have been at BMSC since March 2020. It all depends on the pandemic and the back -up plan would have courses online.

c) It’s budget time for the next 2-3-year cycle. It is becoming clear that there will be no field trip students in the fall but they would be expected by April/May 2022.

d) The 50th anniversary celebrations are being planned for September 2022. It will be a big party and if there is anything you would like to contribute please contact Sean.

e) The Canadian Foundation for Innovation will be announced and will kick off in the next month or two. It involves underwater exploration and climate change. It is at the initial stages and collaborators will be brought in as part of the large grant. BMSC will use it as an initiation into 21st century research,

f) Waste water Project is moving ahead. See Torrance Gilmour  report below.


  1.  BCSA - Sally Mole

As part of the Literacy grant that is ongoing until May a Literary bomb night was held last Friday that saw a good turnout.

A casual hire has been made to catalogue online all the books in stock so books can be ordered for pick up or delivery.

A senior’s programme is coming up and Nordic poles are being purchased to encourage walking in a covid safe way,

    3.  Community Hall- Louis Druehl

The legal matters are still in progress. It is just a matter of time rather than any hurdles. The Raffle ticket sales are still ongoing. For those out of town they can be purchased by contacting krussell@sd70.ca

4.  Parks- Sheryl Mass

a) One new  Board member has been chosen- Jane Morrison- and another one may be added too.

b) West Park. The area has now been cleared for the swing set. Totem Tree has limbed lower branches to improve the view on Trevor Channel side. The salmonberries have been cleared away and the roots removed.

c) Centennial Park. The focus is on maintenance and repair, A large grant has been applied for to replace the playground equipment that is old and becoming unsafe. The fence around Smiley Rink also needs to be repaired. The lower level of the boat launch needs reconcreting.

A job posting will be placed to hire summer help.

An experience proposal writer is needed for submitting requests for funding.

Jan added that the route of the trail to link the two parks- West and the adjacent one should be decided in the coming week.

  1. First responders – Amelia Vos

The regular practices are continuing. First responders and Firefighters continue to work together. Some annual fund raiser events will be happening this year.

  1. Community Forest- Stefan Ochman

The zoom workshop is being held on Thursday 18th with forester Herb Hammond. A second session will be on March 18. All community members are welcome to join the sessions. The information is on the Community Forest Facebook page.

Trail development is still ongoing.

Jan added that there is free firewood (hemlock) at the site of the logging and anyone interested should contact Charlie Calpis.

  1. Harbour Authority- Rae Hopkins

The AGM for Harbour Authorities in BC was held virtually for the first time. It lasted 2 days last week and two days this week. There were guest speakers focussing on the responsibilities for docks and harbours.

Amy McConnell is currently taking reservations for the Fisherman’s dock this summer.

  1. Waste Water Project.- Torrance Gilmour

  The outflow pipe was fabricated on site at Ostrom’s and then successfully towed out the inlet and sunk in place with divers hooking it up to the existing pipe. This was all done during rough weather.  Progress on the plant is going well- foundation and formworks. The whole project should be completed by the end of this year 2021 and operational in 2022. They are currently investigating the logistics of property owners tying into the system and the related costs

      9.  Community School - Julie Bradley

The six  intermediate students have all completed their Food Safe training and will be cooking the lunches. Two new students are expected in the class shortly.

New books for all the children will be given out for them to read over the March Break as part of a Literary Challenge.


  1. Grant in Aid GIA. Please contact Jamie or Jan if you have a project that needs funding.
  1. Bamfield 2030. There will be a presentation to the community at the next BCAS meeting in March of the data collected. This will be the completion of the first phase- baseline data. Then the next phase will consider how we want/need to respond to the effects of the new road


  1. Josie Osbourne, the ex-mayor of Tofino and current Minister of Municipal Affairs will be invited to talk to the Community Affairs meeting. The exact date will depend on her schedule. She will address lessons learned from Tofino’s experience of rapid unanticipated growth. This explosive growth was overwhelming. Any questions that you want to ask about growth in Banfield should be sent to us or brought up at the next meeting in March.

Sean suggested that it would be useful if she came in person to Bamfield .

  1. East side Parking subcommittee. There will be some funding available from Grant in Aid through BCAS but more will be required. Looking at the possibilities for parking on private land is required. Charlie Calpis wondered if part of the Road budget could be allocating to parking. Bob Baden has agreed to manage the parking project again  and anyone else who would like to be part of this committee should contact a Board member.
  1. Access to Brady’s Beach. It is now easy to access the beach as all the logs have disappeared at the entrance. There is a suggestion to prevent side by sides driving onto the beach- which is now possible. This is not a major issue at this time of the year and not a common one in the summer. However, with increased visitors and summer residents it may become one. Christine suggested more conversations about it with locals. Signage could also be used as a deterrent. This can be discussed further at the next meeting.

Rick mentioned how the road on the hill was really degraded by non 4x4s driving up the hill and spinning out gravel.


The next meeting (via Zoom) is on Monday 15 March 2021at 6.30pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 7.30 pm – m AVos/s CGruman

Unofficial Minutes submitted by Jan Teversham

BCAS Bamfield2030 Working Committee

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