January 18 2021


General Meeting Unofficial Minutes

18 January 2021 at 6.30 pm
via Zoom - hosted by Jamie Willock (Chair)

Attendees (26): Jamie Willock (Chair), Sean Rogers, Rae Hopkins, Louis Druehl, Jane Morrison, Susan Derasp, Jan Teversham, John Mass, Sheryl Mass, Julie Bradley, Sally Mole, Bob Beckett, Jared Higgins, Lisa Bye, Laura Bradley, Christine Gruman, Stephan Ochman, Bonnie MacKay, Heather Washburn, Betty Beyko, Glen Ballman, Alison and Paul  Bird, Phil Lavoie, Charlie Clappis, Rudolf Blenk

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Lands: The BCAS acknowledges that the land on which we meet is within the Traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations where indigenous peoples have lived since time immemorial.

Statement of Inclusivity: The BCAS is responsible for fostering a public forum within its community to facilitate communications and services that diverse groups identify as respectful, inclusive and accessible.

The meeting was called to order at 6.32pm.

Adoption of Agenda: m/SDerasp, s/JMorrison

Adoption of Minutes of 16 November 2020 Community Affairs Meeting. m/CGruman s/SDerasp Unanimous.


As of 15 January 2021:

Chequing Account: $16080.73, Savings Account: $12,422.75, Shares: $5.21

No expenses submitted since November 2020 meeting.

Treasurer’s report accepted m /RHopkins s/SDerasp



  1. ACRD Housing report

I would like to thank everyone for completing the ACRD-VIU housing survey as well as thanks to everyone who was able to Zoom in on one of the two Housing feedback workshops conducted last week. Looking forward to seeing the progress and the final report.

  1. Current ACRD Focus for 2021.

Aside from the normal day to day functions of the ACRD Board and staff, the Board has currently been focussing on:

  1. Completing a Regional Strategic Plan
  2. Creating the 2021 budget
  3. Focussing on emergency preparedness including economic development/recovery from the pandemic.

In response to a question on the details of the Strategic plan Bob said BCAS will get a copy. It is a high-level report not focussing on individual projects but more looking from a governance standpoint re ability to provide services and the budgeting required.

In response to a query about the health clinic activity Bob responded that he had just attended the monthly ACRD Hospital Board meeting that provides governance for hospitals and clinics in the ACRD. He confirmed that the Huu ay aht had received the first immunizations and that it would not be too far off that Bamfield would receive theirs- maybe a month or so down the road.

He noted that homecare and palliative care were now available through the clinic and that a new computer had been received that enables the nurse to access records whilst in the Treatment room with the patient.

HFN REPORT: Charlie Clappis

Charlie confirmed the covid-19 vaccinations recently received by Anacla residents. Progress is being made on the waste water plant. (See BMSC notes). Pearson Engineering has been hired to create a workplan for the road and the proposal process to identify who would take on the work is expected this spring. He noted that the project was getting closer to implementation


  1. BMSC - Sean Rogers

There is visible activity on BMSC foreshore as construction begins there for the waste water plant. After a finance meeting of the BMSC Board it is dubious that any students would arrive in May or June but they are hopeful that July and August may see the arrival of 22 students who need courses to graduate. They would be isolated on campus, staying one person per room and if anyone has concerns or anxieties about this plan, they should contact Sean.


  1. Heather W. posed a question about the possibility of mini courses in the summer. Sean responded that normally there were 18 summer courses that have included seabirds, marine mammals, science journalism and accessing the Canadian Foundation of Innovation Grant. If anyone has ideas please send them to Sean. This could be art, journalism, workshops and different field trips. He said this is a good time to think about what BMSC wants to be in the future.
  2. Louis D asked about plans for the upcoming celebrations for BMSC’s 50th birthday. Sean responded that plans had been sidetracked by the pandemic but a large celebration in September 2022 can be expected. Information is being collected on BMSC website.
  3. Bob B asked if there were any live dive presentations ongoing for schools. Sean responded in the negative but said that a new drone had been purchased with 4Ksimulcast capabilities. Phil continued that virtual fieldtrips had been developed that had been viewed by schools as far away as the east coast of the US. The use of underwater cameras is involved and the drone will be very useful once they have fine-tuned  how to use it. In tests it has identified spots where garbage needs removing from beaches.


  1. Fire department – Phil Lavoie

Regular fire practices are continuing following Covid-19 protocols. Three new members are just completing their probation period.

The fire trucks will need to be replaced soon as they need to be less than 25 years old on both sides of the inlet. In discussions with the Fire Underwriters Survey, it may be possible to extend the acceptable age of the trucks up to 30 years old. Maybe second-hand trucks could be purchased. Phil wanted to give the community the heads-up in case there are tax repercussions related to this need.


Sheryl brought up the issue of homeowners’ fire insurance as the company did not believe there is a functioning Fire Department in Bamfield. Phil said the problem should be solved by the fire department updating paperwork in the next few months. Sean added that BMSC had the same issue and thought it was a combination of climate change, a volunteer fire department and the remote situation of Bamfield. Bob said that his contacts will be taking the issue to the insurance company’s head office.


  1. BCSA - Sally Mole

It’s very quiet! Family Literacy week will see boxes of literary materials dropped off to students.

   4.  Community Hall- Louis Druehl

JP is sorting out issues of legal access to the property with ACRD.  Louis thought that building might start in the summer but it depended on sorting out the legal issues. The raffle mentioned in the last minutes is in lieu of the harvest dinner. The tickets are being sold at the PO and the stores but it was suggested to advertise it on the corkboard.


 5. Parks- Sheryl Mass

Work projects in West Park: a) a swing set is being designed by Marnie and Andrea to ACRD specs. They cannot  use natural wood.as it is not deemed to be safe. A good location has been chosen for the swings in the park. b) Tree limbing by Totem Tree will give views on the water side. The company is licensed and insured. The salmonberry brush will also be cut down and piled to form a barrier to the steep cliff areas towards the ocean. c)A spring clean-up will take place in West Park after the landscaping has taken place.

All Board members have agreed to stay on for another one or two years. The Board hopes to increase by one or two people so please let the current Board know if you are interested in joining. (Board is Sheryl Mass, Andrea Butler, Louis Druehl and Dane Dentoom plus Bob Beckett).

 6. Community Forest- Charlie Clappis

a) Harvesting is complete in time for the end of the 5-year AAC period. Some cedar has been kept for local use such as trail building.

b) Trail work continues between Binnacle and Tower Roads.  Danger tree assessment and work has been completed on the trail. There are now signs and a grand opening will be scheduled in the next couple of months.

c) There will be two Zoom workshops coming up in February and March with Herb Hammond to look at more ecosystem-based logging practices. Community members are invited and they should look at the Community Forest Facebook page for details.

d) Discussions about hiring a co-op student have taken place but a lot of planning is needed first. Hopefully it will happen in the next couple of years.

e) The BHCF have decided to take on the task of hosting the Bamfield Fungus Festival this year as this will be in keeping with  non-timber uses of the forest.

f) The AGM for BHCF will take place on 22 April 2021.

Questions. 1. Christine asked if there were maps available of the new trail? Not yet.

  1.  Sally asked where the money made by logging goes? Charlie explained that BHCF is a non-profit association and it is looking for ways to support grant applications and community projects to get money back into the communities. They are open to ideas.


 7. Community School - Julie Bradley

  Five students are attending primary and six in intermediate. None of the usual extras are available- just basic schooling.


  1. Grant in Aid GIA. Please contact Jamie or Jan if you have a project that needs funding


  1. Bamfield 2030. The working committee of the BCAS Board has started collecting data for the baseline study of where we are today in Bamfield.

Jamie went over the various topics that data is being collected for. The list and those who are responsible for each topic is added to the end of these minutes.

A discussion followed that touched on:

  • Whether, or how, the Bamfield community could control the changes that the road might bring (whole point of the data collection and amendment of the OCP)
  • Who to include in the current work (currently most members of the BCAS Board who are reaching out to community members for information, HFN and ACRD for assistance? This will lead to open community discussions and possibly professional assistance)
  • How housing was crucial (Housing Survey is very timely) and
  • What the final product would be. (documentation of all information collected, several community workshops and finally an amendment of the OCP.

The next meeting (via Zoom) is on Monday 15 February 2021at 6.30pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 8.02pm – m BMcKay

Unofficial Minutes submitted by Jan Teversham


Working Teams





Housing and Accommodation


Jane, Jamie

Community Infrastructure


John -parking

Parks, Trails and Accessibility


Susan, Julie

Art and Culture


Amelia, Julie




New OCP Draft review



Water and waste Management


Amelia, Doug

Business, Commerce



Health and Safety



BCAS Working Committee

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