November 16 2020


General Meeting Unofficial Minutes

16 November 2020 at 6.30 pm
via Zoom - hosted by Jamie Willock (Chair)

Attendees (30): Jamie Willock (Chair), Robert Dennis, Sean Rogers, Rae Hopkins, Louis Druehl, Jane Morrison, Susan Derasp, Jan Teversham, Amelia Vos, John Mass, Sheryl Mass, Julie Bradley, Sally Mole, Bob Beckett, Oliver Evans, Jared Higgins, Lisa Bye, Donna Dunn, Laura Bradley, Christine Gruman, Jeff Honig, Doug Greer, Bernie and Keith Wyton, Stephan Ochman, Bonnie MacKay, Heather Washburn, Mandy and Matiuez Walczuk, and Marcie de Witt (guest)

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Lands: The BCAS acknowledges that the land on which we meet is within the Traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations where indigenous peoples have lived since time immemorial.

Statement of Inclusivity: The BCAS is responsible for fostering a public forum within its community to facilitate communications and services that diverse groups identify as respectful, inclusive and accessible.

The meeting was called to order at 6.35pm.

Adoption of Agenda: m AVos s RDennis

Adoption of Minutes of 20 October 2020 Community Affairs Meeting. m/CGruman s/JMorrison Unanimous.


A letter of support was sent to BSCA in support of their grant application for funding the seniors’ programme (New Horizons for Seniors Programme NHSP) for 2021-22.


Chequing Account: $16352.67, Savings Account: $12,421.71, Shares: $5.21

Two admin expenses were submitted: Filing of 2020 Annual report $40 and Annual Subscription for Zoom Account $224.

Treasurer’s report accepted m /AVos s/LBye


Grants and other project funding sources

“As Area Director I get approached from time to time regarding specific proposed community projects, and while each has its own merit, I am of the opinion that the community might benefit from the BCAS holding a strategic planning session to look at a 5-year plan, identifying and prioritizing projects. Upon completion of a strategic plan, the BCAS executive could then arrange a meeting with ACRD staff to explore various funding sources/grants as well as have staff align their annual budgeting efforts with our community goals.

Should we agree to proceed with a strategic planning workshop, ACRD staff could assist in facilitating a strategic planning workshop for us.”

Some topics were brought up related to specific issues such as parking, grants in aid, the OCP and new Bylaws.

Motion by RDennis to host a series of workshops to develop a new 5-year strategic plan

m/RDennis s/SMole


Marci explained that the Network worked with 12 social determinants of health that include such issues as housing and transportation. The local Network has chosen to focus on five priorities of which transportation and poverty reduction are the main concerns at the moment. There is an online survey for the West Coast and the Alberni Valley that will lead to a Poverty Reduction Action Plan being developed for the area. There have been two applicants from Bamfield in response to the request to find a local volunteer Director for the ACHN.

Funding for the local Network, which is one of 8 on the Island, comes from Island Health. Initial funding was given in 2013 and there is now an annual coordination fund.

HFN REPORT: Chief Robert Dennis

There is no update on the road this month. The Waste Water Facility development is underway with the clearing of the site. There has been no further discussion re the possibility of emptying septic tanks within the facility.


       1. BMSC - Sean Rogers

Sean supported the idea of a 5-year Strategic Plan. The Affordable Housing Survey is still being developed by VIU and Sean encouraged us to fill out the survey once available. BMSC campus remains closed to the general public. Sean added the link for Live Streaming learning:

  1. BCSA - Sally Mole

An afterschool programme will be starting up for the children.

There is now a programming space at “The Market” for adult programming. Hopefully it will be possible to start something up in the New Year.

  1. First Responders - Amelia Vos

The First Responders and Fire department continue to meet every Wednesday. A BVFD calendar is going to be available as a fund raiser soon.

  1. Community School - Julie Bradley

Very few children have attended school in the past week

  1. Harbour Authority - Rae Hopkins

No news except that Fisheries dock remains open so that there is shelter available to ride out the storms that frequent our coast at the moment.

  1. Bear Smart- Mandy Ross

Mandy is putting together a Bear Hazard Assessment that she would encourage all of us to fill out. She will post the link on the Corkboard.

  1. Bamfield Health Centre- Donna Dunn

Donna reported that 103 flu shots had been given in the last month or so.

Forty-one cases of Covid-19 were active on the island as of Nov 15.

  1. Parks- Sheryl Mass

Ideas for new equipment/structures are under discussion such as playground       equipment/swing set and a gazebo. Marnie has raised $3500 in GoFundMe in just 2 weeks for the playground. Further planning is ongoing between ACRD and Andrea Butler.

  1. Community Forest- Stephan Ochman

Logging planned in the cut blocks in Zone 3 will bring in $275/cubic metre for cedar but development costs such as road building and transportation will have to be paid. Road building to access the area is ongoing. This action will complete the requirements of our AAC for 5 years.

Trail construction is ongoing. In Zone 2.  Thomas and Rebecca are completing the trail system between Binnacle Road, the lagoon and Tower Road.

  1. Historical Society. - Christine Gruman

A new informational sign to describe Gordie Lamb’s tugboat in Centennial Park will be placed by the boat.

  1. Community Hall- Louis Druehl

There will be a raffle to raise money for a stage sound system for the new Community Hall. Three prizes are: a weekend at McKay Bay Lodge, a home concert by Chris Fry and First Nations art.

  1. Arts Council-Christine Gruman

The Christmas craft fair will be held as an open-air event at Mills landing on Sunday, November 29th from 12-2. There will be live music and online shopping is in the works.


Community Affairs Communications- Jamie Willock

  • Zoom- Community Affairs now has its own Zoom Account
  • A Face Book page is set up for BCAS that will post events and meetings. There is also a link to a webpage for storing documents such as minutes and Grant in Aid applications and process. A link to partners’ pages can also be developed.

The next meeting (via Zoom) is on Monday 18 January 2021at 6.30pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:45 pm - m/s AVos/s SOchman

Unofficial Minutes submitted by Jan Teversham